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The Heat Is On…Miami Honor History, Legacy & Troops With New Big-Three Jerseys



The Heat Is On...Miami Honor History, Legacy & Troops With New Big-Three Jerseys

Cooling off the closet full, court clothing competition this offseason, the Miami franchise have just given us real Heat.

The talents of South Beach have come up with some new flames to join their already fire line of black, red and white hot jerseys that Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade (who presented pop superstar Taylor Swift with her own lucky 13 Heat jersey like Kobe’s banner moment at her concert in Miami last night) and the rest of the South Beach boys will roll out and rock this season which has now official tipped off.

Fans of the tough, 90’s throwback that the legendary likes of Alonzo Mourning and Tim Hardaway wore during their glory days will be pleased to see the white, vintage home jersey is back on the plate for seven games this February. The 1993 signature also comes with a new line of player t-shirts with a 90’s typography look that is fresher than Will Smith when he spent most of the days on the playground.


Welcome back to Miami.

Continuing to do the right thing, the Miami Heat are taking it from ‘History’ to ‘Legacy’ with a crisp white home alternative with red and black trim that pays homage to all the teams flagship colors that roll out during playoff time. These new jerseys feature ‘Miami’ proudly across the chest and back and the players number above instead of traditionally underneath, leaving more room to spill your spaghetti. But still these jerseys are clean.

The Heat’s so fresh and so clean triple header is complete with a look that means so much more as their final camo jersey with Heat red accents is the real deal. The ‘Home Strong’ uniform will be worn to honor the brave men and women of the armed forces as the Miami troops take it to the floor to be worn at games around the Veterans Day Holiday. This classy move has an even classier jersey, featuring this new style of the players number above the Heat name and taking emphasis off the player and instead on what they are playing for…or more appropriately here who they are wearing this jersey for.

With militarily grade aesthetic lettering and custom block nameplates on the reverse this look is complete with the flag waving respect of stars on the right shoulder that honor the five branches of military service and 13 red stripes on the left. Colored in olive and tan these military insignia’s pay tribute to those that defend the nation of the United States Of America whist the Heat strong home team defends their house.

When it comes to the Miami Heat’s new big-three jerseys this one is King.


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