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Brooklyn Net Deron Williams Raises ‘World Autism Awareness’ To The Roof Of New York’s Empire State Building

Bathed in blue, the city of New York was a sight to behold even more than usual last night.

From the Empire State Building to the Rockefeller Centre and the proud One World Trade Centre, three buildings alone in N.Y.C, joined 13,000 landmarks around the world from London’s Trafalgar Square to Rio De Janeiro’s Christ The Redeemer that where lit up in blue last night.

Blue was the colour yesterday that marked and raised ‘World Autism Awareness Day’ to new heights. 70 million people around the world live with Autism and 1 child in every 68 in America too is diagnosed with the condition that affects social interaction, communication, interests and behaviour. One being the son of All-Star, NBA player Deron Williams. Taking it on himself and in his sons name, D-Will has joined NBA Cares to help aid the awareness of Autism around the world. This may just be the Brooklyn Nets’ perfect passers greatest assist. Last night he lent one more, by switching on the blue light of the most iconic building in the Empire State, if not the whole, wide watching world.

All eyes and lenses were on this Empire State Building last night more than usual. For a building that is lit all sorts of colours, from red on St Valentines to green on St Patrick’s Day, this may just be its most important shade. Just like yesterdays ‘Top of the Rock’ switch on will be even more important than the iconic Christmas tree lighting that happens every year…like this now should.

You see Autism is an issue that needs all our help and attention and none of our ignorance. Once the issue was something that in the entertainment industry was only brought to light from a groundbreaking and award winning Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman movie and one of the best and most important films of all-time in ‘Rain Man’. A film that from the cultural impact of the entertainment industry did for Autism what Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington’s ‘Philadelphia’ did for AIDS awareness, just like when the Empire State Building is lit up pink.

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Now, however everyone’s playing their part. From the purple reign of music megastar Prince performing ‘Autism Rocks’ concerts for a matter close to his heart, to legendary television and stand-up comedy star Jerry Seinfeld telling the world he’s on the spectrum. Last nights colour goes the extra length too, extending even further than its field of vision.

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Still for all the organisational and entertainment world do for Autism awareness, as well as the incredible, charities and people that help directly and inspiringly on a day-to-day basis, this is for every individual that lives with Autism every day. This is for those individuals that show us exactly that. That it’s not about the labels of some peoples ignorance, but the individuals themselves that make this life as creatively diverse and person to person different as its beautifully supposed to be.

For those who don’t get it…it’s time to shed some light…




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