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Expect A STAPLES Statue for WNBA Great Lisa Leslie



Expect A STAPLES Statue For WNBA Great Lisa Leslie
Always Delivering...

She caught the WNBA’s first ever dunk above the rim. She joined America’s yellow family on the couch for an appearance on ‘The Simpsons’ when Lisa met Lisa. As she did the greying legends like Shaquille O’Neal and Reggie Miller for Kyrie Irving’s ‘Uncle Drew’ movie. The ‘Coach Of The Year’ even won her first championship with the Triplets in Ice Cube’s Big3 league behind former NBA great Joe Johnson’s big three at the buzzer this weekend gone.

And now the Los Angeles Sparks legend and WNBA great who already has her 9 jersey up in the rafters with the banners she helped raise will join Shaq, Magic, Chick, Oscar and Wayne Gretzky as the first female athlete to have a statue outside Los Angeles STAPLES Centre arena.

That’s before Kobe people.

Don’t let the lipstick fool you.

Bronze awaits the iron woman of the WNBA in a year of power for women across all platforms. It’s been a great year for the women’s game, across all sports. In soccer the USA women’s team won the world cup, whilst Golden Boot top scorer from the spot Meg Rapinoe and Seattle Storm legend Sue Bird became the new power couple like her and Breanna Stewart on court for this new power generation.

Even Leslie’s Sparks are having a great season this Summer out in Los Angeles behind Laker legend Derek Fisher as Head Coach, whose job may one day be in jeopardy when it comes to the Triplets Big3 of Leslie. The Sparks are plugged in as Lisa’s former running mate Candace Parker is vying for the best purple and gold sister team of all time, if the twin ambition of the Ogwumike sisters aren’t doing that themselves for another big three.

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But right now it’s time to give it up for a legend.

This women’s game has been official for over twenty years now and Lisa Leslie was there from the 1997 inauguration to her last season in 2009…and with Mamba Mentality, or Leslie legacy, she never took off the purple and gold. And now outside her old STAPLE she’ll never not wear bronze like sitting out in the California sun of Venice Beach.

Two championships. Three league MVPs. Four Olympic Gold medals. And now one monument to the wonder woman who left the league Kareem leading it all time in points and rebounds, with across the board averages of 17.3 points, 9.1 rebounds and 2.3 blocks.

And if you thought those numbers were good, how about great? How about Laker legend Wilt stilting numbers? Because back in high school with Inglewood Morningside High she once went for 101 points in a single game.

Now what do you have to say about the women’s game? She isn’t just one of the greatest players in the women’s game. She’s one of the greatest regardless of gender in any sport, all time.

Now does she deserve a statue?


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2019 Champion Washington Mystics Mystify The WNBA



2019 Champion Washington Mystics Mystify The WNBA
Expect Fate...

Masks off! That’s a wrap!

The NBA may be back…even if it is only preseason (yeah tell that to everyone in Tokyo, Japan last night), but don’t call it a comeback like the BIG3’s LL. Because like being here for years it never left. Yet the real dear departure we’re about to mourn is the curtain call on the great expectations of one of the best WNBA seasons tonight. One that’s been a Spark and a Storm, despite either of those legendary Los Angeles and Seattle franchises making the finals cut.

But instead it was the MVP with the face-mask, inspiring every Bradley Beal and John Wall Wizard in attendance to follow plastic facial suit, Elena Delle Donne who lead her Washington Mystics to their first WNBA championship crown setting the Sun on Connecticut. Mystifying like INXS for the leagues new sensation that’s about to live baby live.

And you thought the biggest thing in D.C. right now was top ten Japanese draft pick Rui Hachimura? A year before his nation hosts the Tokyo 2020 Olympics for what we’re sure will be a legendary rookie campaign for the ages.

Washington basketball looks as beautiful as the magnificent Mall right now.

Just days after Bradley Beal penned a poignant piece for The Players Tribune sports personality journal entries in support of all of Washington and worldwide basketball, man and women, the Mystics showed it was all about them with an 89-78 win over the Suns. Rising like the trophy they lifted to follow their first banner and the epic emotion you see in the photo above.

