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Nike & Kobe go from Mandarin to Mango

Nike & Kobe go from Mandarin to Mango
Nike & Kobe go from Mandarin to Mango

After their sensational sneaker symphony ‘Beethoven’ caught everyone’s eyes and ears, Nike and their new Air Jordan, Kobe Bryant have something else for their summer owning canvas of court colourway apparel for the feet.

The Kobe 9 EM, just went electromagnetic with two new flavours to refresh the August rush of enjoying the last few days of sun…and you thought those blue and orange jams where the ‘Peach’.

Mamba goes ‘Mango’ for a new bright orange look that looks and feels like something a track star would wear. Maybe one from the Netherlands. Hey, with these flexible and movable low tops they could probably get away with wearing them in their sport too, but lets not jump the starters pistol. These effervescent sneaks are stitched to a a sweet design and the dark green soles look so authentically the part that if you cut into them with a knife they’d probably bleed fruit red…but surely you’d never do that to these babies. A perfect pair so bright they could illuminate the street they can be worn on at night like downtown Tokyo neons.

Peach Cream/Bright Mango

Release Date: August 28th, 2014
Price: $160

Nike & Kobe China Edition

A little further east however and we have the ‘China’ colorway that drops this weekend following the Mango’s release today. Honouring Kobe’s recent trip to the country where he’s treated even more like a God…sorry Yao, these sneaker options in traditional red and yellow could outfit the feet of the Chinese national team they look so authentic. If not that with their shiny metallic finish someone might want to call Iron Man as these shoes could help the superhero Avenger with his own hops. They are certainly painted the right way. These dragons are straight fire to the sunset of the beach ready Mango. 

No matter your painted poison when it comes to these perfect pumps its clear Kobe and Nike are just doing it. The corridors of the Kicks Hall Of Fame just keep squeaking because this is just too clean. Everyone else needs to step it up or keep walking. Kobe’s back. Number one with a tick!

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Kobe 9 China Edition

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Release Date: August 30th, 2014
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