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Toronto Raises The 2015 All-Star Game With CN Tower Logo



Toronto Raises The 2015 All-Star Game With CN Tower Logo

Dot the T’s and cross Canada’s most famous city and you’ll find a lot in the rising town of Toronto.

The best rookie this year, Andrew Wiggins was born here and even in Minnesota still reps for this city like top rapper Drake, who has put ownership and rebranding into Canada and the rest of the worlds sole NBA franchise, the Toronto Raptors. A team far from extinct, on a ‘Jurassic World’ rebrand, reopening behind All-Star Kyle Lowry.

Speaking of which Toronto is about to be February’s very own, as they are set to host the NBA All-Star game in the middle of the month next year for all you basketball lovers.


And I bet you thought the most exciting thing you’d see in the T-Dot right now was Batman chasing the Joker down Yonge Street (that was last seen staging an epic fight in ‘The Incredible Hulk’ movie’) as Ben Affleck brought his Batmobile to Jared Leto’s ‘Suicide Squad’ movie set this week.

Now here’s something Batman. Look to your right and you’ll see Toronto, Canada and one of the worlds most epic buildings in the CN Tower. The largest free-standing tower in the Western Hemisphere. So iconic in this city that the unveiled All-Star Game logo will use its image in its instantly classic crest.

One of the best logos in All Star and NBA history towers above the rest they look over. Even last years epic Brooklyn to New York subway set that was just the ticket. Featuring greys and reds the NBA logo sits atop the antenna, while the subtle seams of a basketball line the base of the tower.

Judge for yourself, but even without bias we think this logo is something else. Even better than the logos Drake brought to the Raptor redesign earlier this year. Just like the secondary ones, including a full logo, a red Maple Leaf one and a wolly hat one for all the hipsters because…well, it is Canada.

Now we can’t wait to see the uniforms and of course the game itself, when it all rolls out next year. We’re sure Drake sitting courtside with the rest of the celebrities at this game will love to see Lowry and surely Wiggins by then representing their city and country for the All-Star Game.

The 65th NBA All-Star Game will also celebrate the 125th anniversary of the birth of this beautiful game of basketball. Fitting Canadian inventor Dr. James Naismith would be and will be made proud in tribute.

Come valentines day we, he and everybody will be the north.

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