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Will Rajon Rondo’s Maverick Firing Lead To A Laker Hiring

Will Rajon Rondo’s Maverick Firing Lead To A Laker Hiring
Will Rajon Rondo Maverick Firing Lead To A Laker Hiring

Breakfast can wait! Now point prince, Rajon Rondo won’t make it to Dallas in time for dinner, will his next meal see him eat again with Kobe Bryant and the Lakers?

Yep it turns out that infamous Instagram photo of the pair chowing down on bacon and eggs in Boston during a Laker road trip this season may still lead to the best backcourt in basketball.

What was originally thought to be a meal ticket leading to a trade between the storied, Celtic and Lakers rivals was actually always intended. It has been reported that when Rondo wanted to stop going green, it was in the name of some purple and reign.

Yet one of the leagues leading floor generals ended up in Dallas. Where he joined Dirk Nowitzki, Monta Ellis, Tyson Chandler and Chandler Parsons in some high octane Maverick basketball. Still, this Texas love triangle soon came bent out of shape as the high I.Q. and evidently maintenance, guarded guard clashed with coach Carlisle. So much so, that after the injury that ruled out this court quarterback for the playoffs second season, when asked if he thinks Rajon will return next year, Rick replied…

“No I don’t”!

Blunter than his seemingly penciled in contract for the rest of the season, R.R’s career for the D.M. is smoke. Now we doubt he’ll be able to send owner Mark Cuban a private message if these Mavs find themselves close to a victory cigar. Asking if they like this guy over there is like asking if Sia has an Instagram account. Rondo may in Dallas now be the least liked star player since the short tenure of Sixth Man of the Year to Most “Unimproved” player Lamar Odom, after his departure from the Lakers.

Now it looks like number 9 will be heading in the opposite direction.

Even without their troublesome Point Guard, the Mavs can still make a decent run at this. The lottery Lakers on the other hand need all the help they can get even with another top draft pick (probably from Kentucky…there is seven of them in this up coming class) on the way. Still the legacy that legend Kobe Bryant will leave in Los Angeles could pass the torch to some new young, leading lights in the form of last seasons rookies. Julius Randle, a big one, despite the injury and of course the raw, but for sure future star Jordan Clarkson, who almost turned around the fortunes of this overdrawn team. Flipping their Hollywood script to a twist of a happier ending.

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Kobe’s new Jordan muse is so good that Laker fans are forgetting the hurt that injured Steve Nash and his early retirement brought them right when things were looking up. Lets not even get into the Chris Paul debate. It still seems until Rondo’s sign or Clarkson’s prime the Lakers still won’t have a real, legit, long-term Point Guard since the final curtain on Magic’s Showtime.

Now it’s time for the classic, traditional Point Guard in Rondo to show the new school of Stephen Curry and Russell Westbrook’s and the old hand debate of Deron Williams and CP3 that he is still the one. Even in a closing window of opportunity what he could bring to the floor in partnership with Kobe Bryant could be true magic if they can cap off any Shaq or other Supermen head butting and prove that two self-dubbed “assholes” can make a relationship like this in Hollywood work.

It’s not a reality show, but truth be told it will interesting to watch something that seems as certain as if it were scripted. Coming at a now dented tin, so-called “damaged goods” discount rate this blockbuster doesn’t even have to be big budget.

But will Rajon rage on in Lakerland or be a free agent without a casting call?

To be continued…

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