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Amar’e Stoudemire Gone, Carmelo Anthony Out, New York Knicks Done

Big Apple basketball bites right now. Even if the New York Knicks’ Madison Square Garden did play host to all the All Stars of the NBA last weekend. If The Mecca (or should we say ‘The Crapper’) was down the road in Hells Kitchen, you’d have celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey looking down at this apple, screaming at Knickerbocker management that, “it’s rotten! Its rotten!”


What happened to this core? Maybe you can find it in those paper grocery bags the fans put over their heads, because right now everybody’s leaving New York like Jon Stewart, or R.E.M. if they’re not day sleeping through this nightmare.

First Amar’e Stoudemire, drunk off years of knee numbed implosion and those wine baths, agreed to a buyout that let him walk to Dallas. And now the ‘No Hope Knicks’ have pulled a Lakers and shut superstar Carmelo Anthony down for the rest of the year with season ending surgery to a knee. Similar to that his former STAT stuffer partner once had…BE WARNED!

For the New York stinks it’s getting really funky uptown right now, like Bruno Mars. Julio get the stretch!

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This was supposed to be the year that Lakers alumni Phil Jackson and Derek Fisher changed everything in the city whose basketball fans lose sleep, but alas this team has been put to rest before the trade deadline after losing what could have been-and was for some time-the best inside, outside duo since Shaq and Kobe.

Now I’m sorry ‘Moneyball’ fans this team of outcasts and D-Leaguers will not make the playoffs. That’s been a given for longer than everyone in N.Y.C. would have liked or hoped. Now they’d look more of the part if they suited up like stooges to play the Harlem Globetrotters. Besides there already losing the fight of N.Y. to former Jersey boys, the Brooklyn Nets…and they aren’t much better either.

Soon Knick fans will be longing for the post Ewing days of Sprewell or Marbury.

So what’s next?

After convincing-note the word “convincing”-Carmelo Anthony to stick it out (notice that phrasing too), the Knicks owe their hometown hoop hero one. His career can’t end like this. At 31 he’s firmly in his prime and New York times of big market coverage. But after last years free agency he would have been better off in Chicago…or even as a Laker.

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Phil and Fisher need to pull something out of the paper bag, otherwise the unforgiving New York fans will have them wrapping your shopping. How do you want it? Paper or plastic? Contention or elimination? Forget throwing the towel in, this teams throwing the whole tank in. Artillerymen and all.

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Don’t get us wrong, we love New York basketball, especially in Madison Square, but some gardening is required. Otherwise this Big Apple tree will never bloom and Wall Street will never boom.

So lets exchange more than stock, its time for Gotham city to be know for heroes again.

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