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Giannis Antetokounmpo Is The Biggest Buck Since Kareem Abdul-Jabbar



Giannis Antetokounmpo Is The Biggest Buck Since Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
The Buck Does Not Stop Here...

“I love everything about you” (find someone who tells you that), King James told Giannis Antetokounmpo after his ‘Team LeBron’ won their 2019 All Star Game in Charlotte, North Carolina this weekend.

We love everything about him too.

I mean did you see that Air Greece dunk from the Greek Freak off the Steph Curry streetball circus bounce pass off the hardwood, that is the new off the glass Showtime assist?

Forget getting Carter! Dunk Contest next year right?

This steer is soaring higher than the most points of all-time place of a sky-hook. Simply put, Giannis Antetokounmpo is the biggest Buck out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin since Kareem was called Lew. And yes with all due respect we haven’t forgot about the original big-three of Ray Allen, Sam Cassell and big dog Glenn Robinson lost in the unanswerable (even for the inspiration of Iverson) days of Shaq and Kobe, like all those 90’s Knick, Jazz and Sonics teams in the age of Jordan’s Chicago era.

The Bucks have had Oscar winners who held triple-double records like Robertson for what seemed like a century, until the Thunder of Russell Westbrook dynamite exploded them all. They’ve had dual point backcourts of Cassell and Gary Payton talking that talk, before walking the dribbling walk of small-ball was even a Steph Curry splash in Golden State thing. And let’s not forget about the Vin Baker, Michael Redd, or Brandon Jennings days. Or this year’s Hall Of Fame finalist Sidney Moncrief if you want to talk about big Bucks. Over the last couple of seasons they’ve had could have been superstars come and go too like Jabari Parker, O.J. Mayo, Michael Carter-Williams, Thon Maker and now Eric Bledsoe. They’ve even had G-Leaguers become All Stars this very weekend in Khris Middleton. But nothing is as bright. Nothing is quite like this.

Although not on the level of the Celtics or Lakers. Or even the Sixers or Bulls. Or modern day Spurs and Warriors. The Bucks are still however a storied franchise in the sense they are winners (hello New York). Classic champions in this Hall of Fame. Not to mention that with Oscar and Kareem they have two of the best players of all time, top ten and five. And now with one third of the biggest three players in the league right now that still could reach that ceiling all-time, they have a chance to add to their history book for the record. This is Giannis’ generation. We’re just witness to watching back and forth as this Buck runs the block like a big game James gazelle, leaving defenders Harden grazing.

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We said this before the King came to the Hollywood show, even as Laker fans who love LeBron like Lucy. And it’s still true to this day. If we were to start a team today with one franchise player. We’d go with Giannis as our pick. Every time.

Like a Laker fan millennial whose favourite player should have been Kobe, but needed to talk about Kevin, Giannis is ours today. Like Garnett in his day the Bucks could just clone this guy if they concentrated on the science five times over. Because like the nicknamed alphabet covers almost all the letters, Antetokounmpo can play every position, point to seven feet. Who needs a Sixth Man? It’s no wonder this All Star in Charlotte had a team picked by Giannis playing all the King’s men. But we’re still ‘Team Steph’ too. He’s still one of the greatest players in the league, if not the best like he is in Durant’s Golden State. And what a man of God, professional idol and role model he is. Having fun in his native N.C. this A.S. weekend. From the three point line no contest, to purely playing point with a White Chocolate, Jason Williams twist behind the back. And just check how funny his press conference challenge was from Late Night host Jimmy Fallon, sneaking three weird phrases into his interviews twice. Wham. Bam. Can of ham.

But this is Giannis’ article. His moment. And oh how he is owning it. Like this rebranded cream and green franchise with the best Nike uniforms in the association (especially in the Earned City) and the best player on the planet wearing them. Worth a million Bucks this guy isn’t just bringing business to town and money to Milwaukee. He is the franchise. He is the city. Like he is his country. They say in this state you should fear the deer, but look behind the antlers and you can see what you should really be scared of in itself.

And he’s smiling too like Magic. Well, all born entertainers always do. Even if their instinct is killer in disguise. Now isn’t that the consumate professional you want to come to your pro-ball club?

