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Welcome to the NBA’s 75th anniversary

The greatest game in the world turns 75…and it’s still so alive!

Welcome To The NBA's 75th Anniversary
Welcome To The NBA's 75th Anniversary

A Kyrie-less Brooklyn had their Nets blown-out by a ring bearing Bucks. Giannis blew past a ‘hack-a-Freak’ like Beanie Sigel rapping on Jay-Z’s ‘American Gangster’ album, “keep my flea collar on, you lil ticks get off me!” Dunking as James Harden tried to reignite their beef, but Antetokounmpo didn’t feel a thing. Winking to his boy Middleton like, “we did it Khris.”

The Lakers lost again, even though LeBron still played like a King. ‘Melo turned his own pump-fake, crowd control meme into a real thing at the free throw line. And a new Jordan emerged.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 75th NBA season.

Commemorated in coronation with a new diamond logo for the anniversary of sport matrimony. Etched onto the hardwood. Stitched into every jersey. All for the memory.

Get on the bus like that now classic commercial and enjoy the ride. And let the air of Michael Jordan be your pilot. But not the one you expect like B’s hilarious cameo in ‘Space Jam-A New Legacy’.

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As a Candace, Chicago championship coming home for the WNBA just celebrated the legacy of the W’s 25th anniversary, the candles are still on the cake…until Gerald Green blows them out. This is the league that gave us the slam dunk like Chick Hearn called it. The three-point shot that one day thanks to guys like ‘Logo Lillard’ might go fourth and so much more in its revolution.

Right as the Spalding revolved around the whole watching world. One that gave us Drazen and Dirk and the Gasol brothers in reply. Right until it changed to the Wilson like A’ja for the forthcoming season. Leaving you screaming like Tom Hanks in ‘Cast Away’.

All of the lights and the celebrities sitting courtside. Spike Lee draped in more orange than a fruit stall in the Mecca of the world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden. The big names stunting. All the true fans in the nosebleeds, eyes and binoculars hunting. And “heeere’s Johnny” how good it is to have Jack Nicholson back in Hollywood.

But the real show is what they came to see on court. From the Minneapolis lakes of first superstars like George Mikan, to the purple and gold Showtime of the Magic man and his tricks going against the blue collar trade of Celtic green beret Larry Bird, letting it fly.

Just as cap Kareem looked on. Now rocking in his retirement chair, writing as many pieces as he used to drop on opponents in sky-hook. All the way to becoming the leading points scorer of all-time. Until the King dethrones him.

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The storied Celtics and all their icons like civil rights activist Bill Russell. The lord of the rings who changed more than the game, even when his own city wouldn’t embrace him. He let that all disappear like Red Auerbach smoke to the rafters of victory banners though. Breaking down barriers at the same time as stopping the most dominate ever outside of the outsized Shaq, Wilt Chamberlain.

The 100 man.

A league that has stood up for Black Lives that will always matter. Taking a knee like Kaepernick. The NBA that has survived two lockouts. And in lockdown has even led the way when it comes to coronavirus quarantine for the world. All in a Disney World Bubble that just wouldn’t burst. How can you not be proud?

From the sweat of Ewing’s hard-fought Knicks in the Big Apple. To the steam off the assembly line of Motor City’s Bad Boy Pistons. We have so much character and identity in a league in Jerry West’s image that refuses to be anything but itself.

Answering critics like Iverson. The ‘Big Ticket’ like KG. ‘The Truth’ like Paul Pierce.

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I still believe.

And how could we forget the real G.O.A.T. in Chicago (no not the Carushow they just got from the Lakers)? His airness. The man whose Nike logo is even more recognizable than the swoosh. The one and only, number 23.

Michael Jordan.

And the kid who came close to him in his last dance. One more time for 24. A salute to Kobe like Devin Booker in his Cadillac as the next generation continues the drive with Mamba Mentality.

Doing the work, the NBA is not done. In a blink of an eye they will have kept it 100. But until then. From Kevin Durant to Trae Young. Steph Curry to Luka Dončić. It’s time to celebrate.

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