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Top 5: Air Jordan, why so Blue?



Top 5 Air Jordan Blue Jordan Ultimate Gift Of Flight Pack

In recent weeks, Air Jordan has decided to drop a number of pairs with a blue colorway. Whether it is because of the winter weather affecting the northern hemisphere, sheer coincidence or some grand-scheme marketing plan up Jordan Brand’s sleeve, we don’t know. However, we are in love with drops so far, as they all gained interest within the sneaker-head community. Let’s take a look the TOP5 Blue Air Jordan released and to-be-released:

5. Air Jordan VI Sport Blue

Top 5 Air Jordan Blue Air Jordan Vi Sport Blue
Top 5 Air Jordan Blue Air Jordan Vi Sport Blue

2014 was the year of the Air Jordan VI, and the Sport Blue silhouette started the pattern of blue drops from JB. It sported blue accents along the lower and upon the branding, these kicks are majority white patent leather.

4. Air Jordan XI & XX9 Ultimate Gift Pack 

Top 5 Air Jordan Blue Air Jordan Xi Xx9 Ultimate Gift Pack
Top 5 Air Jordan Blue Air Jordan Xi Xx9 Ultimate Gift Pack

It’s difficult to find a locate a sneaker-head not in love with any pair of the Air Jordan XI, so it was smart for JB to released the coveted Patone colorway with the latest Air Jordan, the XX9 Legend Blue.

3. Air Jordan VII French Blue

Top 5 Air Jordan Blue Air Jordan Vii French Blue
Top 5 Air Jordan Blue Air Jordan Vii French Blue

2015 will be the year of the Air Jordan VII, and the French Blue silhouette will most likely end the pattern of blue drops from JB. It sports blue accents along the lower and upon the branding, these kicks are majority white patent leather.

2. Air Jordan IV Columbia

Top 5 Air Jordan Blue Air Jordan Iv Columbia
Top 5 Air Jordan Blue Air Jordan Iv Columbia

Being released this Saturday at selected Nike Inc. retailers, sneakerheads across the world will be lining up to get their hands on the remastered version of the iconic Air Jordan IV Columbia.

1. Air Jordan XI Legend Blue

Top 5 Air Jordan Blue Air Jordan Xi Legend Blue
Top 5 Air Jordan Blue Air Jordan Xi Legend Blue

The biggest shoe release of the year and one of the biggest in recent memory, as Jordan Brand pocketed over $80 million off this pair alone the Saturday before Christmas 2014. The name speaks for itself… The Air Jordan XI Legend Blue.

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Knicks’ R.J. Barrett joins growing PUMA basketball family



Knicks RJ Barrett joins Puma basketball family
RJ Barrett rocking a pair of Puma's during 2019 rookie photoshot - Photo: NBA

Canada’s R.J. Barrett has officially signed a multi-year shoe deal with PUMA — joining a growing list of young stars as the brand continues to push further into basketball.

Barrett, the No. 2 overall pick of the 2019 NBA Draft joins DeMarcus Cousins, Danny Green, DeAndre Ayton, Kevin Knox, Marvin Bagley III and Michael Porter Jr. and others.

PUMA also inked former New York Knicks legend Walt Clyde Frazier to a lifetime contract in 2018. Frazier pioneered the brand to the upper echelon of sneaker culture with the release of the “Puma Clyde” back in 1973.

Terms of the deal weren’t officially disclosed – but given RJ’s representation which includes big-time agent Bill Duffy, it wouldn’t totally be a shock if PUMA significantly overpaid for Barrett’s services.

PUMA won the Canadian stars rights after beating out Nike, Adidas and unveiled a mural dedicated to Barrett near its new sprawling store on Fifth Avenue in downtown New York.

Barrett is expected to rack-up a bevy of endorsement deals and also has agreements with the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and apparel company INDOCHINO.

Canadian’s Barrett, alongside Andrew Wiggins (Adidas) and Jamal Murray (Adidas) are expected to be right at the top sponsorship earners over the course of their careers — taking advantage of their global star power and the rise of basketball in Canada.

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New Nike Giannis Antetokounmpo Sneakers Are ‘Coming To America.’



New Nike Giannis Antetokounmpo Sneakers Are Coming To America Poster
"Sexual Chocolate"...


“Hey! F### you!”

(With genuine joy and affection back) “Yes! F### you too!”

Ever since Milwaukee Bucks position and court redefining Point God, Giannis Antetokounmpo came to America like Eddie Murphy, he truly beyond a cliché changed the game and the watching world. And now with Nike, lacing up some new signatures inspired by the classic 80’s Murphy movie ‘Coming To America’, the Greek Freak is about to change the sneaker one too.

These new most valuable sneakers from this year’s MVP are so clean they’ll have you running up like Samuel L. Jackson in “McDowell’s”.

Time to get the brooms.

It’s about to be a clean sweep Foot Locker.

Antetokounmpo’s first sneaker the Nike Freak 1 is about to take all those LeBron, Kobe’s and Westbrook’s to the shoeboxes with this breath of Air. Fresh out the cardboard these colorful pairs have a reversed swoosh like Travis Scott. Perfect for any shoe dog like Phil Knight. And these ‘Coming’ colorways also feature leopard, black, grey and gold accents to the men who would be King. Prince Akeem’s royal garb and the most inspired international influence this league has seen since the dream shake of Hakeem Olaujawon for a regal fit.

And with the gold ‘Coming To America’ logo on the tongue of these licks you can expect this revolution to be televised. But please bring back our favourite ‘Raw’ and ‘Delirious’ comedian for the commercial Nike.

This perfect pair for the theme of the perfect prototype player of this games future generation drip as hard as ‘ER’ and ‘Logan’ star Eriq La Salle’s jheri curl in this movie. Watch the shoes like Ronald Reagan said to Eazy-E when N.W.A. visited the White House according to The Game! If co-star Arsenio Hall still had a show (bring it on back again) then he’d have them as a guest on his couch. With or without the freak.

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Put up a wall against these Trump! We have more shoeboxes to stack.

Wearing clothes are about to be a new experience for you as you unbox these with the rose petals that fall out like Tokyo trees after cherry blossom season instead of tissue paper. There’s also some ‘Coming To America’ inspired Freak 1 Nike apparel to match with some ‘I Love NY’ heart homages to the film about a prince who made his way to the Big Apple like this kid from the Olympic home of athletes in Athens, Greece did on Draft Day.

These really are the Crown Prince of Zamuda.

These Greek sneakers are so freaking good, you’re going to want to renounce your throne.

Come on, come all.

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