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Gordon Hayward Heads To Boston, Turns Celtics Into Contenders Again




Free agency has just opened up the beast of the Eastern Conference and even the whole association of National Basketball right now.

And the King thought he had enough to handle with all those Warriors.

The Boston Celtics almost gave them a run for their East championship wine and gold champagne mere months ago. Until LeBron James dunked all over them and Isaiah Thomas. As I.T.-4 lost more than a tooth and was shut down for the rest of the playoffs as the most storied franchise in NBA histories season was done and broom dusted.

And then before the second season of free agency, the Celtics had the top pick in the 2017 NBA Draft, otherwise known as Markelle Fultz for their future. Until they swapped that pick before draft night with the returning top tier, number one 76ers. Philly gave them their original third selection in return, which the Celtics then used on Jayson Tatum. A knockout future superstar in his own right to join the Isaiah Thomas, 80’s floor general like lead future.

And now the Celtics don’t have to be green with any sort of playoff or draft envy anymore, as they have just made the biggest move of the 2017 free agency period that has already had a lot of shakers…if you discount the what could be one and done Oklahoma City Thunder trade for Indiana Pacer and what could be future Laker, Paul George.

The Boston Celtics have signed Gordon Hayward and in a league of James and Durant decisions this is one choice that makes the classic Celtics contenders again.

Just when you thought Flash Gordon Hayward was headed to South Beach to replace Wade, ‘Bron and the recently released to the retirement rafters Chris Bosh (the Miami Heat even put up a lobbying banner of Hayward in Heat white and red outside the American Airlines Arena), the Utah Jazz star made real music by flipping the hymn sheet and heading to New England to rewrite Boston history like a Patriot, but as a Celtic.

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Thanking the Jazz in a lengthy and heartfelt Players Tribune announcement post this forwards tribute to his former franchise was as real as it gets. Although it was thought he would follow in the legendary Karl Malone, John Stockton and Jeff Hornacek sneaker steps as a Jazz lifer, Gordon has picked up his ball and rolled with it. Surely it’s nothing but love for number 20 though. And now he’s out of the desert of Salt Lake City the league can see just how incredible this guys muse cage, Mamba trained game really is.

I mean have you see this guy dunk?


Now reunited with Coach Brad Stevens, the former Butler grad at the service of the Boston Irish joins Isaiah Thomas as a one, two punch of two of the best, but most underrated superstars in the L that could even knockout the King come playoff rematch. Game Boston. But this dynamic duo are also primed to form a big three or Rondo like four with last years big free agent Al Horford or Tatum and we aren’t talking about no Iverson or Ice Cube retired half court, old mans game. This summer spectacle is the best thing to happen to Boston since Paul Pierce picked up the phone and dialled the digits of Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. And now number 34 is retired, Hayward makes this new look Celtics as classic as the days of Danny Ainge, Kevin McHale, Dennis Johnson and Bird. Gordon and Isaiah could one day see the rafters like Russell, Cousy, Havlicek or P-Double.

Either way this really is the truth.


Xavier Rathan-Mayes inks 10-Day Contract with Memphis Grizzlies



Xavier Rathan Mayes Inks 10 Day Contract Memphis Grizzlies

Xavier Rathan-Mayes (Scarborough, ON) will be joining the Memphis Grizzlies on a 10-day contract. A well deserved opportunity for the 23-year-old, 6’4″, 208 lbs guard who has been tearing-up the NBA G-League. Mayes started 37-0f-39 games of the Westchester Knicks leading them to 27 W-14 L record while averaging 16.6 points per game, 7.2 assists and 6 rebounds. Including a career-high of 34 points versus the 87ers .

With the signing of Mayes, a former Florida State Seminoles standout will join fellow and current Memphis Grizzlies rookie Dillon Brooks forming yet another Canadian duo in the NBA. Currently, the Denver Nuggets have the best Canadian tag team duo with Jamal Murray and Trey Lyles both playing a key role in the Nuggets recent success.

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Miami Heat Icon Dwyane Wade Dedicates Season To Parkland Victim Laid To Rest In His Jersey



Wade Dwyane 640x360
For Joaquin...

Just weeks ago Joaquin Oliver was laughing and joking with his friends like any other teenager. A lover of music, sports, the Miami Heat and Dwyane Wade. The Florida franchises Flash legend and returning hero via a Cavalier trade from King James’ land. Making for an even bigger homecoming than the Chicago born D-Wade’s ride in the Bull-pen last season. And it wasn’t just the talents of South Beach that where nostalgically excited, but the entire Sunshine State as a whole. Especially one of Dwyane’s biggest fans, a handsome young man with so much heart known to his friends as ‘Joaq’.

But on Valentines Day, 17 year old Joaquin Oliver with his whole life to live and love ahead of him was one of the 17 victims who tragically lost their lives in the Parkland school shooting.

He was just a kid.