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Caption contest, greatness, legendary, amazing, everything.

So much more.

So, so much more.

“It feels phenomenal, my goodness, feels so good. Hard to put it into words,”  the epic leader Elena told press postgame. It really is indescribable, but we have a few more to give it a go.

Even with Delle Donne almost done with more herniated discs than you used to have albums in your cars CD changer (get well soon champ), she still hit 21 (all in that LeBron and Kobe face mask), to go along with the Finals MVP (to go along with her regular season one), Emma Meesseman’s team high 22.

Holding the leagues best record and now the trophy itself this was sweet redemption of emotion for the Mystics in this Game 5 after losing to the Storm’s front in last years Finals. When they were without their Belgium superstar Meesseman in the mess. But this year with everything up their sleeve, holding all the cards, the Mystics magic wasn’t going to be affected by any weather. Come Storm or Sun.

Sure when it comes to these Harry Potter themed teams in the United States capital city the Wizards may be pulling something big out their hat this year. But nothing spells the Mystics quite like M-V-P.

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Elena Delle Donne With The Most Valuable Face Mask



Elena Delle Donne With The Most Valuable Face Mask
The Phantom...

Vegas may have all the chips with the Sin City Aces and Hollywood the L.A. big-three with Candace Parker and the Ogwumike sister, sisters. Whilst the team they just beat Seattle, a storm of legacy making to legendary players, from Breanna Stewart to Sue Bird. Herself making sport, entertainment and all inclusive headlines for her off-court partnership with US soccer star and World Cup MVP winner, Megan Rapinoe.

But it’s D.C. that have the capital star as Washington’s mystifying Mystics star Elena Delle Donne is the Most Valuable Player for the second time.

EDD MVP of the WNBA.

And she did it all nose to knee injury.

Detroit Piston Rip Hamilton made the face-mask famous. And then ‘Star Wars’ super-fan Kobe Bryant became the Phantom Menace when he wore one for a bit, mauling his man like a Darth Sith lord. LeBron also had his own black, Bat Bron (Happy Batman Day caped crusaders), phantom opera during his time behind plastic like a Hollywood star for the theater. Even the dunking muscle of Russell Westbrook brought some Bane brutality to his. This trademark trend just seems to bring the beast out of the best. You remember how Bird flew through the black eye of the Storm last year with one? And now you can add MVP Elena Delle Donne to the face mask Hall of Fame.

And famous fans were even wearing matching masks in support solidarity as the back-court brotherhood of the NBA’s Washington Wizards John Wall and Bradley Beal sat court-side, faces sweating.

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“Thank you to the people who made my mask and my knee brace. There should seriously be MVP awards for them”, Delle Donne told Twitter later in an acceptance speech thread of humble thanks.

Elena Delle Donne With The Most Valuable Player 2019 Wnba
Washington Mystics Elena Delle Donne – 2019 WNBA Most Valuable Player

Elena kept the face mask on after her nose healed because…well you know it’s inspiring and intimidating and cool as hell. But the knee brace has been a God send Most Underrated Player Of The Season. After her nightmare playoff injury against the Atlanta Dream last year, this sleeve holding her leg together cap to joint has helped the reawakening of a legends career.

Even without the MVP or LL Cool J knockout, bell rocking comeback, Delle Donne was already one of the greatest WNBA players of all-time…let alone the right now G.O.A.T.’s. But take a look at her now.

She just may be one of the games greatest. Counting either gender.

Ignorantly don’t believe us? Well remember Carter, men lie, women lie, but numbers don’t.

How’s the first player in the women’s game to record 50/40/90 splits in a season suit you?

If you’re not impressed, suit yourself. Because Delle Donne don’t care. Right now she’s focusing on bigger things. Like beating the house in Las Vegas following her Game 2 win against the Aces. And after Hamby’s miracle roll from half-court against Elena’s former team the Chicago Sky, it’s time for the MVP to run it back in revenge.

Now that would really be an ace in the hole.

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