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We ARE Playing Fantasy Basketball



we are playing fantasy basketball
Our Beautiful, Dunk Twisted Fantasy...

A few 82’s ago as a Cavalier living in the land when LeBron James was asked if he’d welcome his Cleveland plainly dealing the heart of Kevin Love for then Knick legend and rookie rival Carmelo Anthony, The King stood by his man saying he “doesn’t play fantasy Basketball”.

Fast forward flip a couple of desk calendars alongside another Anthony (and you should see the road to Zion team haul assembled in NOLA for Davis) and even with the best record in the L only taking a couple of those letters, you can be sure that ‘Bron would love to add a blazing Carmelo to his Banana Boat crew like the Lake Show wish they always had had CP3 (“WoW”), or the reunion redemption return of Superman Dwight Howard which no one could have imagined in their wildest dreams or Hollywood script flips.

These type of days when father time called Kobe’s career before he was done, LeBron is playing the best Basketball of his life shy of 35, as this writer who knows time takes hairlines but hopefully not headlines to. The crown on LeBron’s scalp may be thinning, but the gold one uptop his head is doing anything but in year 17 on the quest for the Lakers 17th. Dunking, dishing and hitting shots from way downtown as much as he Jay-Z and Kanye watches the throne when you didn’t even think he had that Pico range like that.

He must be God because Jesus is King.

And as he lets the ball roll across the hardwood almost baseline to baseline, coast to coast. Picking it up before the perimeter and hitting the shot as casually as asking “what’s for dinner” (tacos?), you just got served again and simply put, LeBron IS playing fantasy Basketball. Right now he and A.D. are making more records than vinyl.

Another notorious move that’s B.I.G. Like Word Up magazine it all seems like it’s a dream.

But in this 2K age looking up from all their swipe left smartphones it’s an alternate reality straight out a ‘Ready, Player One’ guidebook, cheat code.

No V.R. or stream can make you twitch like this. The real game is EA in here.

Players are regularly hitting from the logo (the one at fans hoping to win a new car at the halfway timeline) like a graphic designer. Even when the shot clock or buzzer is all the time in the world away from expiring. But when it’s about to players like Dame Lillard hit epic buzzer beater, playoff series winning ones just in time, from way longer out than the time it took Kawhi Leonard’s Raptor biting, Sixer sinking one to process. Vlade Divac would have said it was a lucky shot or something. You know what he should do with that newspaper Big Shot Bob.

Paul George would have something to say about it too. But yet like ‘Bron and the Beard across the hall in STAPLES shunning the Lakers for some new Los Angeles Times clippings, he and Kawhi Leonard are putting up 40’s together like a Jay-Z New York nightclub or no Clipper before them, Lob City to the Klaw’s one.

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And still his first Canadian champion are We The North doing fine without him like a mutual break-up.

Meanwhile a million miles away from Hollywood in Milwaukee in even a hoops world where money makes it all rotate like the Spalding on your finger, the only Bucks this city are concerned about are the one the Coming To America, Greek Freak, Alphabet leads like soup. As the other team with the best record in the league and Larry O’Brien favourites lead by reigning MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo are having the most fun. Playing fantasy WWE Wrestling pregame in a tap out tradition that’s about to finish every other team for real like a Cobra city bite strike.

One…two…three. You’re outta there!

But now Kostas is South Bay called up for the Lakers how much of an NBA family matters dream tie would it be to have both Antetokounmpo brothers going up against each other in what looks set to be this year’s NBA Finals?

Now that would be a fantasy. Like Jimmy Butler at service to God knows his “how many now(?)” team this year, really heating up Miami. Or the storied Celtics losing Kyrie Irving to the Knick blocking, Brooklyn Net gain with Durant, but gaining it all in Charlotte’s Kemba Walker.

Yet somewhere in the middle of this Golden State are wondering what they left in San Francisco.

But watch this cap space. Because chef Curry wil heat up again and has something cooking in the kitchen stirred pot like Harden reuniting with OKC Westbrook and making 30 points per game look like the average of your average role player. Taking it out of this world like those H-Town, NASA, Cosmic City Edition jerseys.

Houston we have an association that’s really taking off like the first time Mike made a meeting with Tinker Hatfield and Nike happen like Just Do It.

Watch the swoosh.

This writer writing in the land of the rising sun (the city of Kobe to be fittingly exact) with a Tokyo 2020 Olympic goal sees the future. Because you see like the one from Slovenia, swapping jerseys today with another one who helped pave the way there’s this kid from Japan.

