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After This Season The Lakers Want Gasol Back This Summer



After This Season The Lakers Want Gasol Back This Summer

Free! That’s what some of the National Basketball Association’s greatest agents will be this Summer, in the power player ‘other’ season of NBA basketball. A season that King LeBron has redefined time after time, bringing the televised throne back to the players with just a couple of decisions.

Now after their worst season in franchise history. Following a lackluster offseason that pre-cursed it, the Los Angeles Lakers look like frontrunners for the free agent favourites this Summer.


If it wasn’t enough for the Lakers that Kobe Bryant is coming back to join a new nucleus of top, returning from injury rookie Julius Randle and top, all five starting, set to be a sophomore star Jordan Clarkson. Let alone this week winning the draft lottery with the Jahil Okafor or Karl Anthony-Towns second pick. The Lakers now look to pursue some of the L’s greatest ‘W’ makers.

Rajon Rondo and Kevin Love rumours have raged on through this hated season in Lakerland. Whilst recently it has been reported that this team will go after the likes of LaMarcus Aldridge-if not Greg Monroe or DeAndre Jordan (with a chance to finally steal a player back off their hometown, battle of Los Angeles rival Clippers)-and offer ‘Most Improved Player Of The Year’ Jimmy Buckets the max that Chicago will hopefully not match.

Between legends, rookies, draft picks and free agents this team look to rebuild themselves right back to the top of the playoff spots.

Still even with all this following last year the Lakers want one of their old players back…his name?


After leaving Los Angeles last year for the city of wind, former champion and All-Star Pau Gasol has had the year of his career with the Chicago Bulls this season…and this is a former ‘Rookie Of The Year’ we are talking about. Still few people know that this former Memphis Grizzlies franchise face-who also brought Larry O’Brien along with him in his Lakers trade-was actually swapped for his brother and fellow Spanish superstar Marc…or his draft rights at least.

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You see although being on their books as a rook, Marc Gasol had never donned the purple and gold of Los Angeles. However this Summer the Lakers want to make this right and so.

It’s Pau’s younger brother, the 2013 ‘Defensive Player Of The Year’ and this years All-NBA First Team, starting centre on an average of 17.8 points, 7.8 rebounds, 3.8 assists, and 1.6 blocks per game that has the Lakers attention. Although I’m sure L.A. would love to have Pau back to, side-by-side with his sibling like for the Spanish national side. Just like Memphis wish they could have with their original Gasol star. Just like Chicago could only dream of. Along with the Spurs, Mavs and of course Knicks who will also be offering Marc Gasol the cash.

Still after another great season in Tennessee, the grit and grind of the Grizzlies will want to keep all the Memphis blues together to keep rocking and rolling with the likes of Zach Randolph, Tony Allen, Jeff Green, Vince Carter and Mike Conley Jr. You don’t get true grit without grinding together through the thick and thin and it looks like Marc’s in it for the long haul.

From the draft to the summer markets the Lakers have a lot of post players to choose from to further the legend of their Mikan, Wilt, Kareem and Shaq big man legacy. Still after the stunted growth of the likes of Andrew Bynum and Dwight Howard, the Lakers want to reach for the right 7 footer in a dying age of a position that this sport has catered for for so long.

Now if you think the Lakers regret losing Pau Gasol last season, you can be sure they feel more of the same way for trading for him with their rights to his brother Marc back in the day.

After all two Gasol’s are better than one….but right now the Lakers have none.

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Toronto Raptors: 2019 NBA Finals Trailer



Toronto Raptors 2019 Nba Finals Trailer

Out with the old, in with the new.

The narrative has been switched. The Toronto Raptors’ and the northside will be playing for an NBA championship.


Re-live some of the best moments of the Raptors’ historic season with this excellent assemble of moments.

Compiled by JFX visuals, featuring Toronto Raptor rated R, goose-bumping footage that will surely leave you impatiently waiting for game one of the 2019 NBA Finals between Canada’s team versus the two-time defending champions Golden State Warriors’.

