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Miami In A Vice As LeBron’s Welcome Back To South Beach Brings The Heat



It Feels Good To Be Back...

Heat check.

How’s this for a Vice City story tonight? King James returns to the place he once took his talents, as they go back to neon black like Hollywood Nights for their own City Edition. And the Nike, homecoming King in witness torches them all.

Lighting up Florida like the orange of the sun, or South Beach’s pink and blue nightlife after dark. Bringing the California sun to the Miami one, LeBron at a Kareem jersey number age is still worthy like Big Game James. Number 23 hit 51 in a 113-97 Lakers drowning of the Heat. At his age only the second player at this stage of his career to hit a note as high as this since number 24 himself, Kobe Bryant in his great 60 point farewell basketball, retirement game.

Back then former “win a ring for the King” Cavalier teammate Shaquille O’Neal dared the most deadly of all his dynamic duos (from Penny to Wade in the Sunshine State) that he couldn’t hit 50. And wouldn’t you know it the kid Kobe went for 10 more than all of that. And just like that. Or J.J. Reddick daring new Sixer teammate Jimmy Butler to win the game at stake from downtown against the Charlotte Hornets and Kemba Walker’s 60 piece…which of course he did. Laker Lance Stephenson blew hot air in LeBron’s ear again. Betting the King he couldn’t hit 50 off a three…which of course he did. And one. Cough up Lance. Number 6 he’s pointing at you. He’s got your number like he literally used to.

And with the majority of James’ half century coming from way down, downtown or flame soaring, Statue Of Liberty breakaway dunks. Which have us racing for Port Authority the next time he plays in the Worlds Most Famous Arena of Madison Square Garden. How this man is still powering his prime is beyond our comprehension. We get it now…he really is just not human…at all. “He’s the best player in the world”, future Hollywood star and leading man of the Los Angeles Lake Show, number 2 Lonzo Ball said. “He could average 40 a night if he wanted to”, zero to hero, real rookie of the Lakers year and sophomore star of tomorrow, Kyle Kuzma added. And at 33 the former Cavalier hometown hero of Cleveland, Ohio joins Kareem, Kobe and them as a Laker legend in his own father time and right to defy any odds levied his way, via Vegas or behind the desk pundit peers who already retired from their own careers years ago. Peers?! Really?!

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When LBJ took his talents to South Beach he formed one of the original, Voltron big-three with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade who is on his own retirement tour, doing the rounds as we speak. But last night in the American Airlines Arena the headlines just read, “King” as James hit 50 like a 20 year old who wasn’t less than that many years away from middle-age himself. The Heat may have been in the best City Edition uniforms (It was something special when Martin Lawrence rocked the legendary, black number 33, Alonzo Mourning jersey in ‘Bad Boys 2’. Someone give him the ‘Vice Nights’ Dwyane Wade number 3 for ‘Bad Boys III’ too. When there’s a Will Smith, there’s a way) in the L (sorry Minnesota’s Prince’s, Brooklyn’s Biggie’s, those classic Nuggets technicolor throwbacks…and yeah…those, erm “Magic” Lake Show ones (throw up the Jim Carrey ‘Dumb and Dumber’ hurling gif. Just joking, they’re growing)), but it was LeBron who truly suited up with avengance last night like a Marvel. A true Iron Man with Hulk strength and a hammer of Thor dunk. A new Captain America for the Black Panther generation.

Hollywood couldn’t have scripted this showstopper better.

The end…far from it.

Farewell once again Miami. Your welcome.

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Is Howard’s End In Hollywood?



Is Howard's End In Hollywood


Kobe Bryant mouths this whilst shaking his head in dissing dismay from the baseline whilst staring down Dwight Howard on the other half of the court. Now a Houston Rocket the less than perfect pair have a problem…and it’s all getting flagrant.

Once upon a time in Hollywood with Mike D’Antoni running the show with an ageing Steve Nash, Hollywood’s Laker reality show was playing fantasy, legendary name Basketball again like the time they brought in late in their career legends like Karl Malone and Gary Payton to help raise banners like the point of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar or logo of Jerry West. But when they picked up Magic man Dwight Howard who even took Orlando’s Mickey Mouse kingdom on his broad back all the way to the Finals against the Lakers, they expected D12 and KB24 to be the new generation Shaq and Kobe. After all Dwight Howard was a man of steel too.

And oh how they were Shaq and Kobe 2…but in completely all the wrong way. It turned out to be Batman vs Superman without the dawn of a justice league, or even their mothers having the same name. Kobe’s beef with Dwight made his repaired relationship with Shaq look like Japanese cows without the massage and feeding rituals that make their Mamba city namesakes cuts the best in the business…now served in Shaquille’s restaurant with more onion rings. And when they met the following season after the death of another dynasty to be, this time Dwight was the little red corvette and Kobe the brick wall unable to be felled or floored like the one in Berlin. Baptizing him like that time in Orlando with his most dynamic dunk.

Since going from the Orlando Magic to Magic smiles in Hollywood Howard has switched more teams than your 2K partner when you’ve already picked to play as the Lakers. He’s also received his fair share of off court and locker room problems including some chemistry cancer concerns. And even in this off-season, either looking to make some headlines or free agent publicity stunts he’s come out and said he’d be open to returning to the Lakers (…erm) and that Kobe was right (he already knows).

