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Lakers Become A Menace With Dennis Schröder

Dennis at 27 is an underrated menace and now in this society expect the Lakers to rip those Compton lettering jerseys off their Clipper rivals like ‘Boyz in Da Hood’.

Lakers Become A Menace With Dennis Schroder
Lakers Become A Menace With Dennis Schroder

Even champions need to change to stay in contention.

Principle agreements have been made between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Oklahoma City Thunder to send back-to-back champion and defensive specialist Danny Green and the Lakers’ 28th pick in this week’s 2020 NBA Draft for Thunder guard Dennis Schröder.

Now clap for that thunderous move.

Recently, the Lakers have been linked with San Antonio in a deal that would bring back former Raptor DeMar DeRozan to his California home in Compton (which would look perfect in Nipsey Hussle Crenshaw blue) for young stud Kyle Kuzma and former San An star Green. A move that Lakers Nation hopes to still see click like heels on the boots of cowboys entering a saloon from the Alamo. Danny is now already on the move with the Lakers’ new draft choice though, and OKC intends to shop his contract like lemonade on a lawn stand in the summer.

So, who knows? Green could end up back in Texas, or even back up north in The Six with another former champion. Sadly it seems his stock has gone down, as his shot hasn’t, but this is still a defensive specialist who knows how to hit it. Not to forget a back-to-back champ. Green will have his day again. Making something of himself like whoever the 28th pick will turn out to be for a team that drafts better than fall weather this autumn.

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Meanwhile, the Lakers are eyeing the talents of the Bucks’ Wesley Matthews to replace Green in the free agent pool. That would make them deeper than L.A. storm drains in their drive for a repeat.

Now it’s Schröder’s time for the new December season this Christmas. Remember, when Russell Westbrook finally left Oklahoma City (how about James’ potential OKC reunion in Brooklyn with KD?)? Dennis was the one bright spot for a future, before Chris Paul showed us why he is one of the greatest points of all time and that he can keep that banana boat going into father time like his fine wine good friend LeBron.

The Lakers have recruited Schröder because they feel they are going to lose another point guard of that generation legend to free agency in the form of Rajon Rondo and Playoff Rondo (hopefully not to their cross-stadium rival Clippers). It seems even champions have a tough time keeping free agents, with Javale McGee selling his Hollywood home and even Laker lover Dwight Howard being tempted by the Golden State of California on the other side of that bridge after his redemption season.

Even Anthony Davis has opted out to cut off all three heads of the Lakers Ghidorah front-court monster. Expect this one to grow back, though, as this just seems like a formality for a big pay day that AD richly deserves. Although, we can’t help but worry — like the time we saw Anthony wear an upside down L.A. Dodger cap in Chicago colours like a “That’s All Folks” t-shirt in New Orleans before the end of his Pelican Mardi Gras.

Focusing on Schröder and his Alex Caruso fresh back-court that will hopefully still include Rondo, who was seen in Lakers coaching attire last team photo for your hand-on-chin pondering emojis, this team now has more than a dynamic duo for your big-threes and GOATs. If they manage to bring DeRozan over to the pack, then it’s all over.

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Dennis at 27 is an underrated menace and now in this society expect the Lakers to rip those Compton lettering jerseys off their Clipper rivals like Boyz n Da Hood. He was the future of the Hawks in the A before Atlanta drafted Trae Young, and he even schooled the young star in a revenge game. YouTube it. Schröder passes with Magic if he’s not dunking instead of dishing and even has Earvin Johnson gushing on Twitter at Rob Pelinka’s latest Hollywood script flip move.

Like Magic tweeted, the good German guard averaged 18.9 points, 4 assists and 3.6 rebounds in 30.8 minutes last season in Oklahoma. These are All-Star numbers, my friends. Expect him to make the shots Green shouldn’t have taken and smash the ceiling Kuz is yet to reach, like kids trying to dunk — not even touching twine.

Jesus may not have been able to block that shot, but Dennis could take it instead for the perfect fit to a LeBron and Anthony Davis, Shaq and Kobe or Magic and Kareem, one-two punch. And BOOM goes the dynamite. This young man’s game is not patchy like the cool soul spot in his Rasheed Wallace-like hair. Expect him to be Showtime exciting and the future of this franchise like AD at 26.

Although, these two did fight once last season, which doesn’t bode well for the Lakers and the biggest free-agent of the off-season. We’re thinking they will probably just admire the competitiveness of each other as they dap and make up.

Just when you thought the Lakers were going to finally get Chris Paul, they found someone else with more thunder for their purple reign.

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