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46 For 34…Pau Gasol’s Milestone Proves All Those Who Wrote Him Off Wrong

Boy I bet those critics who engraved Pau Gasol’s reputation as a soft player are finding it hard to write anything in more than pencil these days!

Boy I bet the Charmin like dubbed Los Angeles Lakers are wishing they kept the guy that brought in two championships along with that trade all those years ago.

Boy I bet those Memphis Grizzlies wish they kept their Rookie Of The Year and original franchise face, to join his Spanish sibling. Because this new rejuvenation is making sure he’s no longer now just Marc’s older brother.

I bet the Chicago Bulls know what’s good for them and between the concrete foundations of Derrick Rose and the star future service of Jimmy Butler, know that if they lead the East to an NBA championship it will all be because of the man that brings more than just a chip on his shoulder every time he’s dealt!

Boy, oh boy!

Even reigning ‘Defensive Player Of The Year’ and passion of the Chi, Joakim Noah he has to make room in the arc inside the paint. If people where writing off those big numbers, they can’t social media, swipe-through deny that on paper Pau Gasol is playing the best basketball if his career. Period.

After the fourth this weekend he had 46 points. A career high along with his stellar 18 rebounds and the first player in league history of that age to post 44 or more and 15 rebounds or more in the last three decades of 30 years.

If that wasn’t enough, how about being closer to the greatest of all-time than the rest of his Bulls brethren. After being the first player since Kevin Durant in 2001 to post at least 46 and 18, he is the first Bull to reach this peak since Michael Jordan’s career high of 69 points and 18 boards all the way back in 1990 as K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune references in press.

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Gasol was just glad for this one of his last three 40 point games that his team won.

Shouldering like a soldier for his squad, no burden is to much to bear. Gasol is primed and full of gasoline this year, running on the fumes of trade bitter bait and fan doubt of the past. How can you ignore this guy? From his grizzled start in Memphis to his gnarly play in L.A. this guy has always been a big player beyond definition. Now with this resurgence to go along with making his Spanish side amongst the pride of the national best, you can put this guy in the all-time list of elite big men. Not just alongside the international ranks of Dirk, but among all those who have ever put the ball on the floor.

The power of Pau is fueling this Bulls stampede by the horns. Gasol is averaging 18.7 points and 11.3 rebounds but above this and his Karl Malone, Charles Barkley and Hakeem Olaujuwon legendary numbers he is Chicago’s charge.

The tide of the Windy City just turned into a perfect storm. Let the reign from Spain keep pouring and scoring.

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