But word from the Good Land, Cream City sitting uptop the Eastern Conference is their number one ain’t going nowhere.

Hash-tag, ‘Team Giannis’.

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In Loving Memory Of Kobe And GiGi



in loving memory of kobe and gigi


I can barely find the words.

I couldn’t even move this morning. 5AM in Japan, phone constant with concern.

I shouldn’t be writing this.

But it’s all I know. All I can do to pay tribute to this man and his daughter like street artists throughout L.A. taking spray paint to concrete canvas in mural memorial as we speak. Or like Cuban, numbers 8 and 24 being retired throughout the NBA like a Jackie Robinson 42. Or those pair of digits up in the rafters of STAPLES with the rest of the banners raised by the man who was about to walk into the Hall like the ‘Dear Basketball’ he walked away from with an Oscar in his left hand. Right palm holding the shoulder of his daughter he raised, who was carrying his legendary load.

All until this truly tragic day.

It doesn’t feel real. Like waking up from a nightmare or some sick hoax.

Anything but this.

We all know the news now. The helicopter crash that took not only the life of Kobe Bryant, but his daughter Gianna too and Orange County baseball coach John Altobelli and his family and the poor pilot. We remember them all. We send real thoughts and real prayers to them and their loved ones.

The statistics couldn’t measure up to the man. But they say a great deal. The five-time champ. The Olympic Gold medalist in this year of Tokyo, 2020. The multiple All-Star, MVP and scoring champ, fourth all-time. There are some numbers that don’t need an introduction.




The one.

The G.O.A.T. The best ever that we still couldn’t believe couldn’t be back one season like M.J. for one more game. The gifted storyteller penning the wind of his second career to a whole new Academy of glory after rewriting NBA history again and again. All until the cruel and callous fickle hands of fate. Now we can’t believe we can’t ever see him courtside again with GiGi. Breaking the game down to the real love of his life like Vanessa and the rest of his four daughters we are sending all our love to in this devastating morning of heartbreak.

It hurts to write this. But we have to. After the mourning, we have to remember the good times. We have to tell the story of the man and the Mamba Mentality. The man who tore his shoulder and shot through it like a torn jersey. The man who played through a dislocated finger popped back into place like his same shot fading away but never in our memories. The man who tore his achillies, pushed it back in, hit a couple of free throws and walked off the court like the strongest who survived it all. A Mamba a Matt Barnes Spalding to the face fake couldn’t phase. Unmoved. Untouchable. And then he turned him into a teammate and friend like World Peace. This man went to war for the love of the game. Hustle and heart. The Fresh Prince with the ‘fro from Philly who next to the Most Dominant Ever, Shaquille ONeal became a L.A. King like Magic or LeBron. And now they want to make him the logo like Jerry West for the top gun of the wild one and defensive doberman.

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Raise a glass of vino for Vino.

He was our M.J. Our LeBron. Kobe’s game made me want to pick up the pen and put it in words it was so wonderful. He was my first article, so I owe my writing career to him. Without him there is no this. Without him there is no us. No Kevin Durant, Kyle Kuzma, Trae Young. You name them. Your favourite players, favourite player.

YOUR favourite player.

This hurts to much to type. My hand is shaking as I write these lines. I can’t go on. But his memory will in the joy former teammate and alley-oop pitch passer Brian Shaw through raw tears told you to focus on. Just as teams in tribute drilled out 8 half-court and 24 shot clock violations in standing ovation chants. As his Mecca of Madison Square Garden turned purple and gold like many arenas and cities bathed in tribute tonight. Just like Gianna Bryant would have continued his legacy as we know she would of been as an WNBA legend until this heartbreaking day.

Two incredible basketball players lost their lives today. But it’s not about that. Its bigger than basketball. Two incredible people lost their lives today. God look after and watch over the Bryant family.

There were so many beautiful tributes today for Kobe Bryant, but also so many poor practices in reporting. Like TMZ breaking the news before it was confirmed and the family found out. Or the BBC using footage of LeBron instead of Kobe. Forget the distasteful need to be first and do better.

I shouldn’t be writing this. Today is not the day for it. But there’s nothing else I can do. It’s all I’ve got. I’m so sorry.

Dear Kobe and GiGi. Playing in the hoop heavens together.


