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Brandon Ingram Is An All-Star. Lonzo Ball’s Got Next



brandon ingram is an all star lonzo balls got next
Ingram is in...


That’s what fans jeered to Brandon Ingram from the foul-line last year with NBA trade deadline day approaching and the Lakers looking to add as many holes in their boat as possible to ship a deal for New Orleans Pelican, Anthony Davis.

But after that season was all folks, a deal wasn’t made and A.D. still had another full season before he’d be on the way to being a free agent. So the Lakers pulled the trigger and shot every part of their young core and more picks than ice to Louisiana for the big man they thought would take them from losers to winners (he has), but they did get to keep Kyle Kuzma. So they thought it was all good.

It wasn’t.


But don’t take this the wrong way.

Don’t trade Kuz.

Otherwise the young core of Julius Randle, D’Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson, Larry Nance Jr., Ivica Zubac, Thomas Bryant, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart and Lonzo Ball will officially be done for the team that drafts better than beer but gives up quicker than Instagram relationships.

Apart from Alex Caruso.

But after four place votes out West why isn’t this cult hero an All-Star?

Well Brandon Ingram is.

And D’Angelo Russell isn’t even one this year…but he’s still the man in the Bay. Maybe the only one at the moment. Until Steph Curry comes back with the shot.

brandon ingram skies for rebound new orleans pelicans
Brandon Ingram skies for rebound New Orleans Pelicans – Photo: New Orleans Pelicans

But B.I. has gone full ice in my veins for NOLA this year in Crescent City. Going hard in the Big Easy. Now was the price for Davis really worth the cost? Brandon may just be a boss. Critics with nothing in the clip thought he was a glorified gunner. A Sprewell slasher. But Ingram has inspired averages of 25 points, 6.3 rebounds and 4.3 assists per in just over a half hour of P.T. and no personal trainer, the skinny slugger who holds more weight in his game has been named a reserve to the NBA’s mid-season classic.

The kids is still a young Kevin Durant. But now he’s his own star and playing next to the new dynamic duo of the Lake Show in King James and Anthony Davis in the West best he may just show Showtime that the Lakers traded the wrong guy.

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From “LEBRON’S GONNA TRADE YOU” to riding with the King again.

But still don’t trade Kuzma.

Not even for Rose.

Brandon Ingram like D’Angelo Russell is an All-Star now.

And like Kyle Kuzma fellow Pelican Lonzo Ball will be one too.

He’s got next…with all due respect to Josh Hart. Although he will be a legendary role player in the Fisher, Fox and Horry mould.

And you thought this was going to be the year of Zion? But Williamson could still be Rookie of the Year. If anyone can do it in half a season it’s him. And we haven’t even got to New Orleans’ Holiday yet like Mardi Gras.

But in a year when even the likes of Bradley Beal and Devin Booker have been snubbed this February valentines like Adam Sandler and Kevin Garnett’s Academy of ‘Uncut Gems’ at the Oscars, there’s not room for everyone on the cut. But you best believe Ball will past like his kid brother drafted with the Spalding next season. Ball is magic with the rock. Even if President Johnson wanted him trading places like Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd. The way he passes and sets the table is like no other waiter. And when he runs the break like a lion with Zion for the next 82 no one will pass him up as he’ll have his seat like reservations at 8:00.

lonzo ball layup new orleans pelicans
Lonzo Ball goes in for a lay-up – Photo: New Orleans Pelicans

Ball will join Brandon like Ingram joins Dame Time, Spida, The Joker, CP3, the Stiffel Tower and Why Not? That’s Lillard, Mitchell, Jokic, Paul, Gobert and Westbrook. Now Ingram just needs a nickname.

And we can do a lot better than the skinny slugger.

How about ‘The Big Easy’?

Because right now this is his city.

Until next week when he is in Chi-town.

From lost in Lakerland to Untouchable in Chicagoland.

No one deserves it more.

Trade THAT!

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Lakers cut Cousins for Hollywood Morris vs Morris twin brothers story



lakers cut cousins for hollywood morris vs morris twin brothers story
Keep the family close...

Pelican and Wildcat pack connected with Laker superstar Anthony Davis and veteran legend point Rajon Rondo, when the Lakers copped Sacramento Kings great DeMarcus Cousins this off-season it was meant to be their strongest Summer signing. Reuniting D.C. with A.D. after their N.O. year this was just a campaign after Cousins related to a Durant, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, Golden State Warriors superteam that only last season, after the arrival of the big-man — fans around the league were calling not playing fair.

Because Boogie down low was the best center in the league, reminded us of an explosive TNT hybrid of Shaq and Chuck. But his post power productions have been crippled by injury even if he ill-advised but all heart tried to redemption return for his former Warriors’ team in the losing finals against the Raptors.

Now out of California again, even though he is no longer a Warrior, like K.D. you can always dub DeMarcus as one.

Meanwhile, whilst Lakers fans were celebrating Cousins arrival with caution once they knew he still needed time to recover, the Lakers brought back to bewilderment the infamous name of Dwight Howard. It looked laughable and ludicrous to bring back the former Mickey Mouse superstar even on a non-guaranteed contract. Especially when there were other former All Stars and future Hall of Famers on the market (Carmelo Cough Anthony).


It looked like chemistry cancer. But it was as natural as biology. And then so many rebounds, blocks, dunks, one contest and guaranteed contract later and the redemption reunion was set for a season that took everyone by surprise. The epic, emphatic energy Hollywood needed way back when flipped the script, as changing his legacy number 39 dunked all over the legend of 12 with his signature smile.

