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Steve Nash: The Nash Effect



The theory is molded after the Butterfly Effect. The term Butterfly Effect comes from the belief that the flap of a butterfly’s wing can trigger a small event, which in turn would trigger a slightly larger event and so on, eventually causing a massive event such as an earthquake on the other side of the world. The Nash Effect works on the same principle, the only difference is that the initial event, Steve Nash winning the NBA’s MVP honors, was massive and it will trigger both larger and minute events as time persists. But his accomplishments are only part of the reason why we’re so proud of him, the other reason being that while he may play for Phoenix, Steve Nash will always be Canada’s Sun, and his light will forever shine.

Just as Dr. James Naismith is tied in some way or form to anyone who plays the game of basketball, Steve Nash is positively tied to anyone in Canada who picks up a basketball, as well as Canadian ballerz across the globe. What’s important to note is that Steve Nash did not achieve this simply because he’s a Canadian basketball player in the NBA, rather, it’s the road he took to achieve his accomplishments, what he achieved, and the type of person he is that makes him so special. It is his innate qualities combined with his outward efforts that have allowed him to be Steve Nash, the MVP. From this point, allow me to take you a step further and explain to you what Nash has effectively done. A lot of people know that because Steve was the first Canadian to win the NBA’s MVP award that many doors have been opened, but what I want to do now is actually show you what’s behind some of those doors and explain their impact.

First, We must address the fact that Steve Nash is a great Canadian idol for the youth. He not only embodies hard work, class and good sportsmanship, but he is a one man display that dreams can come true. Plus he’s humble, genuinely nice and not into all the glitz and glamour like most NBA players of similar status. He is a well rounded idol, which is the best type to have. Think about it, who do you want your children emulating? Someone who is a superstar that likes to run their mouth and get into all sorts of trouble, or a modest, talented and friendly gentleman such as Steve Nash? Number 13 doesn’t simply pass the rock; he passes along positive influences, especially for the youth whose young minds are most susceptible to the appeal and inspiration of celebrities.

By providing our youth with more positive influences, we simultaneously provide our future with better starting blocks to build on. This will only help us reach higher, further and achieve more in the future. Add to this that he is a team player, not solely out to make a personal statement or increase his owns statistics. That’s why Steve Nash is the archetype of the perfect point guard and a role model in the truest sense. He does great things for our kids, and when Steve is on the floor, he makes everyone around him better; people work harder and play smarter because they know that’s the level he operates at.

It’s that level of effort and professionalism that earns him the admiration of his fans and the respect of his peers both on and off the court. Not to mention, his level of play is the main reason for why the media bees have been chasing after him like honey. But it’s all good, because the more media coverage Nash receives, the more the media spotlight gets tilted towards Canadian basketball. And this has the power to add to the development of our Canadian identity and culture. It’s even a great means of promoting the status and caliber of Canadians to other countries, which could possibly boost our relations or increase tourism. But, Steve is also a solid example that we can promote amongst ourselves to give ourselves hope, inspiration and evidence that we are talented and can achieve greatness if we simply put our minds to it.

“Steve Nash is the archetype of the perfect point guard and a role model in the truest sense”

Having a strong and solid identity is so important because you don’t know what you’re capable of until you know and understand who you are. Through increased media attention on Mr. Nash, which has already begun to increase media attention on basketball in Canada, we are able to find various indicators that show us who we are and what we can do. Theses indicators tell us that Canadian ballerz are not only amongst the best, but that we can be the best. That’s a recognized fact and we only need look at the NBA’s MVP for proof. This doesn’t just help to shape our identity, it can also add to our pride and confidence, which offer a variety of benefits on their own.

As a result of his much deserved media attention, Steve has unknowingly, yet directly, put the pressure on Corporate Canada. The excellence he has achieved commands respect, and it puts a lot more emphasis on the potential of our homegrown Canadian ballerz. So what does that mean? It means that corporations will now be more willing to take a chance, both financially and publicly, in supporting Canadian players.

On a broader scope, and yet another area where the Nash Effect kicks in, Corporate Canada will now be looking to invest significant resources into the further development of the Canadian basketball infrastructure. Why? Because it’s a smart business move. First, developing this infrastructure is vital for Canadian companies to be able to claim their own share of the profits, rather than trying to tap into the American or international market. Second, because Steve Nash did not become the most valuable player in the NBA behind closed doors, he did it under the watchful eye of millions of fans, but more importantly, thousands of advertisers and potential investors. Now those fans, advertisers and investors are all going to have their heads slightly turned towards Canada, keeping any eye open for the next Steve Nash.
If you haven’t noticed, it’s all about scooping the talent when their young nowadays. It seems to be the best time to lock players down in big contracts for long periods; brand them like cattle and establish a following. Just ask Lebron James. It’s all about the celebrity endorsements baby. These are one of the most powerful strategies used by companies, and every year, successful branding translates into billions in revenue. So don’t be surprised if you hear about a couple lucrative endorsement deals being thrown at Steve Nash, that’s just how it works.

