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Le documentaire de Tony Parker ‘The Final Shot’ sur Netflix est magnifique

Tony Parker’s “Final Shot” documentary is on available on Netflix is streaming now like the eyes of opponents when TP dipped through the lane and dropped the teardrop on them.

Le documentaire de Tony Parker 'The Final Shot' sur Netflix est magnifique
Le documentaire de Tony Parker 'The Final Shot' sur Netflix est magnifique

One last shot.

It’s easy to forget, but not forgive the ignorance that fails to realize that Tony Parker is a GOAT.

One of the greatest point guards of all-time.

One of the greatest European players of all-time. Top five. Dead or alive. Drazen, Dirk, Luka and Pau.

THE greatest Frenchmen of all-time in rising game of basketball and if it wasn’t for Zidane or Henry maybe sports.

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Quite simply one of the greatest players in the history of the game. In the NBA as a World Champion, or in the wider world as an Olympian and French champion.

Don’t just look at his name like the nine up in the rafters. Put some respect on his GAME.

Because the fantastique French documentary on Netflix, ‘The Final Shot’ directed real and refreshingly by ‘Get Up Stand Up’s’ fantastic Florent Bodin does just that.

Streaming now like the eyes of opponents when TP dipped through the lane and dropped the teardrop on them. A shot that looked as weak as bawling eyes, but in actual fact was truly balling. As strong or as unstoppable as a Kareem sky-hook and impossible to guard even though it always looked in reach. Just out of fingertip grasp, it was as graceful as it was powerful. Brutal as it was beautiful.

Following Netflix taking ESPN’s 30 For 30 ‘The Last Dance’ documentary about the Chicago Bulls’ final run out of the bull-pen in quarantine solidarity, this final season doc’ begins with Michael Jordan heaping high praise on the kid that looked up to him from the gyms in Lyon, France. But this was during MJ’s closing steps as a Bull and not as of late when Parker finished his career with the Jordan owned Charlotte Hornets. This time though does offer some closing comments from the greatest on the French GOAT. As during a Jumpman trip to Paris for Saint Germain, 23 is now glad to call number 9 “a friend”.

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“He’s responsible for me not winning more championships” a familiar voice says as the clapperboard shuts and his foot tapping focus in Charlotte sneakers come into play. This documentary is dedicated to the memory of the Black Mamba, Kobe Bryant and 24 details Tony’s mentality too.

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Competitor for competitor. Respect for respect as real recognizes real. Your tears will feel familiar like the ones we shed when we saw him in ‘The Last Dance’. But then it will all turn to chuckles and that signature smile as Kobe tells a story on how Lakers teammate Rony Turiaf (also offering inspired insight in this program) used to teach him French to mess with his former high school teammate Parker.

Tony wouldn’t even react. But deep down, he absolutely loved it.

Former teammate and opponent in both the NBA and the FIBA world stage, Pau Gasol also offers some compelling narrative to one of the greatest international basketball stories ever told. As does fellow Frenchmen and Spur Boris Diaw. Not to mention great friend Thierry Henry.

It’s hard to be the best Frenchman in sports when that kind of soccer competition is in the other beautiful games arsenal. Just like it’s hard to be the greatest Spur when you’re standing next to the ‘Twin Towers’ of ‘The Admiral’ David Robinson and Tim Duncan, the greatest power forward of all-time. But him and Manu Ginobili like an international, mini backcourt pair of pillars in The Alamo were among them.

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Just ask Pop…who’s also here with some hallmark stories that only he could tell. In his one-of-a-kind way.

Just realize, like the association should that the San Antonio Spurs and their big-three that came before the one that splashed in the Pacific for the Golden State Warriors are more than “just” a dynasty whose window has been open more than long summers. Like a Laker or Celtic banner they are one of the most successful and storied franchises in not only basketball, but sports as a whole.

However, Parker was more than a Spur and we’re not just talking about when he refused to let injury cripple his career in Charlotte. Just like this family man was more than a Hollywood gossip piece after his marriage to ‘Desperate Housewives’ star Eva Longoria. The President of ASVEL Basket did more for this global game in his country and European continent than anyone that came before or probably after him did or will do. He’s even built schools like LeBron.

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Time for your education to his dedication.

In his country he’s King. it’s time the man who was awarded the French Order of Merit is given yours.

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Just watch and give it up.

Très bien.


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