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The 2024 NBA Draft’s Family and French Connection

Le repêchage de la NBA de cette année était une question de famille… et les Français.

The 2024 nba draft s family and french connection
The 2024 nba draft s family and french connection

In last year’s NBA Draft, every other team that lost out on the Victor Wembanyama sweepstakes were left muttering the F word.

Pardon their French.

The 2024 draft was all about a couple more words, starting with that letter.

First and foremost, “F” is for family, and once again LeBron James is set to make league history like when he broke the NBA scoring record, previously held by fellow Laker legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Providing number 23 re-sings with the purple and gold, after opting out of the last year of his contract.

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After stealing Dalton Knecht with the 17th pick, LA drafted LeBron James Jr. AKA “Bronny James” with the second round’s 55th pick, and it’s making the earth sick.

Social media is crying “nepotism”. Although no one said anything about Tim Hardaway Jr., Gary Payton II, or Scottie Pippen Jr. The latter two also suiting up for the Lake Show at a time. A pair the team should have never let go.

The rest of the association should at least be happy the Lakers didn’t land Mychal Thompson’s son.

Yet, now LeBron and Bronny James are getting their Ken Griffey family matters on to become the first father and son duo in the NBA to actually suit-up together, everyone is losing their minds.

The King and the Fresh Prince of LA.

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James Jr. will turn pop’s six upside down like Drake to rock the number nine like Laker great Nick Van Exel. “The Quick” co-signing it online.

Others are claiming foul, saying that Bron Jr. doesn’t deserve to be drafted, even though he was taken lower than a millipede’s sneakers.

Did they forget that before his heart condition, Bronny was projected as high as number 19 in media outlet’s mock drafts?

Sure, Rich Paul may have gone lower than Down Under to manifest this destiny, threatening that this prize pick would go to Australia if anyone else chose him, but it’s still a beautiful thing.

Besides, it’s nothing different from what LaVar ball did with Lonzo and the Lakers.

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Let’s allow Bryce to have the last laugh with whether he’ll join his family in a few years time.

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This is all Hollywood, though. The real story of the 2024 NBA Draft has a French connection, like ‘Hoosiers’ star Gene Hackman.

Following Rookie of the Year, Wemby’s first pick, the Atlanta Hawks selected Zaccharie Risacher with the number one choice of this year’s selection. The LNB Élite champion and best young player of 2024 has faced off with Wembanyama’s Mets before. Expect this EuroCup Rising Star of 2024 to soar with the Hawks.

Taking wing behind him is seven-foot, 19-year-old center Alexandre Sarr. The Washington Wizards selected him with the second-pick. The former Overtime Elite and Perth Wildcats (could have been where Bronny ended up) star is getting buzz online for more than those who say he resembles this year’s first pick in the WNBA draft, Caitlin Clark.

Besides, what’s so bad about looking like the future of the game?

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With Tidjane Salaün being selected with the sixth by Charlotte, France have now made history. They have become only the second nation to have three picks in the top ten of the draft.

No prizes for guessing which country was the first.

A Holy Trinity of France’s future, Rudy Gobert swatting the Defensive Player of the Year award again, and of course the Rookie of the Year himself. What more can you say?

Welcome to the French Revolution of the NBA.

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