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Ryan Kelly Believes He Can Fly As Lakers Win On A Dunk



Spreading his wings and flying away, the Lakers R. Kelly went all Jordan in the air as he touched the sky with an out of this world Space Jam last night.

Seeing it and then in turn being it, Ryan Kelly stepped in the paint and the name of a win as he clutched the winning shot for his Lakers against the Portland Trail Blazers by stuffing it right through the hoop.

And they thought he couldn’t get up like that!

As he soared and scored the Lakers shut the open door, blazing Portland to a trail of 104-102 as Kelly took the Lake Show from the verge of breaking down with 2 point nothing seconds left on the clock.

The big forward who last year stayed in the Lakers rotation, earned starting spots thanks to a training table list of players more bandaged than Egyptian royalty. This year and last night going up against a former Laker Power Forward from last year (the talented Ed Davis now with the PDX), Ryno claimed his place even more in a team that isn’t exactly walking wounded anymore in that department (have you seen Julius Randle play lately?). Although they have just waived blocker Robert Upshaw in favour of keeping Canadian Robert Sacre and are taking ‘please don’t happen again’ precautions by resting the legendary likes of Kobe Bryant for the rest of the preseason.

Kelz’ buzzer beating dunk that got everyone off the bench like it was the playoffs and not preseason left everyone busting out in Magic Johnson smiles. It may be the early, early days but even Kareem or Kobe couldn’t frown at this one. After inbounding a previous play to a stealing away Portland player, Kelly faked out the biting opposition with a fool them twice look straight out of the pre-World Peace, Ron Artest dry-erase days that shamed Portland to the trail. This devastating, dominating dunk has even caught more fanfare than Larry Nance Jnr’s like father, like dunk slam smash.

“It wasn’t exactly how (Coach Byron Scott) drew it up, but I just read it a little bit, and I knew they were going to switch,” Ryan told the press postgame. “I attacked the basket. And at that point in a game, you’ve got to either finish over the top or have the defender make a great play.”

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Ryan went all Machine Gun Kelly with this last second shot and showed with one vine of the moment that he was seven seconds away from being more than just a meme memory of Kelly standing next to the back of Clarkson’s jersey.

The Lakers where facing all kinds of former allies in the paint, from Ed Davis to big man Chris Kaman hitting last second baskets, but it was Kelly who left this case with the paint dry.

“I wanted to make up for it and make the play that made a difference,” the long haired, number 4 new Luke Walton-esque fan favorite remarked and boy did he! But he wasn’t the only one. Luck has been a Laker girl for L.A. of late, from tuning up international competition to having games against the champs in their favour called early due to ice hockey. Last night it was still rolling with future of the franchise Jordan Clarkson’s 17 points going mic-check, one-on-one, battling with Blazing hot rapper Damian Lillard who led a now LaMarcus Aldridge Portland (just like the Lakers mind you) with 20 points and 6 assists. Russell (12 points but 0 assists) and Randle (2 points but 4 assists) may have been quieter than usual…but x-factor, Brazilian signing from Barcelona, Marcelo Huertas wasn’t, coming along in his recovery and limited minutes. Notching and matching 8 points to go along with 8 amazing assists as the creative but controlled Point Guard showed he could be the new veteran leader of these young Lakers in his first NBA season.

Still you couldn’t hand this one to anyone else but Kelly as the R in the Lakers last night in Hollywood showed he in that moment was the worlds greatest.

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RIP OKC. Dame Time Clocks Thunder’s Reign From Way Downtown PDX



RIP OKC. Dame Time Clocks Thunder’s Reign From Way Downtown PDX
What Time Is It...


Even two games down the Thunder bolt boys joked like the last laugh that was yet to be delivered, like this what’s the 4-1 punchline. Zero to zero for the best series of these NBA Playoffs so far, Russell Westbrook rocked the baby at Damian Lillard, before mocking his wrist watch celebration like he did Laker meme Lance Stephenson’s air guitar strumming one with D’Angelo Russell ice in his veins. All before Paul George double pumped a dunk as time expired on a game that was already decided way before the horn blared.

“It is the unemotional, reserved, calm, detached warrior who wins, not the hothead seeking vengeance and not the ambitious seeker of fortune.”

But then last night before posting that Sun Tzu quote on Instagram in this art of war. In the face of P.G. the PDX P.G. beat the buzzer as Dame Time struck from way downtown RIP City. With an Austin 3:16 bottom line to give OKC the history engraved tombstone and the Portland Trail Blazers a legendary storied, legacy making championship belt for this classic series in hardwood history.

Reminding us of that time Charles Barkley responded to a Nike barbershop ad featuring former Golden State Warriors Chris Webber and Latrell Speedwell joking about dunking on him by putting all the points on them in the following game and running past them on the bench draped in dejected towels shouting, “put that in a f###### commercial!”

Damian Lillard 37 Footer Over Paul George
Damian Lillard buries series clinching 37-footer over Paul George – Photo Blazers

37 feet high and rising from deep. Deep as the halfcourt abyss. With the this time of season cherry blossoms blooming outside Portlandia’s Moda Center, the City of Roses was handing everyone from basketballs Oklahoma home funeral flowers. And leading the precession, hearse wrapping it up like his killer bars, Dame D.O.L.L.A was right on the money like exact change only please, waving goodbye. Even if Paul George walking off in defeat like LeBron James and getting his Vlade Divac on in a press conference more awkward than a blind date with an ex called it a “bad shot”. To which the great Dame simply replied with a tweeted “lol” (see also, laugh and last). He better Big Shot Bobby Horry check a newspaper or something. Dame Time didn’t just beat the buzzer. He took baby powder to it. As Dame had all the Louis Armstrong time in the world with ten on the clock and the last shot in this final frame to dribble drive or dish. But instead, toying with George like a cat does a mouse, as David beat Goliath like Jerry did Tom, Lillard had the sand to set up shop, his spot and his shot from what looked like a bunker. A hole in one, with the cocksure confidence of Tiger Woods putting for Masters glory in Augusta and embracing his kids, two decades after doing the same with his pops all for the green jacket.

