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The Golden ‘Slate’ Warriors

Time to wipe the slate clean, like a dry erase after a bad play!

O.K. So those new NBA revolution to vest jerseys, that gave our players more to cover their arms with in those air conditioner gyms may have been as well received (even at Christmas) as that alternative Spalding of seasons past, but its a new day and 82. From the Lakers popular ‘Hollywood Nights’ jerseys coming back with an X-X-Sleeve to more colorways than this summer season of Kobe kicks for the sneak freaks it looks like this year sleeves are in.

Now the team that practically birthed this “revolution” with their gaudy yellow alternatives, the Golden State Warriors and poster child Harrison Barnes are back with a ‘slate’ (representing the technological and innovation of the Bay Area) sleeved alternative to their blue and white that is a ‘Rock’ Richmond colour. Whether these jerseys are as popular as those Run-TMC remains to be seen (‘You Illin’) but G.S.W. started a new Adidas revolution with these jerseys by leaking and promoting them through 10 of their most industry influential Twitter followers.

There’s nothing like starting a hash-tag trend, even if word of mouth doesn’t work as well as you thought. They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity right!? Well sales may bust over this internet boom as criticism is cropping up in the comments section for the ‘Dubs new duds more than Curry in the clutch. Some comparing these gray/black numbers to trash bags, hinting that that’s where they belong. Still we like this gunmetal shot by the G.S.W. for the Warriors new war-ready armor, even if some of their best uniforms will always belong in the 90’s and early new millennium portion of the Mitchell & Ness catalogue. Still like their newer logo and rebranding, Golden State know nothing beats the uniform of ‘The City’ more than the classic number tram with the name underneath and the bridge on front even if this team from the California coast should really be on the other side of the bridge in San Francisco for that.

Still out across the water in Oakland fans of the jersey or not just hope the Splash Brothers of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson’s shots don’t turn to the same lead.

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