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OH CANADA! Welcome To Your First NBA Finals!



OH CANADA Welcome To Your First NBA Finals
We The Champions...

Clever Girl.

Extinct in Six? Like we said in my last article about the ‘Jurassic Park’ crowd of fans outside…NAH! The 6 just took the Eastern Conference Finals and Championship in that many games.


There will be no Game 7.

The Bucks stop here.

They the North are heading to the NBA Finals.

And it’s not only the first time Toronto have done it’s since their 1995 expansion inception into the North American league. It’s the first time Canada will be represented in the NBA Finals for this lands chance to be the first country outside those United States to win an NBA Championship.

And we believe this BasketballBuzz.

Even against the dynasty Goliath of Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green’s Warriors. Cinderella stories are always better to the glass slipper. Get ready for this Raptor to roar.

Welcome to Jurassic World!

Greek warrior heart Giannis Antetokounmpo had to walk out of his postgame presser because of this epic emotion. Kawhi Leonard even bigger than his been around the world and I, I, back to Canada rim rattling series beater against the Sixers, made an even bigger play for MVP of this whole country. Let alone the season, even if the NBA end up giving it to James Harden now when they should really spell it out for the alphabet. Everyone watched Kyle Lowry as he glowed tears of joy with his kid wrapped in his arms. His hand across his mouth face above says it all. Jeremy Lin couldn’t believe the Linsanity. And Drake’s plans seemed forever placed on the blazer shoulders of Coach Nick Nurse (or the Bucks Bud in hilarious meme trolling) who nursed Canada to their first NBA Finals as center Marc Gasol beating his injured brothers team (a Spanish showdown we wish we could have seen) gave it up for his former Memphis teammates on Twitter, taking them with him to the Finals as the grit and grind of the Grizzlies account responded in timeline kind.

In 2016 after their 20 year anniversary in the association, Toronto held the first NBA All Star Game in a league of its own. Two decades after being the only National Basketball Association franchise in Canada after those Grizzly bears of Vancouver (bring their franchise back) led by Marc’s big brother Pau Gasol made that Blue Suede Shoe Elvis move to Memphis. Twenty plus years later and now the King of Canada. Two decades since those Barney purple dino jerseys went from a laughing one to Mitchell and Ness hardwood classic throwback, out of stock. Twenty plus years since country cousins Tracy McGrady and the Air Canada of Vince Carter threw the legs and straight in the honey pot started something way above the rim. Two decades since Chris Bosh almost led the most completely fun and love to run team in the league at that time aside from Steve Nash’s Phoenix Suns, missing only their countryman making a point (how good would that have been? Almost as good as getting Carter back next season for one last dance and dunk. Make it happen Basketball God’s of the 6). Twenty plus years since Drake started rapping from the bottom of his basement.

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And almost 25 years and seasons, 82 games, three rounds, six games, four quarters and an 100-94 win behind a double, 27 and 17 double from their leader Kawhi Leonard later and we’re here. Just like we hope our number 2, number one will always be.

Check out the views from Yonge Street on fire with fans celebrating peacefully and beautifully. Nothing was the same. And nothing ever will be again.

This is for them. Us. You. Me. Him. Her. The whole city. The entire country and the watching world that call themselves the North. 6 before Game 7 with that many left to try and Dub themselves Canadian champions over a whole dynasty heading for a parade across the Golden State of the Golden Gate Bridge to San Francisco. This is for the Bucks too and their champion leader Giannis. Afforded as more than a worthy opponent but their own legendary legacy of the future. This is for a young man who at 21 years old moved to Toronto to start a Basketball writing dream. That man is me. But more than that. This is for the pride of Angola, Edilson Silva who had a vision to start Canada’s first Basketball magazine. This is for every fan in Toronto, Canada and the North that will always be theirs.

Now read all about it, the Toronto Raptors and Canada are heading to the NBA Finals.

Next stop beat the Bay.

The North will find a way.

T.O. Canada this is your time.

Make history like no NBA team before you.

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