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LeBron James passes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to become the NBA scoring king

Barbershops, debate all you like about who is the GOAT. But when it comes to the greatest scorer of all-time, King James is a cut above the rest.

Lebron james passes kareem abdul jabbar to become the nba scoring king
Lebron james passes kareem abdul jabbar to become the nba scoring king

Milestone after milestone has engraved LeBron James’ name on the NBA hardwood.

Four time NBA champion and finals MVP. Most Valuable Player of the regular season four times. Nineteen all-star selections and three MVPs in those games. A member of thirteen All-NBA first teams. Three seconds and two third teams too.

Five All-Defensive NBA first teams and one second team. A 2004 Rookie of the Year on the All-Rookie squad and a member of the NBA’s 75th anniversary list. A 2008 ‘top scorer’ and 2020 ‘assist king’.

Third all-time in minutes played. Second in field-goals made. Ninth in three-pointers made and steals took. Fourth all-time for free-throws made. Fourth in assists as well, recently passing great Canadian Steve Nash. After all, this is a facilitator we are talking about.

But no record can top this. Even if it did happen almost as an afterthought.

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LeBron James is the ‘Scoring King’.

38,388 points and counting. 38,390 to be exact, after his 38 point performance on this historic day.

Lakers legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar passed number six the game ball after the King capped off number 33’s all-time scoring record. A feat Cap had previously held in the record books for almost 40 years.

Kareem took to rocking chairs all around the league in his last year in the association. Rounding out four decades around the globe. The Kid from Akron is 38 years old…and he hasn’t even heard of father time.

Next on his bucket list, play alongside Bronny.

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The James Gang were in attendance tonight in Los Angeles for a true Hollywood moment. Jay-Z, Phil Knight and of course Shannon Sharpe too. Lakers Nation was rocking as one of the best to don purple and gold, like Kobe, Shaq, Wilt, West, Magic or Mikan, looked to settle the GOAT debate.

The Lakers lost to a Shai Gilgeous-Alexander hot Oklahoma City Thunder 133-130. Socked and rocked like the Canadian’s out of this world Astro Boy kicks. The man in the arena’s moment of history wasn’t quite enough for a W. Despite new trade piece Rui Hachimura’s best late-game efforts after starting the game as quiet as kept.

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Before the game, LeBron arrived suited, booted and decked out in shades like this was his moment. It was, walking the purple and gold carpet with a pin on his lapel reading ‘Stay Present’. This was a gift. James only needed 36 points to surpass Kareem. Some thought it might take two games. Others knew better like Kobe going for 60 in his sign-off to this dear game of basketball.

Three-quarters was all that was needed to rewrite history. But now that’s underscored and order has been restored, it’s time to get back to business ‘Bron and the win column.

There was a delay in the game to celebrate this monumental achievement as tickets for a night like few others went for as much as $92,000. Each point worth every cent to those Tinseltown high-rollers. Next Christmas has come early, and it’s barely February.

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Who’s got next? Please! LeBron is far from done. He feels he has a couple of more years left in him. The new benchmark has yet to be set.

Overcome with emotion, King James addressed his Crypto congregation. “I know for sure. I can play a couple more years. Try to compete for championships, that’s something I feel like I can still do for any group of guys, for any franchise, I can go out there and still help win multiple championships.”

Taking a whole new throne, The King is about to raise the bar for the next chosen one like chalk thrown to the rafters.

How far by royal decree? You’re about to witness.

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