Canadian Basketball League Finalizes Schedules, Rules, Salary Cap & More
Image of Canadian Basketball League Finalizes Schedules, Rules, Salary Cap & More
It's becoming more of a reality than a dream.

NBL Canada and its respective owners have come together and released much anticipated news and information about the latest attempt to establish a National Basketball League in Canada.

At its first annual owners meeting in Toronto, the league concluded that it will have 7-8 franchises for its inaugural season with Halifax, St. Johns, PEI, Quebec, Kingston, Oshawa and London in the mix.

For starters the Canadian Basketball League will join the global movement and play FIBA rules. That means four twelve minute quarters, equating to 48 minutes of action.

The regular season will consist of a 36-game home and away schedule with each team playing each other six times (three home and three away games).

The top 4 teams in the regular season will advance to the playoffs and play a best-of-three series. The survivors will then engage in a best-of-five series to determine the League champions.

Teams will be required to carry a minimum of two Canadian basketball players on their roster with no cap on the maximum of Canucks. Rosters must carry 10 players to a league maximum of 12.

Players will have the opportunity to impress coaches and other team personnel in a Pre-Draft Combine camp on August 20 & 21, 2011 at Seneca College in Toronto, Ontario.

The two day showcase will be open to free-agents and Canadians alike, with the last day (August 21) accessible to Canadian players only.

The official NBL Draft will be held at the Rogers Centre in Toronto. The draft will consist of 3 rounds, the first round being free-agents and second and third rounds available only to Canadian players.

Training camps could start as early as October 1st 2011 setting the stage for a pre-season schedule as well, the regular season would get started later in the month or in early November.

No basketball league would be complete without an All-Star game. Initial plans are in motion to have an Inaugural Annual All-Star game in the middle of January 2012. A bidding process will be established as well.

A TV contract is rumored to be in the works. Halifax Rainmen owner Andre Levingston has close ties to Rogers Communications. It will be interesting to see how things unfold in this spectrum.

The Score Television is also another potential player, given their interest in the basketball market.

“That was the best meeting I have ever been involved with in professional basketball,” said Rainmen owner and interim league president Andre Levingston. “We got a lot accomplished.”

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