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Lakers 2K Steal Kyle Kuzma Is An NBA Draft Dream

Denver Nuggets V Los Angeles Lakers
Denver Nuggets V Los Angeles Lakers

When the Lakers drafted big Draymond Green/Zach Randolph hybrid bruiser Julius Randle from the University of Kentucky in the top ten of the 2014 draft, they also picked up Jordan Clarkson. A late round sleeper who this year could be one of the leading candidates for the NBA’s Sixth Man Of The Year award with the Eddie Jones number 6.

The following year when they took D’Angelo Russell with the second pick in the 2015 class years before he’d be a leading star for the Brooklyn Nets this summer, they also nabbed Larry Nance Jr. later in the draft. The son of one of the most prolific rim-wreckers of all-time and now like father like dunk has shown us that the son inherits the slams of his father.

Last year when the Lakers where lottery lucky enough to get another number 2 choice in the NBA draft they took the next Kevin Durant in lanky but legendary to be Brandon Ingram. Half a season later the international big man they took with their “other” draft pick Ivica Zubac (or Zupac as Nance Junior calls him) turned out to be yet another steal off the block too.

And now this year with the third straight second pick in the NBA draft the luck be a losers club second only to the Philadelphia 76ers had their choice of the cream of the future crop of NBA stars to be. And with all eyes on Ball like the opening night tip two days from now it was all about number 2 and the Lonzo Angeles Lakers and the Lavar (side) show. Surely lightning couldn’t strike four times in a row (let alone three or twice) in Southern California?

But it looks like the angels are watching over the city of Los Angeles yet again as the Lakers have made yet another late round steal in yet another draft to add to their post-Kobe, Noah like two-by-two arc of youthful team talent. Now only missing the problem child of D’Angelo Russell all grown up as the one in the B.K.

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Now the young core of Julius Randle, Jordan Clarkson, Larry Nance Jr., Brandon Ingram, Ivica Zubac and of course Lonzo Ball (backed up by vets like Pop, Brewer, Bogut and the center from Brooklyn who can go downtown, Brook Lopez) has another key piece and his name is Kyle Kuzma. Or 2K as we are calling firsts on a new nickname as this really is like a video game dream scripted for Hollywood’s new ball boys Brat Pack.

If Lonzo Ball doesn’t become Rookie Of The Year then it might be because of the second part of his dubbed “lightskin connection” in an even bigger, new Lakers class in a league of their own. Featuring defensive Hart and even a rookie named Bryant. Following his Summer League Finals MVP and trophy in the casino clutches of Vegas, Kuzma has shown out so much in this preseason he and his nightly highlights might see him start out the gates for the new Lakers on the hardwood instead of off the pine.

They say this guy could take time off his teammates (Ingram) and even alley-oop dunks (Nance). Kuzma looks and plays like Jordan Clarkson with the 2K18 sliders on full and if J.C. is going to be Sixth Man and L.B. R.O.Y., than K.K. could be the first rookie to win the Most Improved Player. The steal that everyone wishes (like the Lakers new Nike jersey sponser) they had and never passed up like the Spurs and Sixers respectively takes former sixth man spark-plug Nick Young’s zero (perhaps a Westbrook from nothing reminder and motivator on his jersey that is already being called for in high demand that the Lakers Team Store needs to supply) and keeps it as 100 as the red emoji tattooed close to his heart and underlined three times over in blood red. Now just you wait until he puts up real numbers.

Number 27 in the draft?! Please!

Lottery luck be a Laker right now.


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