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Chef Curry & Warriors Blowout The King’s Cavalier Celebration Candles

Chef Curry & Warriors Blowout The King's Cavalier Celebration Candles
Chef Curry & Warriors Blowout The King’s Cavalier Celebration Candles

Be careful what you wish for.

You asked for a series…you got it!

Most playoff series’ would be over by now, but after four games this is no ordinary playoff series.

This is the NBA Finals!


If you’re in a celebratory mood you may want to keep the champagne on ice though, because it’s far from over. Hold the wine and gold.

After the Golden State Warriors set the tone at their Oracle home in Game 1. The Cavaliers became the comeback kids like their King after Games 2 and 3, as they took both after injury took both Kevin and Kyrie from this big-three’s moment. But by Game 3 all they needed was their one, true homecoming King, as LeBron James led them back to their Ohio home with powerhouse performances that showed he was on his way to winning his most impressive and important NBA Finals and chapters in his classic career of absolutely amazing accomplishments and happenings.

As it happens however, if Cleveland took a game at the Warriors home, then Golden State where going to do the same on the road at Quicken.

Fast-pacing the Cavs off court with their small ball, last nights line-up may have not had a true big-man at the five, but this Warrior squad was still the center of attention with what they fronted. Just as the Cavs where about to light the candles of celebration, the Golden State Warriors blew them out 103-82 and tied a pretty bow round this present series.

Have that cake and eat it.


With the series still alive and tied like the tides of who takes advantage, the winners of the next game may take it all in respects to who has the upper hand. Still we could see these dribble-driving teams palming it to seven games. After all this is what the makings of the most popular televised finals since 2003 (when San Antonio played New Jersey) is made of.

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Stephen Curry splashed 22 points for the Pacific across waters as did former Sixer franchise man Andre Igudola in the performance of his playoffs. More payoffs came from Draymond Green (17), Harrison Barnes (14) and more as this balanced attack unevened the Cavs whilst evening the series for the Dubs instead of them falling to a 3-1 hole they may never have been able to rabbit out of.

LeBron James’ 20 points seemed cooled for a man who must be tired off his latest hot-streak. Just like new partner in crime Matthew Delladevoa, the rising star struggling with 10 after suffering from fatigue the previous game, even to the point of hospitalization. Center Timofey Mozgov knew how to respond to an emergency however with 28 points and 10 rebounds on the double against a squad not sporting a big-man at the five. The Cavs will need more of this by next game because its situation critical right now…for both teams.

After all four games has shown us in a quick sweep, what’s next for the next big-three? Will it be MVP Curry or the one without all the rest who knows a throne is worth its wait in championship gold?

The only way to know is for this game to show who really has the makings of a champion. We’re about to find out. After all those decades of drought one will finally end all this time to be the team of the year, for all those years.


This journey of Warriors and Cavaliers will be over in just a few days…and then one will carry on and over in this stage forever.

This right now is what the NBA Finals is all about.


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