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Jimmy Butler, The Next NBA Superstar At Your Service



Jimmy Butler, The Next NBA Superstar At Your Service

Stampede through the stars. Gasol, Noah…Rose, heck even the greatest of all-time Michael Jordan. No one right now is causing this much of a stirred up storm in the Windy City than Jimmy.

That’s your Butler to be exact Chi-town. Taking this Bulls team by the horns and putting the city of Chicago that desperately needed this inspiration on his young back like Common.

Last year it was ‘Defensive Player Of The Year’, Joakim Noah that anchored this team under the basket during injury and influence troubles. Then this Summer the fighting Illinois team brought in former Laker champion Pau Gasol during free agency. Hardened and motivated by all that Charmin “soft” overlooked criticism and a man verified like blue ticks in bringing certified championships along with him. And then the number one priority Derrick returned. Rose grew and bloomed from the concrete casket of two years of injury. The man made to make Chicago get over M.J. and the Buls to schedule a stampede parade through the streets of downtown.

Still none of these guys are as big of a difference maker and a title inscriber like their Jimmy killer. Just look at the line. 21.5 point per, 5.5 rebounds and 3.4 assists a game. They’re calling him an All-Star this February in the B.K. but that my friends is superstar status only to get better. When Basketball Buzz caught him in Brooklyn torching Kevin Garnett’s Nets we now saw the passionate number 21 had been passed.

Career numbers of 32 are only going to go sky high for this 6, 7 prototype ballplaying Stud. Right now he’s as cool as his afro styling the league. He’s more than an X-factor and no red crosses. They used to call legend Karl Malone, ‘The Mailman’ because he always delivered, well this Butler at your service always will too.

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Hereeeee’s Jimmy. Now with the big-three of Rise, Gasol and Noah this Chicago fire of title hope is so complete Luc Longley may as well come back. With all this I guess there’s only one more thing we can say…

…sorry ‘Bron!

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