Now most in Lakerland laughed at the social media scoffed idea. Especially with a front-court force more formidable than anything the association has to offer, lead by new big man legend Anthony Davis. Following in the sneaker steps of Mikan, Wilt, Kareem, Shaq and Pau to truly be the new Shaq and Kobe with King LeBron James. But when his old New Orleans Pelicans reunited Wildcat brother DeMarcus Cousins went down with another season threatening injury last week the Lakers were forced to look elsewhere already, like filling out their final roster spot with Andre Igudola was a ring of last week’s past, or Carmelo was one long rumored Anthony never meant to be. Bursting the banana boat like a CP3 nix.

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And although the Lakers have been linked with the arc of Joakim Noah or the Zaza land of Pachulia and with plenty of other big assets still on the market like Marcin Gortat or Amir Johnson, will we see Dwight Howard eating tacos and yelling with LeBron on Twitter this Tuesday as we all unfollow like too many tweets (my bad)? Bringing Howard back to Hollywood seems sillier than bringing the LaVar Ball show back to this Kardashian town. Because besides they already have the all dunking and blocking JaVale McGee who is worthy of a start with James (42) clapping like throwing up chalk. All as this hair blown out center throws it down again and again, coast to coast in California. But apparently there’s a mutual interest…what is this Tinder? Will this just be the makings of another Michael Beasley or make ’em dance Lance Stephenson meme team? Still the Lakers need more in reserve and Dwight needs this for his revenge to the past years that have taken his career from the red caped sun to being newspaper fodder to each cities equivalent of the Daily Planet. Time to rewrite all those who wrote you off Jimmy Olsen.

Read all about it, at the end of press next week Dwight Howard could be a Los Angeles Laker yet again.

News just in…I can’t believe I’m writing this.

Who would of thought it?

Certainly not Kobe.

But it’s the King’s town now.

And after all in this LeBron ‘Space Jam’ scripted season for the Los Angeles Lakers you know Hollywood loves a redemption story too.

Superman returns?

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Boogie’s Productions Down Again



Boogie's Productions Down Again

Cousins injured again…we can’t relate to that.

We refuse.

When former Sacramento star and New Orleans Pelican DeMarcus Cousins joined the Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green Golden State Warriors to begin last season critics dubbed this superteam unfair.

What was unfair however was the ACL injury that kept Boogie sidelined for most of the season and then the quad injury on top of that in the playoffs that made sure the Warriors wouldn’t be dancing in their final chapter in Golden State.

But as D.C. made a Cali move too like the Dubs across the Golden Gate to San Francisco, heading to LeBron’s Lakerland with former frontcourt friend Anthony Davis, what was really unfair is what’s just come out of a practice run this week.

Cousins has tore his ACL again in a horrible twist of fate.

This games God’s people.

When DeMarcus reunited with the same former New Orleans big man that rocked his jersey in beautiful All Star tribute a couple of seasons back when they briefly flew together as Pelicans this Summer, the Lakers furthered their favourite status like tapping that heart on Twitter. Even if the Clippers ended up being the ones that got Kawhi Leonard…and Paul George too for the new battle of Los Angeles, raging against the Lakers Hollywood machine, the Lake Show have the ‘Space Jam 2’ of the King and the ‘brow. Not to mention the difference maker like rising star Kyle Kuzma in the veteran one of Cousins.

Either one of them will blow, or both, as the other will show he’s still got it. Giving the West’s best the biggest force of an interchangeable frontcourt. As the Lakers could either go with the more muscle version of a Tim Duncan and David Robinson twin towers in the Pelican reunited Kentucky Wildcats of Davis and Cousins and ‘Bron. Or the most dynamic duo since Shaq and Kobe of James and A.D. and the one young core star who didn’t get switched for this franchise player in Kuz, who could form a big three if the injured Cousins isn’t already still a part of one. Despite the writing off medical report.

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And we haven’t even got to his Kentucky alumni Rajon Rondo led backcourt, or last year’s all dunking and blocking big headband and hair spark JaVale McGee. A gym rat who re-upped after almost going for both the Defensive Player Of The Year and Most Improved Player award in the first month of last seasons 82 campaign.

The Lakers are going to need him and that first wind of last year now more than ever.

Or the California club have some decisions to make for who to put in purple and gold for their almost meant to be final roster spot (DON’T AMNESTY!). Do they still wait for another former Warrior in Sixth Man, defensive legend Andre Igudola? Or do they leave him and the long rumoured other Anthony in Carmelo and pick up another big? Guys like Nené, Amir Johnson, Joakim Noah, Kenneth Faried, Zaza Pachulia and Marcin Gortat are still on the market like fresh fruit stalls. And even Dwight Howard of all people have expressed (more like blatantly begged for publicity) for a return to Lakerland after his Hollywood divorce.

Yeah right…”soft”!

Because we have no idea when Boogie will be back. Or if he will even be the same player when he returns. Or if he even was before this injury happened. But despite history rewriting so many careers crippled by injury we still believe. We still believe he has superstar status and could be the X-factor difference maker when he returns late in the game to this Hollywood scripted rivalry like he almost was last season in the Finals against Toronto as he flips it. You saw him almost become a Splash Brother with that three, so just you wait until you see him downtown in STAPLES this season when it’s all said and buzzer beater done.

The bridge is far from over.

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