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Investing in Canadian basketball benefits: Canadians who love and play the sport, your investment portfolio, and BasketballBuzz. Your investment assists our grassroots initiative designed to support the creation and development of Canadian Basketball media content. Supporting the underdog means an investment in innovation, in the future of the sports media.

It’s time for investors to take a new look at the Canadian basketball community. Basketball in Canada is growing in popularity like never before. It has established NBA professional athletes, rising stars, and a dedicated fanbase. It’s recognized as a serious sport, but it’s communities need to be invested in for them to stay strong. At BasketballBuzz, we understand that Canadian basketball needs the most support today — while it’s still growing — providing the best opportunity for your early investment.

@BasketballBuzz, a leader in Canadian basketball media is looking for investors to help take BasketballBuzz to the next level. Serious inquiries only. Please complete the form below and we will make sure to touchbase with you as soon as possible!

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