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Utah Jazz Sign Five-Year Old J.P. Gibson



Utah Jazz Sign Five-Year Old J.P. Gibson

Wish Made!

This really is the league ‘Where Amazing Happens’ and the NBA really does care. We all know the Utah Jazz is a great organization. We don’t have to watch that classic episode of ‘Undercover Boss’ to see that. We just have to remember how long Hall Of Fame greats Karl Malone, John Stockton and Jerry Sloan stuck around for down the corridors of the Delta Centre.

Still there’s now a new star in Salt Lake City and his cool, name is J.P. Gibson. Ger your jersey now because this kids changing the game. Here’s the thing though, forget draft dodging and high school phenomens, this kid is actually that. He’s just five years old!!


J.P. suffers from acute lymphoblastic leukemia, but he’s battling through it and it’s this dedication that has earned him a day contract with the Utah Jazz. Much like when the Memphis Grizzlies drafted eight year old Charvis Brewer who has cerebral palsy, this game is making inspirational influence in today’s negative news cycle in sports. Young Gibson got to play with his new team in a scrimmage too and show the world the skills of the game he loves. Just imagine if he really can ball! This team could use the fresh, young legs. Its been a while since the pick and roll age.

It’s great to know this game can still do things of real, life making, positive change. The Jazz have made their greatest play with the ‘Anything Can Be’ charity, literally defining this notion and any cynic who thinks this sounds like a P.R. stunt should read between those notes for the Nevada side. Above all of this, the franchise did one thing in making history for their youngest ever face. They made his dream come true.

Let it live on J.P.

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