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No Kobe Beef With Shaquille O’Neal

No Kobe Beef With Shaquille O'Neal
No Kobe Beef With Shaquille O'Neal

Back like that like Ghostface Killah and Ne-Yo, I’m sorry Kanye West but she no longer “ordered the Kobe beef like Shaquille O’Neal.”

No matter how much the Japanese massage those cows like Gary Vitti’s training table.

This is the remix.

Perhaps you can order some Kobe beef at ‘Shaquille’s’ restaurant across from STAPLES?

But you won’t get 12 onion rings…you’ll get five though. One under Jordan like 24 is one more than 23.

M.J. or King LeBron.

When Shaq and Kobe played together they won more really big rings than Drake and Future, until they fell out more time than Drake and Meek Mill. But now it’s all good like…well Drake and Meek Mill. But that doesn’t stop the media from being on their worst behavior when they think things are going bad.

After the dynamic of duos threepeated like Jordan did twice for Phil Jackson, Shaq took his talents to South Beach after it was clear Kobe wanted to be the alpha for Beta or worse. That’s when a little red corvette met a brick wall as this prince and this L.A. King had a death of a dynasty in this head rolling rock L.A. familia game of thrones way before King James’ version.

But then a remote control sized 15 sneaker fueled by Diesel drove into the Black Mamba’s foot at All Star weekend, he smiled like he was looking at an old friend and Shaq and Kobe clapped hands and dapped up like these two idols had already made friends B.T.S. They even reunited in Los Angeles to be co-MVP’s at an All Star game at STAPLES that had many palm tree pining for a Lake Show redemption reunion (the one Superman they really wanted to return), all before the Big Shamrock closed his career out with the Celtics of all teams.

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Phil Jackson Kobe Bryant Shaquille Oneal Lakers
Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal – Los Angeles Lakers

Post career they’ve chopped it up on podcasts and sat down for hour long ESPN specials remaining close friends reunited. Not to mention statue unveils and jersey retirements. Yet the playful rivalry remains. Without either of them telling each other how their ass tastes. Shaq bet Kobe he couldn’t make 50 in his last ever game…and the son of a bitch went out and hit 60. But yesterday people where trying to put a John and Paul wedge between them like they said Yoko did with some spare quotes looking to be turned into a script for ‘Beef 2’ like DMX and Nas in Hollywood.

Kobe said something back in the day about how he would have won 12 rings if Shaq hit the gym more like people on Instagram these days to which Shaq slyly replied on said social media that he would have 12 rings if Kobe passed more, especially against the Pistons…classic!

But alas Kobe tweeted it was “nothing but love” when it came to the MDE (Most Dominant Ever) to which Shaq replied in kind, throwing shade at new Lakers returning center Dwight Howard (speaking of 12…not his new number “who dis” of 39) like when he did a Reggie Miller like “Spike (or “Dwite”) who” when asked about the Lakers signing back the center by TMZ at a Papa John’s. Howard talking about redemption (redemption? You’re about to average four minutes a game). A Superman Kobe does still have beef with as his emoji response was head in hand all the dead skull shade you need after the Dark Knight’s second Man Of Steel partnership broke up like bad phone signal.

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And is it any wonder that Howard is getting this much heat off other Laker fans on social media after he had a Snapchat story of him rolling up to practice in a purple Rolls Royce left on live all day? The open season on trolling was like fish in a barrel. For all the former Lakers that the Lake Show could have got back in purple and gold this Summer-D’Angelo Russell, Julius Randle, Jordan Clarkson-they ended up with Dwight f###### Howard of all people.


Is is a bird? Is it a lame?

But when it comes to Kobe and the real Superman there is a bulletproof bond stronger than steel.

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