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So what can we expect from companies looking to invest in Canadian basketball? Glad you asked. For one, we’re finally going to see more basketball courts (with a focus on basketball only, none of those multipurpose basketball/volleyball/badminton courts). What might help the game the most will be the increased advertising for and during games. Advertisers will most likely start by attacking playoff games, but eventually, they’ll get into the regular season ones too. From high school to university, all the way up to our national team, the benefits will be felt at all levels. We will undoubtedly bare witness to far more tournaments sponsored and put on by major companies as well. And, you can bet your throwback that with increased support from Corporate Canada will come increased fan support. One of the reasons for this being that corporations will put time and effort into making the game more appealing and more enjoyable for the fans. Eventually, the Nash Effect will lead to a boost in the Canadian economy, which helps everybody. Good looking out Nash!

But for real, if Corporate Canada is trying to do and invest more in Canadian basketball, that means there will be more activities and work to be done. That means more jobs to fill. If you want to take it to the next level, which we will, an increase in employment or greater job security can help raise the standard of living by not only the people working the jobs, but the family dependents of those workers. The good old Nash Effect increased media attention on Canadian basketball, which raised demands, and that hiked up the amount of positions to supply and satisfy those demands. Eventually, this leads to increased opportunities to put food on the table and pay the mortgage. Wow! Steve Nash is not just in the basketball industry anymore, he is an industry. He’s creating jobs. And if not, then he’s making already existing jobs more important.

All this talk about increasing, it’s time we address what Steve Nash is helping decrease, things such as stereotypes. Like the one that says you need to be at least 6”5 and 215lbs to make it and succeed in the NBA. Steve doesn’t care too much for this one. And when you look at the ingredients that combine to make Steve Nash, you have to marvel in the man’s abilities. He contains 195 lbs of white chocolate piled 6 feet and 3 inches high with some honey brown hair to make his game extra sweet. If you’ve ever seen him play, you probably noticed that you’re listening more than watching because he’s just too quick for the human eye. By the time he catches an inbound pass, you’ll blink, and the next time you’re eyes catch him he’ll be at the other end of the court lobbing an alley-oop with a man behind him; an obvious burn victim who was defeated by Steve’s absolutely disgusting hesitation (allow me to take this moment to address the fact that Steve’s fakes & hesitations are non-defendable. You simply receive them and try to recover, but stopping them is like trying to stop the sun from coming up, pun intended!).

Off the court, by his mere achievements alone, Steve helps to decrease another stereotype, which is that the best basketball players are Black Americans. For Steve is obviously not a member of that visible minority, nor is he American. So what? Well that has massive implications because it will cause, or at least lead to, more minorities looking up to Steve as a role model. And ultimately, that helps to diminish the stereotype. As a result of that, it can also help decrease subtle on unconscious racism or discrimination.

On top of all that good stuff, Steve Nash is also a direct source of promotion for a healthy lifestyle, especially for Canadians. Considering the fact that he is an athlete, and one in peak condition, those who want to emulate him or those that simply appreciate his game will be more inclined to play basketball. And basketball is an amazing form of exercise, it’s not just good for your cardio-vascular system but it provides numerous opportunities to condition and develop your muscles, plus it sharpens your mental focus as well. For those junkies that are truly serious about playing like Steve, those are the ones that will make solid attempts to eat better and train consistently, all of which leads to a healthier lifestyle. This is an extremely important influence when you consider that obesity rates, lung cancer, and fast food chains appear to be on the rise. With that in mind, isn’t it a blessing to see someone in the media that is healthy and involved in something that promotes a healthy lifestyle? Of course it is! We see countless images of people, mainly celebrities, promoting unhealthy lifestyles that are saturated with alcohol, French fries and cigarettes; thanks to Steve, we’re getting some positive images to help combat the harmful ones.

“Steve Nash is not just in the basketball industry anymore, he is an industry”

Some of the outcomes mentioned have already transpired, while others will take a few years to emerge. However you want to look at it, Steve Nash is a catalyst to them all. He’s a positive role model that will play a big hand in increasing the popularity of basketball in Canada. He has also drawn the focus and attention of Corporate Canada who will eventually whip out their wallets and invest in Canadian basketball. Because of that alone, we can expect to see significant developments in the sport and culture in years to come. And he has even helped to breakdown stereotypes. Put all of this together and you will have a better understanding of the strength and capabilities of the Nash Effect.

