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BasketballBuzz aim’s to provide quality editorial and quality customer service to our subscribers. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions? Should you have further questions or need additional help please contact us!


How do I subscribe to BasketballBuzz?

Subscribing to BasketballBuzz – Canada’s Basketball Magazine is as easy as a layup. We offer secure, convenient, flexible and multi-tier subscription options, making it easy for you to access BasketballBuzz Magazine including, premium paywall content, digital back issues in any format and medium you desire: Print, Digital, Tablet & Mobile!

How long does it take to receive my subscription?

Once you subscribe to BasketballBuzz you will immediately gain unlimited access to premium and exclusive content, plus all archived content dating back to 2005. Print copies usually arrive within 2-4 weeks depending on shipping address.

Where can I buy BasketballBuzz Magazine?

BasketballBuzz Magazine offers our readers a three-tiered approach to purchasing our publication allowing you the greatest ease of access to get your hands on Canada’s Basketball Magazine.

Our official website, & our network of sites offer a a convenient , secure 24-hour accessible portal.

Our direct to retail system, involves the distribution and sales of magazines at selected local retail outlets, barbershops and strategically selected national events across Canada and USA.

The conventional route, through National retailers (i.e. Chapters-Indigo book stores across Canada.)

Is BasketballBuzz secure?

We take security very seriously at BasketballBuzz. Our entire site runs on a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) giving our users, subscribers and shoppers peace of mind to browse, subscribe and shop knowing that your private information is protected by today’s top web standards on top of our rigorous daily monitoring by our IT specialists.

What is a metered-paywall?

BasketballBuzz uses a metered paywall, giving users the ability to gain access X number of free premium articles/content per Y number of days, before they need to fully subscribe. Non-subscribers will have access to a total of ffive (5) free articles/posts per month before they will be required to purchase a subscription. The number of free articles will automatically reset each month. You can read the same article/post multiple times without affecting your total available stories per month.

Why do I need a BasketballBuzz account?

BasketballBuzz – “Canada’s Basketball Magazine” offers a combination of free, premium and exclusive print, digital and video content through our magazine, website and mobile apps. Having a BasketballBuzz Account is your first step to gaining access to exclusive content while giving you the ability find, share and discuss your opinion by commenting on posts/articles/features and taking advantage of amazing deals and discounts on exclusive Canadian basketball items from our online shop and events.

What is included in my subscription to BasketballBuzz Magazine?

All readers have access to the homepage, section front pages, and five articles per month at no charge before being asked to subscribe. Subscribers get unlimited access to and a subscription to the print edition of BasketballBuzz Magazine. They can also access digital editions of the magazine on Kindle Fire, iPad, Nook Tablet, and via Google Play. Subscribers also see no display advertising when they visit

How can I manage my account?

BasketballBuzz makes it easy for you to manage your subscription by providing you with full access to your account, including subscription details, ability to, update address and billing information. Simply login to your account.

Cancel/refund policy

Refund Policy

Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. Cancelled accounts do not get charged going forward. We do not offer refunds on the unused portion of the cancelled month.

Annual subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. Please contact us if you would like to be reimbursed for the whole months remaining on your annual subscription.

For more details checkout our complete refund policy for subscriptions, products and events.

What about my data and privacy?

Inline with our rigorous security policies, we take data and privacy extremely seriously. BasketballBuzz has developed a clear and easy to understand privacy policy. Additionally, BasketballBuzz is fully General Data Protection Regulation GDPR compliant with European privacy laws.


How do I become a BasketballBuzz Contributor?

BasketballBuzz is always looking for quality freelance contributors who are eager to showcase their work and help contribute to the growth of the game.  We are interested in hearing from talented journalists, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, illustrators, data freaks, beat makers, producers and everybody who is down for the culture of the game.

To apply to become a contributor please click here.

How do contributors get paid?

BasketballBuzz offers contributors an industry leading, premium compensation package based on our proprietary algorithm which takes in account various publishing factors, including social signals to calculate payment for your posts and articles. Contributors will be paid monthly, via Paypal, no cheques or other methods are available.


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