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Giannis Antetokounmpo Is The Biggest Buck Since Kareem Abdul-Jabbar



Giannis Antetokounmpo Nba All Star 4581534
The Buck Does Not Stop Here...

“I love everything about you” (find someone who tells you that), King James told Giannis Antetokounmpo after his ‘Team LeBron’ won their 2019 All Star Game in Charlotte, North Carolina this weekend.

We love everything about him too.

I mean did you see that Air Greece dunk from the Greek Freak off the Steph Curry streetball circus bounce pass off the hardwood, that is the new off the glass Showtime assist?

Forget getting Carter! Dunk Contest next year right?

This steer is soaring higher than the most points of all-time place of a sky-hook. Simply put, Giannis Antetokounmpo is the biggest Buck out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin since Kareem was called Lew. And yes with all due respect we haven’t forgot about the original big-three of Ray Allen, Sam Cassell and big dog Glenn Robinson lost in the unanswerable (even for the inspiration of Iverson) days of Shaq and Kobe, like all those 90’s Knick, Jazz and Sonics teams in the age of Jordan’s Chicago era.

The Bucks have had Oscar winners who held triple-double records like Robertson for what seemed like a century, until the Thunder of Russell Westbrook dynamite exploded them all. They’ve had dual point backcourts of Cassell and Gary Payton talking that talk, before walking the dribbling walk of small-ball was even a Steph Curry splash in Golden State thing. And let’s not forget about the Vin Baker, Michael Redd, or Brandon Jennings days. Or this year’s Hall Of Fame finalist Sidney Moncrief if you want to talk about big Bucks. Over the last couple of seasons they’ve had could have been superstars come and go too like Jabari Parker, O.J. Mayo, Michael Carter-Williams, Thon Maker and now Eric Bledsoe. They’ve even had G-Leaguers become All Stars this very weekend in Khris Middleton. But nothing is as bright. Nothing is quite like this.

Although not on the level of the Celtics or Lakers. Or even the Sixers or Bulls. Or modern day Spurs and Warriors. The Bucks are still however a storied franchise in the sense they are winners (hello New York). Classic champions in this Hall of Fame. Not to mention that with Oscar and Kareem they have two of the best players of all time, top ten and five. And now with one third of the biggest three players in the league right now that still could reach that ceiling all-time, they have a chance to add to their history book for the record. This is Giannis’ generation. We’re just witness to watching back and forth as this Buck runs the block like a big game James gazelle, leaving defenders Harden grazing.

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We said this before the King came to the Hollywood show, even as Laker fans who love LeBron like Lucy. And it’s still true to this day. If we were to start a team today with one franchise player. We’d go with Giannis as our pick. Every time.

Like a Laker fan millennial whose favourite player should have been Kobe, but needed to talk about Kevin, Giannis is ours today. Like Garnett in his day the Bucks could just clone this guy if they concentrated on the science five times over. Because like the nicknamed alphabet covers almost all the letters, Antetokounmpo can play every position, point to seven feet. Who needs a Sixth Man? It’s no wonder this All Star in Charlotte had a team picked by Giannis playing all the King’s men. But we’re still ‘Team Steph’ too. He’s still one of the greatest players in the league, if not the best like he is in Durant’s Golden State. And what a man of God, professional idol and role model he is. Having fun in his native N.C. this A.S. weekend. From the three point line no contest, to purely playing point with a White Chocolate, Jason Williams twist behind the back. And just check how funny his press conference challenge was from Late Night host Jimmy Fallon, sneaking three weird phrases into his interviews twice. Wham. Bam. Can of ham.

But this is Giannis’ article. His moment. And oh how he is owning it. Like this rebranded cream and green franchise with the best Nike uniforms in the association (especially in the Earned City) and the best player on the planet wearing them. Worth a million Bucks this guy isn’t just bringing business to town and money to Milwaukee. He is the franchise. He is the city. Like he is his country. They say in this state you should fear the deer, but look behind the antlers and you can see what you should really be scared of in itself.

And he’s smiling too like Magic. Well, all born entertainers always do. Even if their instinct is killer in disguise. Now isn’t that the consumate professional you want to come to your pro-ball club?

But word from the Good Land, Cream City sitting uptop the Eastern Conference is their number one ain’t going nowhere.

Hash-tag, ‘Team Giannis’.

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The 8th Wonder Of The Celtics



The 8th Wonder Of The Celtics
Pieces Of 8...

Shimmy shimmy ya, shimmy yam, shimmy yay. Give Kemba Walker, Antoine Walker’s number and he’ll take it away.

