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Russell Westbrook Hustles First 20-20-20 Vision In 50 Years For Nipsey



Russell Westbrook Tribute to Nipsey Hussle
This Is Why We Pay Tribute...

Pokémon sneakers laced on ready to go, Russell Westbrook caught them all like the iconic Japanese anime from the 80’s said you got to as Hollywood came calling to OKC town.

And as the Thunder reigned over the purple as the Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Los Angeles Lakers 119-103, it was the zero hero Westbrook who like his Jordan’s had the drip and not King James, who injured courtside received a gifted diamond necklace off his fellow fashion runaway, suited on the bench inactive teammate, Kyle Kuzma.

Grabbing a rebound from Lake Show rook Isaac Bogna’s botched shot, with around 20 seconds of clock left to chill kill and the game already in the freezer, let alone Chick Hearn’s jello jiggling refrigerator. Russell took the ball and and saunter strolled and dribbled it to half court whilst looking at his dad courtside at a place his friend once would reside. Shazam pounding the Thunder bolt name on the heart of his chest just below the Love’s logo in a pride storm of dedication.

“This is for Nipsey”.

This being the walking triple-double, above average winner and best since Oscar Robertson’s final line. Some of the best ballers are lucky to have 20/20 vision in this game. But how about 20/20/20? No NBA great before or after Lakers legend Wilt Chamberlain has reached for such a feat in a half century until now. 51 years to be exact. And with 20 points, 20 rebounds and 21 assists to be exact too in one of the best performances of his career since the triple 18, Westbrook became the second only player in storied NBA history to do this since the Laker…and he did it against the Lakers.

Wilting Chamberlain records like former Oklahoma City teammate James Harden is doing in Houston, no problem, Westbrook showed out with a team of former Laker love interests like Paul George and superman Sixth Man candidate Dennis Schröeder balling out of control. Just like kiwi Steven Adams putting the trident dunks down like ‘Aquaman’ superhero doppelgänger Jason Mamoa (his underworld ‘Us’ tether under the sea). And he dedicated his powerhouse performance and storied statistical showdown to Nipsey Hussle.

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Russell Westbrook Pokemon Hustles Kicks First 20 20 20 Vision In 50 Years For Nipsey
Russell Westbrook pays tribute to Nipsey Hussle with custom pokemon kicks

The inscribed on his shoes in testimonial tribute, inspired West Coast rapper of underground to mainstream Kendrick popularity and legend, activist and all round ray of hope in a troubled time and world who was tragically slain in a shooting this week. You only have to check your social media timelines in tribute to this very refreshing second to see just how much an influence this hoop head Nip had on this game as well as his own one and the real life beyond all this. From the likes of King James and Harden, to Magic and the answer to all the replies in photo tribute and cries for justice for a man who was trying to do the right thing, wronged again by the plague of gun violence that threatens to take the whole life of these United States and the spirit of the watching world.

Sometimes the only escape we have is in forms of cathartic entertainment like this man’s music and as Russ gave his level best in this contest, the best he could do was truly beautiful. And with a triple 20 for the man who always kept it 100, even a purple and gold Laker lifer like Nipsey would be proud of this hustle smiling down from the heavens at this hooping from a fond friend and fellow inspiration. Even if it was against the pride of his home team.

“Dedication, hard work plus patience
The sum of all my sacrifice, I’m done waitin’/I’m done waitin’, told you that I wasn’t playin’/Now you hear what I been sayin’, dedication/It’s dedication!”

After the chorus that has rang out in his praise and Hussle’s shared message and desire for change in the wake of this tragedy, it’s time to silence gun violence.

For good.

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Boogie’s Productions Down Again



Boogie's Productions Down Again

Cousins injured again…we can’t relate to that.

We refuse.

When former Sacramento star and New Orleans Pelican DeMarcus Cousins joined the Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green Golden State Warriors to begin last season critics dubbed this superteam unfair.

What was unfair however was the ACL injury that kept Boogie sidelined for most of the season and then the quad injury on top of that in the playoffs that made sure the Warriors wouldn’t be dancing in their final chapter in Golden State.

But as D.C. made a Cali move too like the Dubs across the Golden Gate to San Francisco, heading to LeBron’s Lakerland with former frontcourt friend Anthony Davis, what was really unfair is what’s just come out of a practice run this week.

Cousins has tore his ACL again in a horrible twist of fate.

This games God’s people.

When DeMarcus reunited with the same former New Orleans big man that rocked his jersey in beautiful All Star tribute a couple of seasons back when they briefly flew together as Pelicans this Summer, the Lakers furthered their favourite status like tapping that heart on Twitter. Even if the Clippers ended up being the ones that got Kawhi Leonard…and Paul George too for the new battle of Los Angeles, raging against the Lakers Hollywood machine, the Lake Show have the ‘Space Jam 2’ of the King and the ‘brow. Not to mention the difference maker like rising star Kyle Kuzma in the veteran one of Cousins.

