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Hilarious Kobe Bryant “Let it Tank” Parody



If you are Kobe Bryant or Lakers fans this might just be the best four minutes you spend in your whole entire life. The hilarious Kobe Bryant “Let it Tank” parody has it all, great concept, great animation and just plain a hilarious. #Rewind

Here are a few of the amazing gems buried inside the four minute parody including time markers.

“Coach Scott call Isolation and SwaggyP is setting the screen” @ 25-30 second mark

“I don’t care if i’m overpaid”

“And defenders that couldn’t control me, now just steal the ball” @ 1:40-1:45 minute mark

“Our power forward broken his shin during his first game, now i can’t tell you half of our players names” @ 2:45-2:49 minute mark

“Mambacopter” – @ 3:05 minute mark

“Carlos Boozer piloting the “Mambacopter”!”

Even Ice Cube makes an appearance!

“Let it tank, Let it tank, Let it tank!”

What’ is your favorite part of this masterpiece?


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