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LeBron & Kyrie’s 40/40 Club Keeps The Cavs Night Alive

Last night we thought we would be writing an eulogy.

This morning it’s one hell of a story.

There will be a Game 6. As staring down the barrel of elimination in this series, the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Golden State Warriors on their own home court to the redemption song tune of 112-97 in Game 5 of this NBA Finals.

And it was all thanks to 41 points…from both LeBron James and Kyrie Irving. The first time in Finals history two teammates have entered the 40/40 club together.

How dya like them now?

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The night is still young in this series…when many people though it was way past adolescene or even adulthood. You thought this NBA season was about to draw out it’s pension and send everybody fishing. But this year and the Cavs one live to fight another day.

Sure the ball is still very much in the Warriors court with a 3-2 advantage in this series. But last night they went through the all too finals familiar complacency cushion. Last night they had three games to wrap this up. Now they have only two. Sure no team has ever come back from a 3-1 deficit in the Finals, but if anyone knows how to rewrite history it’s the King.

Besides it’s 3-2 now!

The Warriors could have started their parade in Oakland last night but history isn’t repeating itself yet. Today they won’t be dubbed champions, even if many think the Cavs are just postponing the inevitable.

Still, wearing their all blacks it was actually these Cavaliers that played mortician in the live or die Game 5. This weeks basketball life may have been giving ‘Bron lemons, but Jay-Z’s boy made…well you know! The King returned all the arrows that have been fired at his Cavalier castle as he and Uncle Drew had the real shooters eye in the Oracle full of Hawkeyes this side of the Pacific. They were the Splash Brothers last night and even though many will call foul play on the suspension of Draymond Green on this day, it’s not like there was no Love lost for Cleveland.

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So save those Free Draymond chants like he’s a political prisoner. The only flagrant thing happening here is a kick to the nuts, but James knows how to get dirty back. As he and Irving combined for as many points as there are games in a record breaking season the rest of his team only had to score 30 points. Curry’s 25 and Klay’s 26 just weren’t enough.

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Now put that on your front page…SPLASH!

Even if the Warriors drive a sword through the Kings heart on the next night they go to battle they won’t take his soul.

He bared it all last night. The once and future King…and everyone’s favourite Uncle.

Ladies and gentelmen…we now have ourselves a series!

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