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City To City. Worst To First



toronto raptors city edition jerseys 2019 2020
For The City...

City guys. Your favourite edition of Nike’s NBA jerseys are back…well most of them anyway. With rumour having the remaining teams-like Utah’s jazzy orange (for one final season setting in its sun) and the mardi gras of New Orleans-staying the same as last year (if we’re wrong we’ll update). Just like New York still honouring the emergency service first responders, or the Spurs the military with their camouflage grade that’s only right. So leaving them out of the list as this is a new chart-despite their sick signatures-lets rank the best of the rest in descending order for your festive wish list.

And the loser is…

Dallas Mavericks

dallas mavericks city edition jerseys 2019 2020
2019-2020 Dallas Mavericks City Edition Jerseys

F###.The.What. Appealing to Kristaps Porzingis high-school headband and cornrows, the Mavericks have appropriated their worst jerseys since shiny suit man P. Diddy designed those silver lining threads…and they at least looked Kobe Adidas shoe cool back in the early 2000’s. Taking one of the Dirk days (when he was just a Kidd) blue joints and spray tagging them with graffiti makes me sympathize with the adults that think this street signature isn’t at all art. But what more could you expect for the “West Slovenia, born and raised (on the playgrounds is where he spent most of his days)”, Fresh Prince of Dallas Luka Doncic? All the puke emojis out of nothing.

Boston Celtics

boston celtics city edition jerseys 2019 2000
2019-2020 Boston Celtics City Edition Jerseys

Speaking of those green emojis what in the hell are these? I’m not saying this because I’m a Laker fan. I actually love Boston and the Celtics rivalry, but there is no pot of gold here. These shamrocks suck. And the Celtics alternatives are usually as classic as their original and best, never changed home and road. But this time, no one is after these lucky charms.

Philadelphia 76ers

philadelphia 76ers city edition jerseys 2019 2020
2019-2020 Philadelphia 76ers City Edition Jerseys

Clean, classic, but with no marks for effort. We’ve seen this all before. This is basically the Sixers script from last year which in turn was lifted from the remnants of that style for everyone teams Christmas jerseys a fair few December 25’s ago. Straight jacked. At least incorporate something more with the Liberty Bell than just the shorts…or speaking of which give Rocky his creed for a knockout Balboa up the steps. The classic ‘Seventy Sixers’ jerseys were much classic car cooler.

Los Angeles Clippers

Compton…or should we say GTA: San Andreas stand-up?! Straight outta being the new Kawhi Leonard and Paul George face of L.A. even with A.D. finally at the Lakers (until the King had other ideas), these new black script on white Clipper clippings are worth broadsheets for your L.A. times. Headline…”No Regrets”…not even one.

Los Angeles Lakers

Shaq sized. Laker Lore has it that each year a purple and gold legend will design the City threads for Los Angeles. You remember the Kobe Mamba snakeskin black and probably will be keen to forget the Magic purple pinstripes of last years look…which at least was the first ever Lakers jersey to rock Los Angeles on it too. This years gold belongs to the Most Dominant Ever looking like a hybrid of the three-peat STAPLE he wore, the white on gold Laker look of Wilt and basically what the King crowns now. But the Chick Hearn tribute is a nice touch straight out the refrigerator. Sparing a blue classic edition I guess we will have to wait for those Crenshaw blue Nipsey Hussle tributes until when like Grant Goldberg, LeBron James gets his turn to design.

Brooklyn Nets

Kyrie and Kevin’s Nets have already spread love the BKLYN way with those greyscale court matching unis this year. But following their Coogie sweater lining King of N.Y. ones from last season, they’ve gone notorious again for B.I.G. Bed Stuy whites in the same graffiti. Hey at least its not a Maverick mistake.


Milwaukee Bucks

Cream City may sound a bit dodgy…or a bit coffee, but you can’t deny these cream cuts (Liverpool football club in the 90’s once called this colour “ecru” (defined as the lighter fawn (hey) of unbleached linen)). Just like you can’t deny they’ve done this before…and could do better. Time to buck the trend.

Sacramento Kings

sacramento kings king city edition jerseys 2019 2020
2019 2020 Sacramento Kings “King City” Edition Jerseys

Royal red tops royal blue…or does it. We can’t quite decide. What you can clearly see is that these Sac Town proud King robes are an update rather than a redesign. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Some teams this year didn’t even opt for a city costume change. But just like the Kings in April this aint winning any contests.