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Ottawa BlackJacks select Osvaldo Jeanty as first-ever Head Coach



ottawa blackjacks select osvaldo jeanty as first ever head coach
Ottawa BlackJacks introduce Head Coach Osvaldo Jeanty

The pieces of the puzzle are coming together for the Ottawa BlackJacks basketball team.

The start-up Ottawa basketball professional club named former five-time Canadian University champion Osvaldo Jeanty as the franchise first-ever head coach. General Manager Dave Smart made the announcement on Friday morning following a brief search that always included Jeanty’s name at the top of the list.

“Obviously, Osvaldo and I have had a long history together since he was probably 15 or 14, playing club basketball on the Ottawa Guardsmen to his time at Carleton (as player) and then he was my assistant coach at Carleton”, discussed Smart during the press conference.

“Os and I have worked together from a coach, assistant coach perspective, so I know what he’s about in terms of what his exceptions are, and we’re very much inline in terms of what our expectations are, and he knows how I operate and is comfortable working with me. So I think it’s an obvious fit, it’s and easy fit and we are really excited to start working together and put a team on the floor”, further elaborated the former Carleton Ravens on his selection process.

ottawa blackjacks hire osvaldo jeanty as first ever head coach
Ottawa BlackJacks hire Osvaldo Jeanty as first-ever Head Coach

“It’s the first time he’s called me Osvaldo so many times since I was 15, I’m not really used to it.” a smiling Jeanty opened-up about his longtime head coach and mentor during his introductory speech.

Jeanty + Smart winning combination since the late 1990’s

The duo go back to late 1990’s with Jeanty playing for Smart at the Midget and Ontario Basketball U-19 Provincial teams. Under Smart’s guidance, Jeanty flourished as player helping turn the Carleton Ravens’ basketball program into the powerhouse that it is today.

The Ravens’ won five (2002-2007) straight U Sports men’s basketball championships during their time together as a coach-player combo — with Jeanty earning the Final 8 Jack Donohue championship MVP trophy twice, during his freshman and junior campaigns. A proven winner at all levels, Jeanty turned an outstanding collegiate career into a six year pro career, earning a championship with the Giants Nördlingen of Germany’s ProA league.

Inducted into Carleton Ravens Hall of Fame in 2015 — Jeanty earned an additional two titles as a coaching duo during their three-year (2016-19) stretch.

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Both Jeanty and Smart were featured on the cover of the first-ever Canadian Basketball Magazine on March of 2005.

“I just wanted to say how thankful I am to Dave to Mike (Morreale) to the league for giving me this opportunity, also just for the Ottawa community. I’ve been here since I was six-years old and I appreciate what the community has given to me and the opportunity to be able give back to the community that has been so good to me is something that I’m very thankful for. So thank you and I look forward to really bringing a good product out there for the city, for the team and really representing the league the right way.”

osvaldo jeanty carleton ravens win first ever u sports mens basketball championship in 2003
Mike Smart, Jafeth Maseruka, Josh Porier, Osvaldo Jeanty, Rob Smart and Carleton Ravens win first-ever CIS/U Sports Men’s Basketball Championship In 2003

As for the type of style and brand of the basketball the BlackJacks expect to play — Jeanty offered a glimpse of the same championship formula that has led to many successful moments between the now general manager and head coach tandem.

“He’s put into my head since I was 15, in terms of the keys to winning championships and I tend to follow the same of idea. You defend, you rebound, you don’t turnover the ball over — but at the same time you have 24 seconds on the shot clock so you want to play as fast a possible while not turning over the basketball.”

The attention now turns to rounding out the remaining coaching staff positions and the complex process of putting together a championship calibre team — that will undoubtedly have it’s sights on establishing an early grip on the proudly Canadian made Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL) championship trophy.

With the addition of Jeanty to the head coaching ranks the CEBL now features two former Carleton Ravens’ players turned bench bosses. Niagara River Lions head coach Victor Raso also won two national championships as a member of the Ravens.

Coincidentally, Jeanty’s head coaching debut will be against Raso as the Ottawa BlackJacks will kick-off the inaugural 2020 season on the road on May 7th against the Niagara River Lions. The BlackJacks home opener is scheduled for May 14th against the Hamilton Honey Badgers.

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