While the wheels were always turning, Steve Nash has now shifted Canadian basketball into drive. And to think, we haven’t even hit the highway yet. But while we’re enjoying the ride, appreciate what Steve has accomplished, not only as a Canadian playing basketball in the NBA, but as an individual. When you take into account what he has overcome and combine that with what he has achieved, you would be forced to acknowledge that Steve Nash, as well as the effects he has caused, are truly remarkable.


La La Lakerland Played Host To A City Of All-Stars At The Weekend



Verizon Slam Dunk Contest 2018
Like Father, Like Slam,

Los Angeles, it doesn’t get much more Hollywood than this. Even if Beyonce, Queen Latifah, Chris Tucker and even the other Michael (B) Jordan were taking in all the lights, camera action court-side.

After the 2017 Mardi Gras in New Orleans last year and two calendar’s after our native Toronto held the All Star Weekend in Canada, the sixth A.S.G. in the Clipper and Lakerland of the downtown STAPLES of L.A. was the first of it’s kind. As two of the best players in the association and reigning finalists decided to draft their own pool of players against the wall for the ultimate black and white pick-up game between ‘Team Stephen’ and ‘Team LeBron’, for all the marbles of which of the last two champions would be King.

Well it certainly helps if James picks his rivals reigning MVP teammate Kevin Durant and his own former partner in pine championship crime Kyrie Irving for the big shots first.

But before all that it was down to regular festivities to begin the weekend of All-Star. Basketball’s equivalent of music’s Grammy’s or movies Oscars in Superbowl February. Opening these ceremonials Team World beat down Team USA 155-124 in the Rising Stars game that should really tell you something. Despite home court advantage rookie steal, Kyle Kuzma notching 20, fellow Californian franchise face Buddy Hield was king as the Sacramento star hit 29 as the two sides wore Clipper and Laker interloped Buffalo and MPLS throwbacks for the Hollywood script. And after Quavo of hit duo Migos took home the Celebrity Game MVP as Team Clippers beat Team Lakers 79-66, Spencer Dinwiddie paid the bills in a superior skills comp. Before scorching Sun in California Devin Booker showed his career high 70 was no one-hit wonder as he burnt down all the nets and the money-ball rack. Winning the three-point contest showdown from reigning winner and sixth man Eric Gordon. Grounding the Rocket as this Phoenix rose. Book it!

But after the most therapeutic competition of All-Star weekend it was time for the most exciting one just as compelling. And in honoring his father Larry Nance, the 1984 winner of the inaugural Slam-Dunk contest, Larry Nance Jr. rocked the baby cradle, like father, like dunk. As he even rocked the old-school Phoenix Suns jersey, short shorts and high-socks for an inspired imitation. But under the magicians cloak, those Los Angeles natives in attendance draped in gold wish he had turned into someone turning back the clock and wearing a Lakers jersey (those Lonzo assists with the ball would have helped). As what would have been a long awaited, eagerly anticipated home-team representation turned into an Akron homecoming for the Ohio hometown hero like LeBron in the Kings land once the trade deadline passed.

Pops Nance loved it though after he himself played the lions share of his career in Cleveland as a Cavalier. Even assisting his boy on his second slam, before he blew the house down with a windmill that even rocked Chris Rock and then double tapped an Instagram worthy picture perfect dunk that if your phone blinked, you’d have had to instant replay it to not miss it and believe it. But all this court creativity wasn’t enough like Maverick rookie Dennis Smith Jr.’s 360 reverse, through the legs 50. Or All-Star Victor Oladipo getting an assist off King T’Challa himself Chadwick Boseman, suiting up in the Black Panther mask and clawing a tomahawk. And if you think that was special, if only you were a fly on the wall for the moment entertainment megastar Jamie Foxx told Vic he loved his album and started singing ‘A Song For You’ with him in the parking lot (as told by Sports Illustrated’s Lee Jenkins). As Utah’s jazz man Donovan Mitchell won by jumping over Kevin Hart and his family (Come on! How hard is that? The comedian was even crouched down. Seriously?! He could have even been sat on his shoulders and Mitch would have been good), and then breaking out the classic Vince Carter Raptor jersey and doing you know what.

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The whole weekend turned out to be a testament to a throwback tribute despite Nike’s brand new Team LeBron and Steph duds. Last years All-Star representative, Pelican Anthony Davis paying tribute to his injury fallen teammate brother Cousins by wearing what would have been his numero zero jersey. Free agent suitors beware, DeMarcus is going nowhere now this summer after this. You see he saw on I.G. but look at the shot. How s### was his seat for a would be player?

