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A Father First…Irving With The Most Emotional Jersey Exchange Of The Season



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Jersey Boys...

Don’t ever forget where you came from.

“He’s the reason I wear number eleven. I want to be the reason no one else will”.

Wade’s world rotating around the U.S. for Dwyane’s rocking chair tour, retirement season has seen him swap souvenir, game worn jerseys for autographed ones (or should we say threes for whoever’s lucky to get a look at some Miami Vice?) like he was kicking it with soccer. Exchanges with all sorts of players, from Terry Rozier III to of course King LeBron James for his one last dance with the man to man, matched up opponents of the National Basketball Association.

This is a league that regularly sees it’s stars kindly throwing their sweat soaked apparel to the crowds, if not auctioning them off for charity. D-Wade even launched his sneakers into the New York crowd outside the Madison Square Garden stadium in a flash following his last Billy Joel performance there last week. But it was Kyrie Irving last night who’s M.S.G. giveaway was on a Mecca epic, emotional scale.

If you want to know what Kyrie’s doing this Summer of free agency then like he said, ask him July 1st. But if you want big, blockbuster moments on Basketball’s biggest stage, with heart and soul of what this hardwood game is all about then look no further than last nights Knick blocking, 113-97 win. Where in a city homecoming the West Orange, New Jersey boy had a huge 23 points and a double, double of 10 rebounds, to go with 6 assists. But when it came to a souvenir for this classic contests crowd, it was given to Kyrie’s biggest supporter since day numero uno.

When number 11 got his father Drederick out the crowd to give him the very jersey off his back in an emotional embrace for not a dry eye in the Madison Mecca, things got really special. The very number 11 jersey he wears in honour of his pops. The very eleven jersey he wants to raise to the rafters with some Boston banners (free agency pending), so touchingly no one else in Celtics history but this one will wear this double first digit. If this legend does make his legacy the luck of the green Irish.

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“My dad sacrificed his dream, so I could live mine”.

You’ve seen and love the one-on-one Nike commercial. The one telling us of the tragic loss of Kyrie’s mother, just 9 years into the young man’s life. As his father Drederick, whilst playing professionally in Irving’s native Australia was left to raise this young star and his sister alone Down Under. Drederick could have played in the NBA (he even tried out for Boston once). He gave that up. Kyrie does. And last night he gave it up for his dad in return like the day he signed with the Celts.

“We want Ky-rie” the Garden faithful changed in a full bloom chorus last night as following the Porzingis clearing house free agency trade for either a King Kyrie or Kevin this off-season to come, the Knicks watched another player have a Kobe or Jordan like night in Basketball’s Eden that wasn’t even wearing a New York uniform.

But no matter how much they cheered as the final horn buzzed, this game was for two men holding each other in concert on court.

Father time indeed.

Moments in Madison don’t get much bigger or better than this.

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New Nike Giannis Antetokounmpo Sneakers Are ‘Coming To America.’



New Nike Giannis Antetokounmpo Sneakers Are Coming To America
"Sexual Chocolate"...


“Hey! F### you!”

(With genuine joy and affection back) “Yes! F### you too!”

Ever since Milwaukee Bucks position and court redefining Point God, Giannis Antetokounmpo came to America like Eddie Murphy, he truly beyond a clich√© changed the game and the watching world. And now with Nike, lacing up some new signatures inspired by the classic 80’s Murphy movie ‘Coming To America’, the Greek Freak is about to change the sneaker one too.

These new most valuable sneakers from this year’s MVP are so clean they’ll have you running up like Samuel L. Jackson in “McDowell’s”.

Time to get the brooms.

It’s about to be a clean sweep Foot Locker.

Antetokounmpo’s first sneaker the Nike Freak 1 is about to take all those LeBron, Kobe’s and Westbrook’s to the shoeboxes with this breath of Air. Fresh out the cardboard these colorful pairs have a reversed swoosh like Travis Scott. Perfect for any shoe dog like Phil Knight. And these ‘Coming’ colorways also feature leopard, black, grey and gold accents to the men who would be King. Prince Akeem’s royal garb and the most inspired international influence this league has seen since the dream shake of Hakeem Olaujawon for a regal fit.

And with the gold ‘Coming To America’ logo on the tongue of these licks you can expect this revolution to be televised. But please bring back our favourite ‘Raw’ and ‘Delirious’ comedian for the commercial Nike.

This perfect pair for the theme of the perfect prototype player of this games future generation drip as hard as ‘ER’ and ‘Logan’ star Eriq La Salle’s jheri curl in this movie. Watch the shoes like Ronald Reagan said to Eazy-E when N.W.A. visited the White House according to The Game! If co-star Arsenio Hall still had a show (bring it on back again) then he’d have them as a guest on his couch. With or without the freak.

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Put up a wall against these Trump! We have more shoeboxes to stack.

Wearing clothes are about to be a new experience for you as you unbox these with the rose petals that fall out like Tokyo trees after cherry blossom season instead of tissue paper. There’s also some ‘Coming To America’ inspired Freak 1 Nike apparel to match with some ‘I Love NY’ heart homages to the film about a prince who made his way to the Big Apple like this kid from the Olympic home of athletes in Athens, Greece did on Draft Day.

These really are the Crown Prince of Zamuda.

These Greek sneakers are so freaking good, you’re going to want to renounce your throne.

Come on, come all.

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MVP Brandon Clarke dominates, leads Grizzlies to 2019 NBA Summer League Title



2019 Las Vegas Summer League Memphis Grizzlies V Minnesota Timberwolves

Canadian Brandon Clarke, the 21st pick of the 2019 Draft dominated the NBA’s annual summer showcase — becoming the first player to take home both tournament and championship game most valuable player honors with a dominant 15 points, 16 rebounds double-double. The No. 8 Memphis Grizzlies the Minnesota Timberwolves 95-92 to win the 2019 NBA Summer League championship.

The former Gonzaga standout added 4 assists, 3 blocks and a steal in 25 minutes.

Canadian Basketball Player Brandon Clarke 2019 Nba Summer League MVP
Canadian Basketball Player Brandon Clarke 2019 NBA Summer League MVP

In six games of summer league action, Clark averaged 14.7 points, 9.8 rebounds, 2 assists and 1.8 blocks per game. The Vancouver native shot 55% from the field and becomes the first ever Canadian to win MVP at the NBA Summer League.

Clarke was also named to the first-team all-NBA Summer League team. Other standouts included fellow Canadians Nickeil Alexander-Walker who joined Clarke on the first-team. Toronto Raptors forward Chris Boucher was named to the second-team.

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