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Flashpoint…Miami’s All-Star Starter Dwyane Wade Is Still Bringing The Heat

Flashpoint…Miami’s All-Star Starter Dwyane Wade Is Still Bringing The Heat
Flashpoint…Miami’s All-Star Starter Dwyane Wade Is Still Bringing The Heat

“This year I’m writing a new chapter. I’m trying to write another chapter at 34 years old of someone that five years ago was supposed to be done.”-Dwyane Wade to Scoop Jackson of ESPN.

It’s still Wade’s world!

We’re not talking about Marvel’s merc with a mouth, Wade Wilson whose about to break the cinemas fourth wall as ‘Deadpool’ all for the Chimichangas. But another superhero that carries a Spalding and still clutches at the fourth quarter until everyone’s handed tacos.

The Flash…Dwyane Wade.

Keep up! Because this All-Star still is at 34. With everyone focused on the best since the Bulls Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant’s retirement tour, its easy to forget that the ‘Father First’, Chicago legend and author of his career is defeating father time in the mid-third decade of his life. Going for 30 mid 30…where’s the documentary for this man that changed the game like Chuck Taylor?

You can converse over a Chi-town icon Scoop Jackson interview however. As we ponder where D-Wade will initial his name on ESPN’S top 100 players of all-time list lets not leave out all he’s done for the history and legacy of this game right now. Love the way Oklahoma City Thunder striker Russell Westbrook plays and attacks the rim? Well without number 3 changing the guard Russ West would be the number on his jersey.

Inspiration. Influence. Legacy. Longevity. Yet still people are treating this guy like it was nothing.

What about the ring? You saw the Maverick Finals win against Dallas. The heart of a champion and the certification of one too. So why are memories shorter than a man who shouldn’t be able to get as high as he does above the rim…even to this day? Could it be his peak peers? Kobe or Iverson? Or his high profile teammates? Shaq and LeBron? But not even the King can take away the talents of this South Beach star whose stayed on Ocean Drive longer than anyone but Pat Riley or Sonny Crockett. Attached to Miami like a vice. From Alonzo Mourning to Chris Bosh.

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Right now between number 8 and 24, the Los Angeles Lakers are debating which of Kobe Bryant’s numbers to retire. But one thing that’s not in question is whether Wade’s jersey will rise to the rafters of the American Airlines Arena. Of course the garment of the greatest Heat player from Tim Hardaway to Glen Rice will…but not yet!

Dwayne has still got it. And it’s time to recognize like it’s time to spell his name right. Time to appreciate before him prime turns to pine. Dwyane Wade is still the man. Still an All-Star at 34. Still an All-Star starter. And if you haven’t been looking which way the beach is you’re about to this valentines weekend for basketball lovers.

You thought Wade’s career was about to be over in a Flash? Think again! The fire isn’t out. The Heat is still on!

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