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Celtics add 18th banner to their storied legend

In championship years, the Celtics can vote, gamble and even get married. But who would bet against this big ticket now they’re in matrimony with victory again?

Celtics add 18th banner to their storied legend
Celtics add 18th banner to their storied legend

Starting with Toronto in 2019, over the last half decade, we’ve had a different NBA champion every year.

Yet it’s “Different Here” in Boston.

Dynasty different.

You can’t spell championship without the C of the Celtics, and now, the most storied franchise in NBA history have just won their 18th ring.

And it’s got nothing to do with the luck of the Irish.

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From the original lord of the rings, in the late, great Bill Russell, to the legend of Larry Bird from downtown. Larry O’Brien has found a permanent home on the parquet. So much so, many think his likeness resembles that of a leprechaun.

Whether it be the big-threes of number thirty-three, or the holy trinity of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen (who flew from Tokyo in the morning, after some NBA Japan work, to get back for last evening’s Game Five), the Boston Celtics have had dynasties over the decades.

These dynasties don’t die. They just multiply.

Especially when the mentality is rooted in the “me for you and you for me” of teamwork. One for all.

The dynamic duo of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown have gone from a partnership as perfect on paper as the throwback of Paul Pierce and Antoine Walker, to a pair who prowl the perimeter and lead a complete team to the champagne.

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Tatum had 31 in the final, resolute 106-88 victory over the Mavs. But Brown’s 21 came with a defensive dominance that awarded him with the Finals MVP trophy.

Even so, there’s little between them, like Shaquille O’Neal and the Mamba that inspires Tatum like a muse. All as the Celtics beat their purple and gold rival to the show of a league leading eighteen ‘chips.

The race to twenty is on.

Dispatching Dallas and the still legendary Luka Dončić in five games, perhaps Boston just wanted to win it on their home floor, in front of the most famous fans in the game.

Dončić’s heart has to be admired, though. Just like Kyrie Irving’s humility. The former Cleveland champion, gracious in defeat. Even when many thought this was going to be his revenge series against the Celtics.

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But Boston prevailed thanks to a stacked team and a ship steadied by head coach and man of God, Joe Mazzulla. His post-game comments have literally become gospel and a thing of their own legend.

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Seriously, Mazzulla is the man. Not to mention the youngest one to win a championship as a head coach since none other but Bill Russell.

Kristaps Porziņģis, going against his former Maverick team, looked to be an X-factor unicorn like Kyrie, until injury took over. With that being said, he returned to the final game, all hustle and heart.

It was Jrue Holiday that really made his mark meanwhile. Finding his new home after winning with Milwaukee three seasons back. The Bucks recently moved on with Dame Time. They might want to check their watches, mind you, because they’re the ones who have been on an extended holiday.

With Payton Prichard hitting from all over the floor to beat the buzzer, and Al Horford finally getting his, you just have to love one of the greatest sides in Celtic history. Just like you do the influence and integrity of Derrick White. One of the best blocking point guards since Darrell Armstrong.

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Basketball biographer Roland Lazenby said the late Jerry West probably “couldn’t stand to see” the Celtics win another championship. C’s legend Bob Cousy is just glad he got to see Boston get another one.

Watching from the heavens, Bill Russell and Walton couldn’t be more grateful, proud, or happy.

Cracking up with their legendary laughs and flashing those iconic smiles, as the Irish pop champagne and flashbulbs.

Nothing is stronger than Boston.

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