Memphis Grizzlies

Taking it back to Vancouver. These Grizzlies teal throwbacks are the real deal. Come for the Mike Bibby memories. Stay for the Ja Morant ones he’s about to make from Canada to Memphis.

Phoenix Suns

Phoenix started this Los respect and the thanks you fans get is a new Los Suns jerseys that takes it back to the Phoenix Suns black jersey days of when J-Kidd had bleached blonde hair. We’d like to forget that, but we’re so glad these black dye cuts are brought back. Some things always stay in fashion. Other things never were Jason.

Minnesota Timberwolves

City To City. Worst To First


Last city of the East. First city of the West. That was the big headline to go with Minny’s new jerseys. But all we want to know is where is Mr. Rogers? O.K. so the purple reign of Paisley Park is over…long live the Prince, but these Timberwolves traditional sky blue MSP’s are minimalistic magic in old Minnesota blue with that modern look for the twins.


Washington Wizards

bradley beal washington wizards city edition jerseys 2019 2020

Rep The District

I love the stars and stripes of all Wizenard Washington jerseys that stay patriotic as the nations capital even if their president does not. And these white in house designs will sell out worldwide, especially being big in rookie Rui’s native, rising sun Japan. I just can’t unsee the fact that the Wizards secondary logo looks like a cock and balls shooting something other than a basketball. And now…neither can you.

Oklahoma City Thunder

okc thunder city edition jerseys 2019 2020
2019-2020 OKC “Thunder City” Edition Jerseys

After losing everything-Harden, Durant and then Westbrook reunited with Harden-the Oklahoma City Thunder just have the big contract of legend but ageing veteran Chris Paul. They’ll have better luck shopping their new line of jerseys which basically switch around their orange, blue and white script like the same problems of the Knicks. Their black Oklahoma City jersey looks best however and means more. Honouring those affected by the Oklahoma City bombing in tributes bigger than basketball. Respect.

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Detroit Pistons

detroit pistons motor city edition jerseys 2019 2020
2019-2020 Detroit Pistons “Motor City” Edition Jerseys

Motor City has had an oil change with these go speed racer racing stripes. And although there’s some hate for these tyre treads, anything that keeps the automotive industry in Detroit, Michigan rolling is more than homage with us. Go 8 Mile road, go!

Indiana Pacers


Racing past that though like Christian Bale and Matt Damon in ‘Ford vs Ferrari’ is this years Indiana Pacers paint job to their Indy 500 respecting motor home, that really keep the speedway going like Oladipo running the break. Shake and bake. Clearing the finish line the winner is keeping pace. Inch or mile. But just wait until they try and incorporate that checkered flag next year. Do NOT pass go!

Houston Rockets

Rocketing past even that however are the new out of this world, cosmic city Rocket jerseys that put on for a whole solar system and state, let alone city with these NASA uniforms. Houston we have a tribute. And I ain’t got a problem with that. Especially the H-Town across the chest that puts on like Mike Jones. Who?

Cleveland Cavaliers

Nothing will beat the grey of The Land jerseys from a couple of seasons ago in Ohio. Or the number 23 that went below and behind it. But it’s a new day like Kevin and you’ve got to love it. Celebrating their 50th year in the league CLEveland are also going for an instant vintage feeling thrift throwback thats a grower like Nance Jr.’s vertical. Now his dunks like father, like junior will look that much throwback tighter.

Golden State Warriors

golden state warriors the town city edition jerseys combo 2019 2020
2019-2020 Golden State Warriors “The Town” City Edition Jerseys

The San Fran…excuse me the Golden State Warriors have lost so many players in their move across the Golden Gate (Kevin Durant to free agency, Klay Thompson to thankfully not that but injury like Steph Curry and even new Splash Brother D’Angelo Russell for the dubbed triplets) that people are calling last tram time on their dynasty. You’d also be forgiven for thinking their mannequin City Edition jersey debuting model was another injured player who had lost his head. It’s a good job these San Francisco jerseys are one of the league best, even if they college dropout look a little McDonalds All American for our taste. Would you like some fries or guards with that?

Charlotte Hornets

These silver bullet Charlotte Hornets jerseys are Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman just beautiful. And Jordan’s CHA buzz city Hornets jerseys after last years purple reign may one day go next to those teal and purple pinstripe Charlotte classics as the Larry Johnson Grandmama of terrific throwbacks. Good Charlotte. 

Portland Trailblazers

You can’t beat a classic and these vintage Rip City accents should make it into the regular rotation like the margins of those Portland classics. Dame will be right on time with these. Just another great throwback to add to your Carmelo comeback catalogue for the city of roses celebrating their half century anniversary in the PDX.

