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LeBron James’ Triple Leads Cavs To Big 3-0 Lead Over Hawks

Everything in the NBA is happening in threes right now.

After Golden State’s big 3-0 Stephen Curry and his big threes lead the Warriors to a 3-0 lead over the Houston Rockets this weekend, last night LeBron James had a big triple of his own (37 points, 18 rebounds and 13 assists) even without Kyrie and Kevin to take his Cleveland Cavaliers three games over the Atlanta Hawks’ nothing.

Even with Al Horford, Paul Millsap and Jeff Teague, the ATL wishes they had their big three of Kyle Korver left (of the basket to be exact), because right now they have one shot left. One game before elimination and perhaps a fishing trip they can share with the Houston boys if the Rockets fly over in time.

And we thought these Western and Eastern series’ would last longer than this. Maybe a duel between the King and the leagues new MVP will last the full 7 games in the NBA Finals.

Still even with Harden’s Rockets and the once league best Hawks on the knockout ropes, there’s still plenty of fight over flight left in these soaring squads.

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The Quicken Loans Arena was brought to its feet after sitting through four quarters and an overtime for a 114-111 finale. And it was all brought to a close by a clutch three and off the glass shot by James that banked the Cavs win and their chance to move on from their Ohio home.

And just to think at the start of this season when ‘Bron returned home, he said it would take a few years to get back to the Finals.

It’s closer than we all thought.

So perhaps it’s time to stop throwing rocks at the throne. You can even pay witness to the fact that that infamous billboard is still hanging after all this time as this King has made this his Quicken castle once again. Even if some of the walls are crumbling under Kevin Love’s season and Kyrie Irving’s series injury. There’s still the knights of J.R. Smith, Matthew Dellavedoa (17 each) and Iman Shumpert (15 points) at this big three roundtable.

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“We’re a desperate team, a banged-up team and we play for one another”, the crown holder told the legion of press postgame.

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The enduring image above says it all about this series, this team and this man as the 30 year old left it all out on the floor. Praying to the basketball Gods. This may just be one of the greatest photos of the year and even career of the once and forever king like Ben E and B.B. (Rest Peacefully)

What can the critics say now?

The league may be sick of giving him the MVP. The fans his due. Even the critics may be tired of writing about this guy! Why? Because nothings changed. He’s still the man. The Most Valuable. The best. The King. Others may be getting even better, but so is he. Even past the big 3-0. Moving into the top three playoff scorers, delivering Karl Malone into fourth place and mailing himself under only Kobe Bryant and of course Michael Jordan. Now isn’t that a big three?

Now after LeBron’s latest triple last night he’s just one more spot away from being once again…

…the one.

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