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Tyrese Maxey and Tyrese Haliburton – The Fast and the Furious

Sharing a name with each other and a famous ‘Fast and Furious’ film star, Tyrese Maxey and Haliburton are living life in the NBA fast lane.

Tyrese maxey and tyrese haliburton the fast and the furious
Tyrese maxey and tyrese haliburton the fast and the furious

Earlier this month, we gave you ‘A Tale of two Russells‘. Now, here’s a story about a pair of Tyreses.

Tyrese Maxey and Tyrese Haliburton’s praises can be sung for more than their shared, R&B singer like, moniker. The two big point guards both push the pill across the Eastern Conference, representing the next generation of NBA ball.

The position Stephen Curry revolutionized is now been taken to the extremes by two shooting guard sized power players, who can still handle the rock like Kevin Hart.

They’ve both already been on the iconic cover of SLAM magazine. Maxey has even had a high-class GQ feature. Whereas, Haliburton put on for his city in this year’s All-star weekend in Indy. Basketball’s Super Bowl.

These pair of points can pass, but will never pass up a shot they don’t like. They can hit from anywhere and ring up the numbers on the box score like supermarket registers on a Sunday afternoon.

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Enthralling. Exciting. Capable of making epic plays. Their careers could be classics once their collective hardwood history is done. But slow down, like they know how to on the break, running the floor and orchestrating the offence with the conduction and conviction of a concert maestro. Haliburton is 24 and Maxey won’t even see those candles on his cake until the same November Wyclef Jean was gone until.

Rocking the dreads, Mad Max is a poster boy pin-up for Philly. Meanwhile, for his SLAM cover feature, Hali’ brought back the blue jeans and Tims like this was the same era of hip-hop that Nelly was boasting about being the best on Maverick Carter’s ‘The Shop’. Expect both these cats to continue treating the tunnel walk to their arena like a fashion runway too, in this era of the league fit.

Standing at six-foot-five and weighing in at 185 pounds, Wisconsin’s Tyrese Haliburton graduated from Iowa State to become the 12th pick in the 2020 NBA Draft. Ever since, he’s been playing like he should have been taken top three.

Reaching the heights of six-foot-three and packing 200 pounds of NBA muscle and hustle, Tyrese Maxey from Dallas, Texas was drafted 21st overall in the very same draft as his namesake. He’s been proving he belongs in the league’s holy trinity since then too.

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Flip the ridiculous 12 around to the even more ludicrous 21 and what’s reflected is that both Tyreses, who now put the league to sleep like slow jams, were slept on the same as alarms that are forgotten to be set.

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You best believe the whole league is waking up now, like the watching world.

Showing that Indiana is his team and not Myles Turner’s (with respect where it’s due), Haliburton could be the best Pacer since Reggie Miller.

Proving that he’s the right-hand man to the MVP Joel Embiid, Tyrese Maxey has long since made Sixers fans forget about James Harden. Mastering some of the moves The Beard taught him.

This fresh crop of youngsters is a cut above the rest.

Team USA experience with the Paris Olympics on the horizon. All-star selections with a “super” status to come as hardwood heroes. It only gets better for the twin Tyreses.

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You can’t spell Maxey without “max”, and Haliburton already has one of those contracts to his signed name. Expect the same to follow for Philly’s Tyrese, who became the sixth 76er to record 50 points, five rebounds and five assists in a single game. Joining the legendary line and likes of his teammate Embiid, Allen Iverson, Dana Barros, Hal Greer and the ‘Big Dipper’, Wilt Chamberlain.

Oh, and both point guards, rivals and friends also rock the Westbrook zero. From nothing to everything.

Now, isn’t that something?

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