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Clippers & Hornets Abuzz With Lance Stephenson For Matt Barnes Trade



Clippers & Hornets Abuzz With Lance Stephenson For Matt Barnes Trade

Curtains haven’t even called the end of the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers for this sensational seasons swangsong yet, but big Summer moves are already being made before the big NBA Draft and free agent market begins.

Right now the buzz between the Charlotte Hornets and Los Angeles Clippers sees them swapping stars. Defensive dog Matt Barnes is finally being released from the STAPLES kennel after years playing in Los Angeles for the Clips and Lakers. Still, on his escape from L.A., his flight from L.A.X. will see him sat next to talented teammate Spencer Hawes.

As they make their way to the honeycomb of the Hornets, Charlotte’s Lance Stephenson will be fleeing the nest. After the Michael Jordan owned franchise broke up his sixth supporting ‘Indy 5.00’ Pacers powerhouse with Paul George, Roy Hibbert, David West and George Hill, things haven’t turned out as future franchise face promising as the team and player would have liked. Keen to unload the troubled but talented star all season, finally after 82 they do so. As Stephenson takes his 8.2 point, 4.5 rebound and 3.9 assist potential average to the Clipperholic fans of L.A.


Now this would-be-star, who some think is in need of a reality check takes his tenacious and volatile game to Hollywood of all places.

Will it have a happy ending?

With the maturity of one of this games greatest coaches, Doc Rivers, the Clipper franchise has a leading man who can direct even the most passionate of prima-donna stars (see Kevin Garnett, Boston). Plus with the ‘Lob City’ flight club, dynamite duo of Blake Griffin and Chris Paul leading L.A’s new show, there’s no emphasis on Stephenson being the man. More like the perfect compliment and completion of a big three (especially if big player DeAndre Jordan is on his way out), that could finally take this championship contender from Bridesmaid to Cinderella, commiseration to champagne. Winners to legends.

As long as Lance keeps throwing it up he can thrive in this system. So long as he’s the last to leave the gym…and not the nightclub. We’re sure Stephenson will be hitting the right floor. As for the Hornets, Kemba Walker is definitely the king of Charlotte now and with talented, faceted vets like Barnes and Hawes, the bench is bolstered.

The focus of this three man, two team trade however has all camera lenses on Lance and what he can do now with a script flipped to Hollywoodland. Time for Stephenson to see the big picture and make this blockbuster move his moment.

Lights, camera, its time for some action.

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