Chicago Bulls


You have to love these Benny. Bull logo on front. The stars and stripes of the Chicago baby blue flag upfront. Nothing says city like these editions. M.J. would have looked amazing in these. Pity there isn’t a player there big enough to raise this one to the rafters. But then again there is this guy called Coby.

Miami Heat

The boys in turquoise. With all the talent in South Beach these city jerseys really are our Vice. Some will wish the team went back to black in a Wade flash after last years pink neons. But just like all of those nightlife lights, these threads as teal or turquoise as the South Beach sea are that glorious and screen saver picturesque for the 305 to the city of Rick Ross’ port of Miami, Wade County. But just like the sand nothing beats the old white on white.

Orlando Magic

Orange on black is the new blue for the ORL Magic taking the sugar from their neighbours though. Now these are nice. Plain and simple, but simply beautiful. And with former top ten pick and sophomore slumping Markelle Fultz coming to fruition full too, it looks to be even more of a refreshing season and look in the Magic Kingdom. And for those outside of Florida are wondering why orange…then I have some Mickey Mouse ears to give you to go with it.

Atlanta Hawks

Peach up, A town down. These Atlanta Hawks jerseys really are a peach. You can almost smell the subtlety. And they don’t even take getting used to like the mix match mishmash of those neon glaring regulars. And with all of the amazing ATL scene in attendance for its welcome to Atlanta debut. From 2 Chainz to the furry thrones of Big Boi courtside we can’t wait for the College Park Outkast outfits Ms. Jackson. But until then peach…I could wear a peach for hours.

Toronto Raptors

As much as we’ll miss the ‘We The North’ pointing jerseys-especially last years red and white ones that put on for Canada like the countries first time NBA champs-these ones bring back Octobers Very Own black and gold and more. Expect Drake to be hooting about these like his own OVO owl every night. Check out the jagged Toronto logo up top too Raptor claws. Remind you of anything? How about those old inaugural Carter and McGrady throwbacks that still sell like Mitchell and Ness? What a hardwood crossover classic. Best of both worlds Professor Hulk.

Denver Nuggets

jamal murray denver nuggets city edition jerseys full kit 2019 2020

The rise of the Rainbow

The only gold that could top that is the ones mined in Denver. The Nevada Nuggets really do have the developing young Murray team to go with this old vintage. The rainbow effect not only Atari takes it back to the 80’s with style. It also puts on for everybody these days like the city. From LGBT to you and me, these are in actual fact a statement made for the whole world.

denver nuggets city edition jerseys 2019 2020
2019-2020 Denver Nuggets “Rise of the Rainbow” City Edition Jersey

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Watch THIS Work! The WNBA Bets On Women



watch this work the wnba bets on women
Fight and win like a girl...

Great expectations.

Ten years ago the motto of the Women’s National Basketball Association was to, ‘Expect Great’. Now a decade later and into the roaring 20’s of a whole new one and world, the league that tells you to watch them work truly has for all it’s worth.

The WNBA and CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) has reached a monumental moment in the leagues history and its time to read all about it on Los Angeles Sparks twin superstar Chiney Ogwumike’s Twitter thread.

It tells us the CBA means…

When it comes to players salary and compensation there will be a 30% increase to the salary cap as the higher max pay player salary jumps like Lisa Leslie’s first dunk from $117,500 to $215,000. Whilst there will be an additional compensation for those top tier Candace Parker players around $300,000. Moving millions this is thee first time the league has moved units like this in six figures. And like Russell Westbrook why not? Because for every player like him there’s an Ogwumike. For every Candace a LeBron. Every Luka Doncic a Breanna Stewart. Every Larry Bird a Sue. Kobe Bryant, Diana Taurasi. For every Michael Jordan a Lisa Leslie.

Every insufferable, couch potato chip, sexist fans who unlike a Suffragette doesn’t believe women deserves equal pay needs to check their pockets…yep like Rakim said that’s nothing but lint. Now paid in full these women deserve this and more like diversity at the Oscars. Just as good as the men like Michelle Wie (she’s not the logos sons wife people) golfing with the guys of you claim you’re “woke” on social media but can’t wake up to this then you’re about as woke as still in bed gone half 12 in the afternoon. It feels like all those trumped up people who had a problem with a female ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot. Or those old men who would rather bully a 17 year old girl with Aspergers online than believe in the actual happenings of climate change.