Why you shaking that shimmy like that? Sometime between the big three of Boston Celtics legend Larry Bird’s shot and the big-three of Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen formed by Paul Pierce (sucks…just kidding), his former dynamic duo partner in the age of Shaq and Kobe, Antoine Walker had a decent one on him from downtown. Which he’d shake and bake before breaking out that signature dance. Stepping out after cutting a rug against his opponent like leaving broken nail patches in that old splintered parquet floor in the garden. As the one/two punch of ‘toine and P-Double really were the truth. I’ll always remember the time these two and the rest of the Celtics led by Horry like (I love Waltah) super microwave sub off the bench Walt McCarty took the Sixers to the statistics with a box score barrage of threes. Even Mark Bryant was getting them (old Mamba). Everyone was shaking the shimmy, like Walker this way. A certified classic Celtics legend.

Antoine Walker Boston Celtics Shimmy
Antoine Walker Boston Celtics Shimmy

“And just then, the highway opened up-right at the junction, right at that spot on the highway where you see the skyline of Boston, and you go, “What!?” Because it suddenly goes from trees, woods, and crickets to cars flashing by and skyscrapers and apartment buildings…Just at that moment, I went “Oh, s***, the city!” That’s what Boston boy, Aerosmith legendary lead singer Steven Tyler says about entering (ha, ha) his New England home. And from a guy whose got there from New York on more Peter Pan and Greyhound’s than Tinkerbell and Santa’s Little Helper, trust me the ‘Dude Looks Like A Lady’ singer is right about this moment of sweet emotion. Try and catch a shot on your smartphones all you like (believe me…I’ve tried and failed), but you won’t want to miss a thing. Now I’m sure Kemba Walker’s journey to the city will be a lot more glamorous than crying whilst binge watch episodes of the latest ‘Stranger Things’ series on a coach trip. But he’ll get plenty of chances to see this skyline envelope him in all its epic, awe and scribe inspiring feats when he rides the team bus.

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Because now after Kyrie Irving left the opposite way for no sleep on the drive to Brooklyn with Kevin Durant, the city is Kemba’s after he said goodbye to Charlotte and the Hornets nest.

A little disrespectful of a heartfelt Nike commercial, but then again so is Kyrie ghosting the Celtics like Peter Parker’s Spider-Man did Nick Fury ‘Far From Home’.

In the words of Samuel L. Jackson, “that’s some bull####!”

Kanter’s banter is the off-season Iverson step over of the Summer. And him playing a bunch of Boston kids on the playground full court in his full uniform is the hallmark, heartfelt moment of the year. But keeping the uniform on and sticking with numbers, the new star of the show Kemba Walker hopes to be the new eighth wonder of Boston’s world.

Now although he got legend Antoine Walker’s blessing, I originally believed that Boston should have already raised this to the rafters with a shimmy for their original employee number 8. The biggest wonder of that digit since the Black Mamba in the same ’96 draft class of its own. Even if Kemba hilariously tells us that there wasn’t any other numbers left with the amount of legends that have retired with the NBA’s most storied franchise (Walker’s old 15 obviously being retired for Tom Heinsohn). Up in the banner ceiling with all that dust and Red cigar billowing smoke. But then this writer realized that it was probably just jet-lag after his Beantown trip last week, or the Laker fan in me trying to pick fault with a Boston I love more than most purple and gold (in this garden every Batman need his Joker who he really, truly loves madly, deeply (savage)) talking.

I’m actuality it’s really a beautiful homage. They both have the same last name Martha. Now if Kemba unlike Kyrie makes sure that no one else ever wears this number in a fitting moment they could retire both players together, like their Laker rivals may do with LeBron and AD once the 23 is passed next year, as the King looks to have more jerseys retired in Hollywood than Kobe.

Antoine and Kemba together forever.

Walker this way.

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MVP Brandon Clarke dominates, leads Grizzlies to 2019 NBA Summer League Title



2019 Las Vegas Summer League Memphis Grizzlies V Minnesota Timberwolves

Canadian Brandon Clarke, the 21st pick of the 2019 Draft dominated the NBA’s annual summer showcase — becoming the first player to take home both tournament and championship game most valuable player honors with a dominant 15 points, 16 rebounds double-double. The No. 8 Memphis Grizzlies the Minnesota Timberwolves 95-92 to win the 2019 NBA Summer League championship.

The former Gonzaga standout added 4 assists, 3 blocks and a steal in 25 minutes.

Canadian Basketball Player Brandon Clarke 2019 Nba Summer League MVP
Canadian Basketball Player Brandon Clarke 2019 NBA Summer League MVP

In six games of summer league action, Clark averaged 14.7 points, 9.8 rebounds, 2 assists and 1.8 blocks per game. The Vancouver native shot 55% from the field and becomes the first ever Canadian to win MVP at the NBA Summer League.

Clarke was also named to the first-team all-NBA Summer League team. Other standouts included fellow Canadians Nickeil Alexander-Walker who joined Clarke on the first-team. Toronto Raptors forward Chris Boucher was named to the second-team.

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