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Eyebrows Down…Anthony Davis Out For The Season, Possibly Olympics

Time to shut it down and furrow those eyebrows!

New Orleans franchise face Anthony Davis will no longer fly to the nets with the Pelicans this campaign, after a series of injuries from his shoulder all the way down to his knee have forced him down.

Although possibly the youngest and best big man in the league was averaging 24.3 points, 10.3 rebounds and around 2 blocks per contest, with the Pelicans an N.O. for the playoff picture and only 14 games left in the frame before the playoff brackets its only right that franchise player and team called it a season.

But with his 82 eighty-sixed questions remain. Basketball fans have to ask themselves will this superstar who will need to go under the knife miss out on the Olympic games this Summer in South America’s Brazil?

Just 23 years old, this kid was just a rookie who hadn’t logged a second of time in the NBA when Team USA won gold in the last Olympics. But Davis drafted by the then Hornets out of the University Of Kentucky sat on the end of this Dream Teams bench like Duke’s Christian Laettner in ’92. Soaking up knowledge from the Kobe and King best like his body did the electolites in Gatorade. Charging him up for his big league debut and making him a winner in London, England’s 2012 games before he even went up for a contested tip off in the association.

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Back then he was an instant star in this league, but in the Big Smoke played the kind of minutes you find in the bottom of your wallet whilst looking for cab fare. This time round however when it comes to value for his country, like club this guy is big bucks. Although the next Team USA has not been named, if healthy he’s as likely to see his name on the team sheet like new Nike jersey promoter Kevin Durant. This Ant man could literally be the giant 7 foot difference between the top of the podium…and the bottom in bronze.

With him the U.S. stands united. Without they fall…divided.

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Davis deserves a medal for all he’s done for New Orleans but after busting his knee after colliding with former teal and green city boy Chris Paul in December, come next year he’ll just want to get back down to business.

Then the Olympian can go after his own five rings.

Until then its up to someone else to carry the torch…and keep that flame lit!

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