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From this master, like a tap in putt with no Mulligan to carry, this was always going in. Nothing but net. All water like those Thunder tears. O.K. now that was a 3.

And to think I swore I wouldn’t go back on social media until after the new Avengers movie came out, but DAMN Dame Time! Spoiler alert, this is the new ‘Endgame’ now.

Cousy. Pettit. Sam Jones. Wilt. Chuck Barkley. M.J. And now the Dame train as the legendary Lillard goes hard to join this lineage as the only players to hit 50 in a playoff clinching game. And what a way to do it, fading away to clock out of the game and series 118-115 for the greatest Portland playoff moment since the G.O.A.T’s shrug. As mobbed by teammates on the floor he sank into, telling Russ to ‘Get Out’ his house. Peeling off like Jordan, Damian all on his own like a devil, GIF turned into an instant meme, as he turned the Thunder into a memory (you know the one were everyone loses their mind around that smirking kid with glasses in the raincoat? Well now guess which superheroes face is super imposed?). Staring into the camera with that look you know was for Russell Westbrook.

Blazers Win Damian Lillard Buries 37 Footer
Blazers Win. – Photo: Portland Trail Blazers

What a whole mood.

Whose left holding the baby now?

Dame didn’t even have to check his watch. Why? Him, her, them. They all knew what time it was. His. As Dame Lillard just did it in the Oregon home of Nike. Shoe dog like Phil Knight, running off victory for the courtside crowd, including legendary comedian Cedric the Entertainer for this last laugh lap. As this Gladiator hit one of the best and biggest shot fired in NBA history. Subliminal and literal.

Are you not entertained?

Why not?

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Two-time U Sports MVP Kadre Gray declares for NBA Draft



Two Time U Sports Mvp Kadre Gray Declares For Nba Draft
Photo: Laurentian Voyageurs

Two-time U Sports basketball player of the year Kadre Gray of the Laurentian Voyageurs has declared for the 2019 NBA Draft.

Gray, a 6’1″, 190 lbs junior guard from Toronto, Ontario has been terrorizing Canadian university basketball since his freshman season — cementing his legacy as a two-time MVP and scoring champion with a ridiculous 26.3 points per game career average in three full-seasons with the Voyageurs.

The 2016-17 U Sports rookie of the year award winner took the league by storm — leading the country in scoring as a freshman with 23.2 points per game. He finished second in his sophomore season with 24.4 points per game and led the nation in assists total with 141.

He took his game to a different stratosphere in his junior season — increasing his league-leading output to the third highest scoring average in Canadian university hoops since 1981-1982 with 31 points per game.

Calgary Dinos’ all-time great’s Richard Bohn and Karl Tilleman both led the nation with higher and ironically, identical scoring averages.

Both Bohn and Tilleman averaged 32.8 points per game. Bohn doing it during the 1995-1996 season and Tilleman, a two-time Canadian Olympian and NBA draft pick dominating the league in 1981-82 — before Canada’s adoption of the three-point line.

Two Time U Sports Mvp Kadre Gray Dribbling Declares For Nba Draft
U Sports MVP Kadre Gray dribbling against Ottawa Gee-Gees – Photo: Laurentian Voyageurs

Not a one-trick-pony, Gray averaged 7.4 rebounds and 6.2 assists, 1.6 steals in 34.1 minutes per game.

Gray erupted for a career-high 48 points in a 101-81 win over the Lakehead Thunderwolves — shooting 13-of-23 from the floor and burying 19-of-20 shots from the foul-line on November 3rd, 2018.

He delivered his third 40-plus point game of his career with another impressive performance — 16-of-29 shooting against the Ryerson Rams on February 9th, 2019 — his lowest scoring output of the season was 23 points on multiple occasions.

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Kadre Gray U Sports Basketball Highlights
Two Time U Sports Mvp Kadre Gray Caree Conference Stats
Laurentian Voyageurs’ Kadre Gray Career Conference Stats
Two Time U Sports Mvp Kadre Gray Caree Conference Stats Other Stats
Laurentian Voyageurs’ Kadre Gray Career Conference Stats
Kadre Gray FIBA Americas Qualifiers Against Brazil
Kadre Gray takes it to the rack during FIBA Americas Qualifiers Against Brazil – Photo: FIBA

Gray also represented Canada during the FIBA Basketball World Cup process playing in games against Venezuela and Brazil.

Prior to Laurentian, Gray honed his skills as a two-time athlete at Eastern Commerce Collegiate for three-years — leaving track and field (high jump, 100 meters) in the rear-view mirror and transferring to rival Oakwood Collegiate to conclude his high school career.

Ryerson’s seven-foot center Tanor Ngom also declared, making it the first time in the history of Canadian university basketball that two U Sports players have entered the draft.

Additionally, with a record number of Canadian players in the NCAA tossing their names in the draft process we should expect 2019 to be the biggest year for Canadian’s at the NBA Draft.

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