Sure there’s an argument that sportspeople shouldn’t be paid these ridiculous amounts of money. But the point is if the men get paid this much then why shouldn’t the women?

This should have happened a long time ago. But at least it’s happening now.

It’s about time.

Working mothers are also finally getting their due in a groundbreaking deal on this date. Players will receive a salary whilst on maternity leave with an additional new childcare stipend. Whilst up to $60,000 of progressive family planning benefits for veteran players for costs for adoption, surrogacy, oocyte cryopreservation, fertility and more. No longer will go hard greats like Skylar Diggins-Smith have to play whilst pregnant and hide it to protect herself whilst the CBA lists it as a “condition”.

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Perks of the game that the men have had for years and the world class women deserve just as such also include individual hotel rooms for players, more mandatory leg room on flights (how important is this for basketball players? The NBA would cry personal foul if the King and them would be forced to fly economy), and further for the finances, off-season job opportunities with league partners that along with the salary rise will mean that WNBA players won’t, overplayed and underpaid have to go overseas in the off-season to earn more money to make ends meet in foreign leagues. Something which has been a conditioning condition and pay for play issue since the leagues inaugural inception.

And let’s not forget about the players mental health too in major improvements across the board and world to an issue still surrounded with stigma despite the lengths taken and measures made. More resources will be offered in addition to the adoption of a Nutrition Council that will aid peak performance by offering players a commitment to this optimization.

But it’s probably the stand made by the WNBA and the CBA against violence to women which is the most important. Ending domestic and all sorts of violence to women which has happened to players around the league and still happens everyday, effecting everyone needs to end NOW like it should have never happened. It seems like such a ridiculously obvious thing to say…but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be said.

Again and again until we don’t have to.

The wide world has finally met the standards of the women’s game and league on the way to leveling the playing field. More of the same…do we really need to add the please now?

Betting on sporting events is a losers game. But betting on women-like the ones in this league-is a sure thing.

The game changed for real today.

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Shai Gilgeous-Alexander 20 Pts, 20 Rebs, 10 Asts first Canadian NBA triple-double since 2006



shai gilgeous alexander 20 pts 20 rebs 10 asts first canadian nba triple double since 2006
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander 20 points, 20 rebounds, 10 assists joins elite NBA company

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (Hamilton, ON) became only the second Canadian basketball player in NBA history to record a triple-double — and the first in nearly 14 years, since Steve Nash in 2006.

Gilgeous-Alexander racked-up 20 points, career-high 20 rebounds and 10 assists in the 117-104 win over the Minnesota Timberwolves. The former one-and-done Kentucky Wildcat continued his efficient campaign shooting 8-of-12 field goals, connecting 2-of-3 triples and 2-of-2 from the foul-line.

Steve Nash recorded three triple-doubles in his illustrious 18-year career, the last one on April 19, 2006 — Nash finished with 16 points, 12 assists and 10 rebounds.

The 20 rebounds is also a record-high by a Canadian guard and only the second 20/20 double-double by a Canadian — Jamaal Magloire notched a 22 point, 21 rebound game against the Toronto Raptors’ on March 21, 2004.

Most rebounds by a Canadian in the NBA

Samuel Dalembert (Montreal, QC) holds the record for the most rebounds in a NBA game with 23 against the Golden State Warriors on March 20, 2009. Followed by Magloire 22 and Tristan Thompson with 21.

Gilgeous-Alexander becomes the youngest guard to record 20-20-10 stat-line and joins Russell Westbrook as the only guards with a 20-point, 20-rebound triple-double over the last 30 seasons. He is also the youngest player in NBA history with a 20-rebound triple-double, passing Shaquille O’Neal.

RJ Barrett became the first Canadian basketball player to record a triple-double at the NCAA level in nearly 35 years during his lone freshman season with the Duke Blue Devils.

The OKC Thunder continue their playoff push with their 18 victory in the last 25 games and currently sit in 7th place in the western conference.

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The Canadian guard is currently averaging 20 points, 5.3 rebounds and 2.7 assists — shooting 46.4% from the floor, 33.6% from three-pointers and 81.6% from the foul-line while turning the ball over just 1.9 per game.

Canada NBA All-Star Drought

The 2020 NBA All-star game in Chicago is less than month away and as it currently stands, Gilgeous-Alexander doesn’t currently rank as one the top fan vote earners in a guard heavy western conference. Nevertheless, the Canadian stud could end Canada’s eight year NBA all-star game drought by earning a coach’s selection.

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