Like Philly, trust this process.

Every year like Green Day wake me up when September ends, because when training camp starts so does the Earth, Wind and Fire, NBA fantasy.

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Ottawa BlackJacks select Osvaldo Jeanty as first-ever Head Coach



ottawa blackjacks select osvaldo jeanty as first ever head coach
Ottawa BlackJacks introduce Head Coach Osvaldo Jeanty

The pieces of the puzzle are coming together for the Ottawa BlackJacks basketball team.

The start-up Ottawa basketball professional club named former five-time Canadian University champion Osvaldo Jeanty as the franchise first-ever head coach. General Manager Dave Smart made the announcement on Friday morning following a brief search that always included Jeanty’s name at the top of the list.

“Obviously, Osvaldo and I have had a long history together since he was probably 15 or 14, playing club basketball on the Ottawa Guardsmen to his time at Carleton (as player) and then he was my assistant coach at Carleton”, discussed Smart during the press conference.

“Os and I have worked together from a coach, assistant coach perspective, so I know what he’s about in terms of what his exceptions are, and we’re very much inline in terms of what our expectations are, and he knows how I operate and is comfortable working with me. So I think it’s an obvious fit, it’s and easy fit and we are really excited to start working together and put a team on the floor”, further elaborated the former Carleton Ravens on his selection process.

ottawa blackjacks hire osvaldo jeanty as first ever head coach
Ottawa BlackJacks hire Osvaldo Jeanty as first-ever Head Coach

“It’s the first time he’s called me Osvaldo so many times since I was 15, I’m not really used to it.” a smiling Jeanty opened-up about his longtime head coach and mentor during his introductory speech.

Jeanty + Smart winning combination since the late 1990’s

The duo go back to late 1990’s with Jeanty playing for Smart at the Midget and Ontario Basketball U-19 Provincial teams. Under Smart’s guidance, Jeanty flourished as player helping turn the Carleton Ravens’ basketball program into the powerhouse that it is today.

The Ravens’ won five (2002-2007) straight U Sports men’s basketball championships during their time together as a coach-player combo — with Jeanty earning the Final 8 Jack Donohue championship MVP trophy twice, during his freshman and junior campaigns. A proven winner at all levels, Jeanty turned an outstanding collegiate career into a six year pro career, earning a championship with the Giants Nördlingen of Germany’s ProA league.

Inducted into Carleton Ravens Hall of Fame in 2015 — Jeanty earned an additional two titles as a coaching duo during their three-year (2016-19) stretch.

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Both Jeanty and Smart were featured on the cover of the first-ever Canadian Basketball Magazine on March of 2005.

“I just wanted to say how thankful I am to Dave to Mike (Morreale) to the league for giving me this opportunity, also just for the Ottawa community. I’ve been here since I was six-years old and I appreciate what the community has given to me and the opportunity to be able give back to the community that has been so good to me is something that I’m very thankful for. So thank you and I look forward to really bringing a good product out there for the city, for the team and really representing the league the right way.”

osvaldo jeanty carleton ravens win first ever u sports mens basketball championship in 2003
Mike Smart, Jafeth Maseruka, Josh Porier, Osvaldo Jeanty, Rob Smart and Carleton Ravens win first-ever CIS/U Sports Men’s Basketball Championship In 2003

As for the type of style and brand of the basketball the BlackJacks expect to play — Jeanty offered a glimpse of the same championship formula that has led to many successful moments between the now general manager and head coach tandem.

“He’s put into my head since I was 15, in terms of the keys to winning championships and I tend to follow the same of idea. You defend, you rebound, you don’t turnover the ball over — but at the same time you have 24 seconds on the shot clock so you want to play as fast a possible while not turning over the basketball.”

The attention now turns to rounding out the remaining coaching staff positions and the complex process of putting together a championship calibre team — that will undoubtedly have it’s sights on establishing an early grip on the proudly Canadian made Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL) championship trophy.

With the addition of Jeanty to the head coaching ranks the CEBL now features two former Carleton Ravens’ players turned bench bosses. Niagara River Lions head coach Victor Raso also won two national championships as a member of the Ravens.

Coincidentally, Jeanty’s head coaching debut will be against Raso as the Ottawa BlackJacks will kick-off the inaugural 2020 season on the road on May 7th against the Niagara River Lions. The BlackJacks home opener is scheduled for May 14th against the Hamilton Honey Badgers.

