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Ethics, Standards and Corrections


BasketballBuzz – “Canada’s Basketball Magazine” founded in 2008, we are Canada’s national basketball lifestyle magazine, giving Canadians and basketball fans around the world unparalleled coverage of Canadian Basketball.

Ethics & Standards

We thoroughly research our topics and assign section writers to cover and write about topics and subject matters that they are familiar thus increasing the quality and output of our original content. Furthermore, all content is thoroughly examined and edited by our copy editing team for spelling mistakes, grammar, style, fact-checking and more.


We make every effort to avoid errors, in keeping with principles of accuracy, integrity and fairness, we correct a significant error when we have been able to establish that one has occurred. This is essential for our credibility with Canadian basketball fans. When a correction is necessary, it is made immediately given the circumstances, with due regard for the reach of the published error.

BasketballBuzz - Canada's Basketball Magazine