Either one of them will blow, or both, as the other will show he’s still got it. Giving the West’s best the biggest force of an interchangeable frontcourt. As the Lakers could either go with the more muscle version of a Tim Duncan and David Robinson twin towers in the Pelican reunited Kentucky Wildcats of Davis and Cousins and ‘Bron. Or the most dynamic duo since Shaq and Kobe of James and A.D. and the one young core star who didn’t get switched for this franchise player in Kuz, who could form a big three if the injured Cousins isn’t already still a part of one. Despite the writing off medical report.

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And we haven’t even got to his Kentucky alumni Rajon Rondo led backcourt, or last year’s all dunking and blocking big headband and hair spark JaVale McGee. A gym rat who re-upped after almost going for both the Defensive Player Of The Year and Most Improved Player award in the first month of last seasons 82 campaign.

The Lakers are going to need him and that first wind of last year now more than ever.

Or the California club have some decisions to make for who to put in purple and gold for their almost meant to be final roster spot (DON’T AMNESTY!). Do they still wait for another former Warrior in Sixth Man, defensive legend Andre Igudola? Or do they leave him and the long rumoured other Anthony in Carmelo and pick up another big? Guys like Nené, Amir Johnson, Joakim Noah, Kenneth Faried, Zaza Pachulia and Marcin Gortat are still on the market like fresh fruit stalls. And even Dwight Howard of all people have expressed (more like blatantly begged for publicity) for a return to Lakerland after his Hollywood divorce.

Yeah right…”soft”!

Because we have no idea when Boogie will be back. Or if he will even be the same player when he returns. Or if he even was before this injury happened. But despite history rewriting so many careers crippled by injury we still believe. We still believe he has superstar status and could be the X-factor difference maker when he returns late in the game to this Hollywood scripted rivalry like he almost was last season in the Finals against Toronto as he flips it. You saw him almost become a Splash Brother with that three, so just you wait until you see him downtown in STAPLES this season when it’s all said and buzzer beater done.

The bridge is far from over.

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New Nike Philadelphia Seventies Sixers Jerseys Are A Classic Edition



New Nike Philadelphia Seventies Sixers Jerseys Are A Classic Edition
Starsky & Clutch...

Philadelphia soul on ice.

Ever since Nike partnered up with the NBA like ‘Hobbs and Shaw’ there has been a fast and furious release of rock solid jerseys for the hardwood over the last couple of seasons. From the Association, to the Icon’s and Statement’s made. Last year the ‘Just Do It’ swoosh even helped Basketball’s best put on a vest for the City. Adding even more to the closet collection when it came to some alternates for the teams that made the postseason push to the playoffs.

But now if you thought fo, fo, four jerseys that have at least one changing by the year was enough for your locker room or throwback budget, then just you wait. Because all these fits and drips may be iconic, but Nike are about to release an addition that really is Classic for the five man team. Over the next calendar the Classic Edition jerseys will belong to only 12 franchises in this 30 strong league. Less than half for the next year that we hope includes some storied Lakers and Celtics duds.

But what better team to introduce this new tradition than the one with more classic throwbacks than Mitchell and Ness in the Philadelphia 76ers? The City of Brotherly Love may have lost Jimmy Butler and J.J. Reddick this offseason, but they’ve gained even more threads for new team player Al Horford and mainstays Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and Tobias Harris to rock with the rock as they push it down court next season.

Open your arms to that.

Joel Embiid New Nike Philadelphia Seventies Sixers Jerseys Are A Classic Edition
Joel Embiid New Nike Philadelphia Seventies Sixers Jerseys Are A Classic Edition

The classic PHILA Philadelphia jerseys have already been brought back with a next generation twist. Whilst the 76ers seem to be the only team who could still put up those Christmas script jerseys long after other teams have gone in the New Year sales. But with the only court apparel competition being what looks in the mirror as they try these on, the Sixers have out done and stitched themselves yet again. Bringing back like 1971, Hal Greer and ‘The Kangaroo Kid’, Billy Cunningham, the iconic and creative “Seventies Sixers” jerseys. A jumping, forgotten retro relic and slept on classic until now.

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Waking up the league, back to the future in a Ford Mustang the Motown era of a classic Bad Boy, Detroit Pistons would be proud…or jealous of (inch or mile, you should have got there sooner Motor City men), Embiid and Simmons in a slick photoshoot sharing an ‘S’ on the chest popped the hood and revealed all the intricate workings underneath, bringing this classic back on the road like Hall & Oates.

Hold on we’re going home.

Before the process. Before the answer. Even before “fo, fo, fo”, Cunningham and the Sixers represented Philly like steak and cheese. The 1970’s where a defining era for the city. Philadelphia soul made its mark from stereos to nightspots and some young fighter named ‘Rocky’ went the distance with some kid called Creed as some man going by the name Sly Stallone wrote a classic movie. Oh and Questlove of the legendary Roots crew was born. Along with another Philly legend you might also be familiar with.

Allen Iverson.

With this thrift shop like find that celebrates the spirit and legacy of a city that reinvents itself more times than it does it’s wardrobe, this is the perfect “new” look for a team that could take inspiration from their past when it comes to their latest reinvention on court. Playing on without the services of their Butler, or top downtown gunner J.J.

And after all they’ve loved and lost over the years, even if you don’t trust it you can always try on the process now.

And its a look that could fit over seventy games this season.

Now that has the makings of a classic.

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