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A Rose For Kuz?



a rose for kuz
Rose Reunion?

The Rose that grew from the career incasing concrete of a plaster cast, potential legacy ending injury is still in bloom.

Now that’s legendary.

That’s inspiration.

As a matter of fact with the trade deadline nearer than your office one, right now nothing smells better than Pooh.

Currently more than motoring on with the Detroit Pistons in Motown, the rejuvenation of Derrick Rose has already had his redemption season. Howling back with the Minnesota Timberwolves the last 82. But in this one mirroring his prime time stats as a Bull and the next era after M.J. for the Chicago way, it’s still a story as good as a Dwight Howard Hollywood reunion or blazing Carmelo comeback out in Oregon.

And now like the former D12, D. Rose could be heading to the wild west like the one Anthony the Lakers didn’t get in the end (but should of). But like the young core, Ingram, Ball and Hart trade for A.D. is the prize worth the price?

Although Derrick is linked with the 76ers like every superstar over the past few seasons and a reunion with Chicagoland (which Basketball God’s would be the perfect closing chapter to this story that is albeit still being wrote by his own penmanship), the Benjamin Franklin’s are on Rose reuniting with King James although he called his Cleveland time with the classic Cavalier “super awkward”.


The former number one, that draft pick and NBA MVP is still most valuable and at 31 is almost a half decade younger than the King. Plus with awesome averages of 18.3 points on 50.3 percent from the field in 25.8 minutes and 5.9 assists per contest this campaign, the guy wants more time and to get out of the elimination standings.

Clockwork and contention could certainly be on the cards for Rose who let’s face it at his age and stage and with the numbers he’s putting up is still a superstar, hate it or love it. He’s been put through the ringer for his career like Bill Simmons or Shea Serrano, but now he’s being called on like Phil Collins to be one of the games greats like the genesis of his association with National Basketball.

So he may just be worth a package deal like your next vacation. Even if the Lakers are offering Kyle Kuzma and Quinn Cook for his services. Can I make a counter offer of Cook, Troy Daniels (great…but underused) and DeMarcus Cousins (although I do want to see how big he can literally get coming back and grunting with former post Pelican powerhouse Anthony Davis)? Throw in Drummond and it’s a go. Like Jerry Seinfeld superimposed into ‘Deal Or No Deal’ by NBC’s ’30 Rock’, “I gotta take that deal!”

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Pair Rose with LeBron and the frontcourt force of Howard and of course Davis then these London Olympic teammates would make for what a couple of five ring contests ago on dry erase would look like a dream team. And it still wakes up notions of one to this date in the 2020 year of Tokyo thanks to Vogels vision. But would the show be giving up too much this time?

“This time”…yeah right!

Quinn Cook has California championship pedigree, splashing with the brothers in Golden State like shopping on Rodeo Drive. And this Warrior has been integral this season. His number 2 from downtown reminding me of the should be retired clutch king Fisher (we can always raise 0.4 to the STAPLES rafters) and making me feel happier about buying a Lonzo Ball statement jersey last year…hey if I wear it under a jacket it looks like I’m cooking up love and representation for Quinn.

And then there’s Kuz.

If the Lakers trade away Kyle Kuzma then they will be giving up the last piece of their incredibly curated young core that is flying with the Pelicans right now. Although how could I forgot about the untouchable, All Star Alex Carushow and the fact that Anthony Davis isn’t calendar far from Larry Nance Jr. and new Jazz 6 man Jordan Clarkson?

Although Rose solves the Lakers perimeter problems and feels in the same prime time as what could be his All Star teammates (how legendary would a Rose/Rondo backcourt be although it’s hard not to know whether to deal him or Cook?), Kuz seems too good to let cruise like Tom. This top gun may have struggled early this season, but he was coming back from injury Lakers Twitter. And recently he’s been that Worthy third option behind the Big Game Magic of James and his Kareem or Shaq to his Kobe number 3 partner, waiting on those Jordan digits next season when the King carries the 6.

30 for 30 putting up “trade this” exclamatory numbers in the dynamic duos absence, even Batman and Robin needed a Nightwing. And as much as Rose could help the new Lake Showtime bloom and grow like fine wine for all of LeBron’s merlot men, you could imagine Kyle making the Lakers pay play after play like a D’Angelo Russell or Julius Randle off the team that draft clever, but trade stupid.

Keep the player. Trade the barber.

Zero to 1. The legend or the future superstar? The choice for this deal is the Kings.

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