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Cormega: Mega City



Cormega Mega City Soundchek Basketballbuzz Magazine 2005

This month we hooked up with Cormega, one of New York’s most underrated and controversial Hip Hop artists. We sat down and discussed his passion for shoes, the New York Knicks and who is going to bring home the championship this year.

BBM: What is your favorite sneaker?

Cormega: I don’t even know why, but suede Puma’s are one of my all-time favorites. If I had the chance I would wear all my shoes, but I can’t because there are too many. For instance, I got all the Jordan’s in different color variations.

BBM: What do you look for when buying sneakers?

Cormega: I look for the historic value in the shoe, like a shell toe Adidas. You gotta have a shell toe Adidas. I have suede Puma’s, you gotta have those and you can’t forget the Air Force Ones and the Air Max. Then there is the Air Max 95, which is very popular, but it’s like the original Air Max, which came out in 1987 I believe. I also got the Deltas, Converses and the Doctor J’s. I never liked them as a kid but now I am a fan cause I liked Doctor J, and you can’t forget about the Weapons and even got the original Reebok Pumps, I got all kinds of sneakers.

BBM: Besides shoes, you are heavy into basketball, who do you think will take it this year?

Cormega: I like the Spurs, the Heat and the Suns but I am a Knicks fan for life.

BBM: What do you see from this years Knicks team?

Cormega: I see good things happening with the Knicks. A lot of people weren’t too sure about their center Nazr Mohammed but now he is one of the most improved centers from last year and he is still young. He is putting up better numbers than the center we were trying to get. I am not gonna front, even though I was never a Van Horn fan I wish we still had him. It’s just that he fit so well
with that one-two punch; he had the inside and outside game. Every time Stephon would hit him up the chance of him making the shot was high. We played very good with Van Horn, cause we knew what we were getting with him. With Tim Thomas, you never know. If I could redo that trade and get Van Horn back, I would do it in a second.

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Lookout for a busy year from Cormega, he is releasing three projects in 2005. The long-awaited Testament album, which was shelved by Def Jam and includes the answer back to Nas’s One Love. Mega will also release a DVD titled Who Am I with an accompanying soundtrack. Lastly, there is his long-awaited sophomore solo album The Urban Legend.

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