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Boston Celtics Regal

Forget what they say Boston green hasn’t had its day. Sure the Lakers are the reigning champs and there’s more Heat in Miami but you should never underestimate the pride of a Celtic.

Like Sam Malone in ‘Cheers’ critics are calling time on this ageing team. Sure now these guys nay be seasoned but their nowhere near drawing out pensions.

Look at the San Antonio Spurs for example. There still in the hunt. Sure as they get older there primary weapons may begin to look more like bows and arrows but these Spurs have been clicking around contention for years. This is the exact same space of time that critics have been writing them off.

That’s just the way people see it though right? As soon as you hit 30 it’s over and then after that ‘you’re too old right’?


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It’s time to put that notion to bed. It’s common knowledge that three things win championships; role players, defense…and experience.

Now do the Celtics have plenty of these things in abundance? Role players? Well Glen Davis really is big but his jersey isn’t the hottest seller, so check. Now as for defense, where talking about the Celtics here, so check two. Finally as for experience, well people have said the Celtics are old right?


So next season when all the hype of the summers blockbusters have died down don’t be surprised if it’s the Celtics that are at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Believe it, this won’t be inception. It’ll be Doc, Rondo, KG, Jesus and Paul Pierce. It’ll be the truth.

The Lakers are the team to beat and LeBron, Wade and Bosh have formed a super group for a generation. Take that and the fact that there’s always Magic in Orlando and Nuggets in Denver we definitely have an exciting season on our hands in 2010/2011. Contenders can come from anywhere next year, Dallas, Oklahoma, Chicago. Times are changing but even one of the oldest franchises in league history is moving with the times.

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How can this team even be considered too old when their best player is one of the youngest Point Guard talents in the league? Throw stardom aside because Rajon Rondo hasn’t been the fourth Beatle for a long time now (Sorry Ringo), now this young bucks nipping at the heels of Deron Williams and Chris Paul.

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As for the ‘Big Three’ these guys may not be taking to the stage like Wade and his new pals but they certainly still deserve their place on it.

Kevin Garnett may not be ‘Da Kid’ that was a hive of energy for 48 straight like he was as a Timber wolf anymore but he still brings more energy, heart and enthusiasm then 99% of players in the league. Also as KG has matured his game has to, making him one of the best all round forwards ever, just like Tim Duncan.

Ray Allen’s fade may have gone but his game hasn’t disappeared. His shaved head, three point stroke and killer clutch play (especially come playoff time) is making him look like the closest thing the leagues got to Reggie Miller.

Now as for Paul Pierce. You can’t handle the truth, no one can. He’s still one of the best, top free agent target or not. The Celtics re-gain really is every other team’s loss.

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The rest of Boston’s roster is also taking a shape that Glen Davis would dream of. The re-signing of pint sized, Slam Dunk king Nate Robinson freshens this Green team up nicely. Where as solid guys like Daniels and Perkins hold the team together. Even Rasheed Wallace, a guy close to retirement can offer as much hustle, determination and entertainment as anybody.

The best of the new additions is former All-Star talent Jermaine O’Neal, who gives the team yet another go to guy and one who can come off the bench, or start. This gives the C’s a one, two punch in terms of their first and second teams. Over four quarters they may even be the last team that’s going to look like a bunch of old guys.

Who’s the best player in the league right now? It’s obviously between Kobe and LeBron. Now as for the best team, the two heirs to the throne right now are Boston and LA. That rivalry is very much alive and until Miami prove it instead of just saying so, Boston is still the king of the East. Los Angeles better be careful as well because the boys from Bean town have stopped Showtime before and they where only one game away from doing it again this year.

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Want to know another reason why this Boston team is still relevant? This writer saying all this bleeds purple and gold!

You can’t ignore truth, isn’t that right Paul?

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