But after Black Eyed Pea Fergie caught flack for her soulful and sultry rendition of the Star Spangled Banner national anthem (hey, you didn’t complain when Marvin did it) the game hit all the high-flying, dunking high-notes. So much so fans needed throat lozenges like Pink! Even if there wasn’t a single Clipper or Laker representative in the game itself. Despite the lobbying for 6 Man, Lou Will and new Laker Isaiah Thomas only recently being LeBron’s actual teammate.

The King took the MVP crown himself as his 29 points, 10 rebounds and 8 assists helped turn a 15 point hole into a 148-145 victory. And from the look on his face as he leapt into Kevin Durant’s arms of all people, it looked like he just won the NBA Championship back. And from the look on Steph’s face on the receiving end reply it was hard to disagree.

You may be the champion, but I’m the best in the world those eyes said.

Well it’s up to you to decide when round 2 of the All Star draft is televised next year for all to see in M.J.’s land of the greatest.

Charlotte’s going to be good!

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Is Isaiah Thomas IT For The Lakers?



Usa Today 10601289.0
IT Came On A Hollywood Night

It’s All-Star break this weekend in Los Angeles, but the Lakers already have a new one since the trade deadline to lead their young core in the heart of the city. Even if Team LeBron didn’t pick him for Sundays pick up.

But how long will IT last?

Right now in the NBA the amount of movers is really putting the shakers on teams. So much so that in regards to loyalty in this league it’s even colder than the Olympics in Pyeonchang, South Korea right now. But then again it is the Winter after all. Recently Cleveland cleaned house and LeBron’s land for some Cavalier moves. Jettisoning several All-Star points for their changing of the guard. Including former MVP Derrick Rose, ‘Bron brodie Dwyane Wade back to the Heat of Miami, South Beach and even the guy they traded Kyrie for.

Yep that’s right after summer swapping Irving for Isaiah, the Cavs sent Thomas along with versatile big-man vet Channing Frye to Lakerland. In return they got the buckets of ‘Sixth Man’ sure thing Jordan Clarkson and another Akron hometown hero in the form of Larry Nance Jr.

And although the Lakers picked-up a certified All-Star with Iverson kill at will, little man syndrome scoring a lot of fans where left tweeting negative emojis and gifs following the deadline deal. And not because their new number seven seal was a former Boston Celtic great only a season ago. Or that the former tooth chipper is now a befallen superstar by way of injury. More that the Lake Show loved the young Ball, Ingram, Kuzma, Randle and Zubac core that has lost it’s first big time players of the future since the de-loading trade of D’Angelo Russell last summer.

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Clarkson was a class act and there from the luck of the late round steal start. Whereas when Nance Jr. ran the floor like his pops all the bleachers snapped shut, tilted up. Lakerland finally thought they would see their own slamming son represent them in the Slam Dunk Contest he should surely win now like father, like dunk today. But now he’ll be doing it all for one and one for all.

But with the fast tracked pace of the Lakers new speedy dynamite dynamo it could still be Showtime again for Magic’s men like when Earvin Johnson was kissing another Isiah Thomas hello in the golden era 80’s. But this Isaiah Thomas-so long as he can ball in the same backcourt as Ball once injury time gives way to the Lavar…excuse me the Lonzo Angeles Lakers-could attract even more free agents like the expected homecoming of Paul George from the Thunder to the purple reign this offseason. Even if rumour has a Black Panther/Killmonger like relationship between this point prince and the King of the Ohio land.

But if it’s between LeBron as a Laker or another one of James’ sidekicks than who do you think will hold the headlines for tomorrows Los Angeles Times? Especially as Isaiah could aim higher than coming off the bench this summer as a free agent without restriction himself. His big contract coming off the books with Channing’s (Frye not Hollywood’s Tatum), another big three big in Brook Lopez and another former All-Star in Luol Deng (yep…he’s still here).

All these multiples of millions would surely make for a kings ransom.

This could be it, so lets enjoy I.T. whilst he lasts.

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Nuggets Jamal Murray breaks Steven Adams Ankles with Filthy Handles



Nuggets Jamal Murray Breaks Steven Adams Ankles Filthy Handles

Denver Nuggets Guard Jamal Murray breaks OKC Thunder center Steven Adams ankles with his filthy and deadly combination of handles and three-point shooting. Murray was sensational finishing with 33 points, 5 assists and 3 rebounds in a thrilling 127-124 victory. The Canadian guard (Kitchener, ON) is having the best year of his NBA career and has arguably become best Canadian basketball player in the NBA. The 6’4″, 207 lbs guard is flourishing under Head  Coach Mike Malone’s system and is averaging a respectable 16 points per game, 3.6 rebounds and 3 assists per game through 50 regular season games including a career-high 38-point outburst against the Portland Trail Blazers.

BTW. I can watch this all day!

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