Just when the Lakers thought their dynamic Wilt and West, Magic and Kareem, Shaq and Kobe following dynamic duo of the beard and the brow of LeBron James and Anthony Davis had a big-three like Miami in DeMarcus Cousins, it actually turned out that the Lakers had a big-three Ghidora like post blocking and dunking monster of Davis, Dwight and of course all-time fan favourite, JaVale McGee. But still fans thought that once D.C. came back to Cali’s capital, another head would grow. But now the Lakers have cut it off like a broken leg in the Wild West wilderness this Winter.

The Lakers have waived DeMarcus Cousins before he ever played a single game or before he got the chance to show that he’s still got it like that. But trust he still will as another team will pick him up (if only it was the Lakers next season as DeMarcus talked about how much he liked this brotherhood 1 through 15 before sharing on Instagram his “tough times don’t last. Tough people do” tattoo following the cut). Forget a Howard’s end in redemption, there’s about to be a revenge reunion. Especially if a rival picks him up in these mind games.

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Because the Lakers have just played one whilst hopefully not playing themselves. Cousins could have been that Rasheed Wallace like Pistons’ signing after the trade deadline that could have guaranteed them a chip (and do we remember who that Detroit Bad Boys reboot team beat in the finals that season? I will give you a clue. Even adding the Mailman and Glove of Karl Malone and Gary Payton wasn’t enough). Although rumour has it with him rehabbing at the Lakers facility for the rest of the year (this isn’t the first time the Lakes have made a classy move like this. See, Xavier Henry), after this sacrifice he may re-sign with the Lakers this Summer anyway. But now however the Lakers’ have brought in another former Piston to hopefully fuel their assembly line.

After missing out on ‘Melo and Andre Iguodala the Lakers didn’t want to make the same mistake for one of the best on the buyout, even if they have just added the realest to the free agent pool to get him. The hustle and heart of Markieff Morris is exactly the true grit this Hollywood team needs for the playoffs that they have been missing since they didn’t re-up Tyson Chandler.

Bolstering the Caruso and cook-ed up bench and backing-up and giving more three space for Kyle Kuzma. But what’s more like the dreads and headband, Spider-Man pointing match-up of Harkless and Jae Crowder, the Lakers now have a Morris vs Morris brother Hollywood story perfect for their script ending that should see the Battle for Los Angeles Western Conference Finals closing chapter with the Clippers that much more compelling.

Now the L.A. King one-two punches of James and Davis versus Kawhi Leonard and Paul George have more in reserve for Markieff and Marcus matching-up with twin ambition. And it’s going to make for some epic entertainment come playoff time that we can preview at the start of April for the California clash rescheduled after the tragic death of Kobe and GiGi Bryant. And what’s more Marcus says the brothers after playing together for years are going to live in the same house in Los Angeles. That should make for some awkward dinners after we see who is eating come June.

The Lakers have just gained another brother. But in this Fast and Furious league when it’s all about family, don’t forget about your cousins.

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Wade In The Rafters. The Heat Rises To 3



wade in the rafters the heat rises to 3
Wad3's World...

How’s this for a Flashpoint in NBA history?

Tonight the Miami Heat gave us ‘The Flashback’. DeLorean riding back to the future of last season. Were Dwyane Wade rocking a red Heat hot bomber jacket that was all “Great Scott” Marty McFly had his number three jersey under all that retired, as the Heat rose his 3 to the rafters in a flash.

After ‘One Last Dance’ for Dwyane last season were he swapped jerseys like trading cards, Wade and his former coach and President Pat Riley watched his last jersey go up past the nosebleeds to the ceilings he smashed, arm in arm like a proud father watching a home video of his sons wedding on the highlights of the jumbotron.

The relationship is exactly like that. Built on a fatherly foundation.


Miami has had a matrimony with Wade from the Chicago towns own All Star start, championship run on his own and then post Bulls and King reunion return to redemption.

Some may say Shaq. 90’s purists Zo Mourning and Timmy Hardaway. Others the greatest of all-time LeBron James forming like voltron with another Heatle that’s about to have his jersey retired, Chris Bosh. But let’s face it when it comes to Miami Heat players and franchise faces, D-Wade is the G.O.A.T.

Legacy. Legacy. L3gacy.

This is the way of Wade. How its been and how it will always been up in the air of those American Airlines. A father first and always part of the Miami family when the South Beach welcomed him like Will Smith, this guy is for life like Bad Boys and the number 3 that Martin Lawrence’s Marcus has framed in his own living room rafter raise for the latest sequel.

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What you gonna do?

This was a Florida city union like pink or turquoise neon, or the ’till death do us part loyalty of ‘Bad Boys II’ and ‘LA Finest’ spin-off star Gabrielle Union. The port of Miami Rick Ross rocked the mic and even King James sent a video tribute from his Californian Lakerland as fellow retired club legends Chris Bosh and Ray Allen were in awe attendance.

“Life is good” Wade said like Nas for this two hour special that seemed ready made for an ESPN documentary. 30 for 30 or 3 for 3.

3 in ’03 to infinity for his sweet 16. The sun will never go down on the legendary legacy of Miami’s adopted son.

And in a tragic start to 2020, like Chi guy Wade embracing an emotional Allen Iverson in a Kobe number 8 tribute throwback this moment was the answer to the pain from our prayers.

Now all that is left is one last step to the Hall.

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