Oliver was buried in one of his most prized possessions, his number 3, Dwyane Wade Heat jersey. Upon learning this an emotional Dwyane Wade dedicated the rest of his returning season-which may even be the Hall of Fame ready legends retiring one-to Joaquin. And with a tribute testament to Oliver, Wade wrote his name on his sneakers took to the floor and hit 15 of the Heat’s last 17 (and his 27) and an epic, emotional game winner against the Sixers that was a classic, “this is my house” Flash-back.

The final score read 102-101 to the home team off Ocean Drive. But what truly mattered was what was wrote to see on the cleats of Dwyane’s feet. This tragic time is so much bigger than basketball. But whatever escape, solace and stand of solidarity sports and those who make it more can offer in comfort to families and friends in their time of mourning has real importance. Even albeit for a brief, but fleeting cathartic respite.

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“This is why we can’t just shut up and dribble”, Wade tweeted with a picture of Oliver, echoing the words of twice teammate and former Miami Heat leader LeBron James who responded to those critical of the athletes outspoken social stance. Wade has made big moves that matter with James before. And we aren’t talking about the big-three. Remember the ESPY’s? Echo those words. And sometimes even from the biggest stars in the world that seem a million miles away from our hurt it’s the little things that matter. Like in years past Chris Paul scoring 61 in honour of his grandpa who passed away at that age. Or a heartbroken Allen Iverson paying for the funeral of a young man shot over his jersey. Whatever we can do to help-no matter how small-is surely better than simply doing nothing.

Ignorance will get us all nowhere. Inspiration will though.

For Joaquin and everyone who lost their lives to the guns we must control and put down for good.

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Does The Lakers Future Belong To A Kid Named Bryant?



Who? Me?!

The future of the second most storied franchise in NBA history is right now.

And it has little to do with the Los Angeles Lakers deadline trading for former Boston boy Isaiah Thomas from the Cavs. Although that may be the first Magic chess move that checkmate takes future(?) Hollywood King LeBron James from Cleveland to Lakerland.

But it has everything to do with that slow grind the young Lake Show and future Showtime have been putting in for just under a half decade worked. Ever since the injured Kobe stoppers hit the lottery they’ve chose the right numbers. Top tens or second round knockouts. Outside of maybe Philly only open doors have had better drafts than the Lakers over the last few years. First came Draymond Green like big-man Julius Randle and then Sixth Man steal Jordan Clarkson late in the game. And then the trend just snowballed like millennials that totally use words like “stoked” on the slopes of Pyeongchang.

A year later came the ice from the veins of D’Angelo Russell and the scorching slams of Sun son Larry Nance Jr. Then last season the biggest Durant like chance of a franchise face in Brandon Ingram and an even more pleasant surprise in talented big Ivica Zubac. But this campaign the team that has drafted tremendous talent like Noah’s arc has gone forth from their two-by-two nature over the last big-three years. Even if fans of this young core are steaming that the Lakers just let integral parts like Nance and Clarkson walk like Russell. Glue guys of this smartphone generation that highlight worthy fans wanted to stick around like screen burn. Even if they did get I.T. in return and even the cleared cap that may make space for the real ‘IT’ to take them out the gutter this summer in number 23 and even a hometown hero P.G.

This season however the purple and gold have gone from the wine cellar to a potential eight seed haterade upset. And it isn’t just because of their Hollywood big baller drafting of Lavar’s son. Although if you’re really watching the new number two ball then you know you are watching the post-Mamba moment, Lonzo Angeles Lakers. Even if potential R.O.Y. Kyle Kuzma has shown he’s not only the Lakers biggest steal of recent drafts, but one of the biggest rookie sleepers in draft dud history.

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But it doesn’t stop there for a team that’s so deep in youth they’ve even signed former guard Gary Payton’s son too. We’ve already detailed the Lakers defensive Hart before Josh got a start or even a high five. But it’s not just once, twice, or even three times a draft Jeannie for the Buss two times at once, waiting Lakers.

There’s another big kid ready to have a big future for the purple and gold Lake Show and he wears Bryant on his back like a snakeskin black Nike ‘City’ jersey.

No this Hollywood Magic machine hasn’t gone back in time and nabbed young Fro’be from the clutches of the basketball God’s. This isn’t 1996 people. Even if the Smashing Pumpkins have reformed and there’s a new Mulder and Scully series of ‘The X-Files’ networking right now. No this kid wears a number in the thirties like the giant greats of Shaq and Kareem. And the worthy 42nd pick Thomas Bryant wants to be the best two-way big in the game. Don’t scoff! Have you seen him block? And he’s got a real shot too. From downtown Pico, which you know seven foot expert from Brooklyn, Brook Lopez will help hone. Just like when he, Randle and would be teammate Russell worked out with Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade this summer. Thomas has already along with fellow two-way South Bay Laker Alex Caruso made the mid-season all G-League team but wait until he takes a real Gatorade break and joins the big boy ranks of the big leagues. His Twitter name reads, ‘No Limit’. Can you handle it?

With guys like Bryant do the Lakers even need LeBron?

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