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Raising The Bar



Raising The Bar

If all it took was an idea then the marketplace would be filled to the brim. The drawing board filters ideas, and discussions bring clarity and foundation to the project. Yet some just never make it past the thought process. It takes timing, focused vision and values.

It is difficult to account for all the differences between those very ideas that make it, and those that get shelved. Constant assessment of your goals helps to refine your value statement, products and services. Our new look and branding represents whats current today. Some people call this epoch a Golden Era, but we call it a New Era. It is in this era, that we witness rule changes, new players emerge and all the bars raised.

The game has changed. Its new heights ask more of the future generations. Our collective identity is represented by Nash as our Canadian NBA MVP, Bennett as our first overall draft pick and Andrew Wiggins as this country’s phenom; yet the crowd will still ask for more. The coming years will only give us more to cheer about, more to be proud of; and we will be here to capture the stories and characters that make us Canadian, and shape our collective international basketball identity.

Welcome to the new BasketballBuzz but, most importantly, welcome to a New Era of Canadian Basketball. We thank the many that have made this publication possible. Our objective was to give the game something it needed.

After reviews, changes and discussions we now have “Canada’s basketball magazine”. A publication that speaks to the heart of the people, who create interesting content through their daily games on the court. Basketball has truly become Canadian. As our Canadian brand of basketball is growing so will our publication.

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Knowing our journey will bring clarity to those who question our intentions. Telling our story, without leaving out a chapter, will give insight into a journey that has been crafted over 10 years. “Bring the show to them” is the mission that is always in the back of my mind. So before the tires turn and suitcases get packed; before the messages and the venues get booked, I’ll give you all the 411. The New year will see the introduction of our New Era tour that will visit universities across Ontario and Quebec.

Our tour will outline the struggles and barriers that we have faced, as well as give our followers an idea of where and how our brand is set to raise the bar. The events will be coupled with art, storytelling and one-on-one engagement with our curators and team. We are keen to hear the views of the people, and take from them the opinions needed to better our publication and overall brand.

To our readers and subscribers, enjoy this collector’s edition. We are and forever will be “In Support of Canadian Basketball”; and this issue of BasketballBuzz is dedicated to the game and those that support it.

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