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Do The Lakers Ball Or Buy George?

Do The Lakers Ball Or Buy George?
Do The Lakers Ball Or Buy George?

Ball or retreat to P.G.?

After the Los Angeles Lakers 2016/2017 season finished without a Hollywood ending, the famous franchise are already busy planning next years sequel reboot.

President Magic, G.M Rob Pelinka and Head Coach Luke Walton are going back to the dry-erase drawing board in L.A., but they’ve got a lot to work with for their escape from elimination.

From the previous playoff-less Draft lottery’s the loss Lakers have made the right choices with some perfect choices no matter the round. But now this postseason they look to hit the jackpot.

D’Angelo Russell may be running things at the Point position and this years number 2 pick and rookie Brandon Ingram could really be the Kevin Durant future for this young Golden State Warrior like death by small-ball band of brodies. But Magic Johnson and his legendary Lakers are looking for a new post-Kobe leader and they could find him in one hot Summer.

The young core of Ingram, Russell, big-man Julius Randle, gunner Jordan Clarkson, dunker Larry Nance Jr. and the biggest surprise of all Ivica Zubac are only a few years of maturity and no trade demands away from really being something. These guys were winning like sportsmen-no tankers-so much to end the season they almost played themselves out of draft position. But stick one more glue guy to this potent mix that stretches all the way down to the young bench of the boom clap of Tarik Black, the training camp survivor Thomas Robinson, the late trade of Tyler Ennis and the D-League star for the Los Angeles D-Fenders (soon to be South Bay Lakers) David Nwaba and the Lake Show could go on this far right now.

And if previous draft luck would have it the Lakers have to trust the balls. And with the third pick in this years upcoming NBA Draft it may just all be fate like a Vin Diesel film for these guardians of L.A.’s galaxy. Especially as the most famous member of the Ball family (no matter what father LaVar tells you) that features a high school kid by the name of LaMelo hitting Wilt numbers of 100 (take that Devin Booker…you too Muse Cage), LaVar Ball looks to be the prize pick of this years selection. And the U.C.L.A star doesn’t want to leave L.A. like Kurt Russell in the 80’s. The kid like Jason may aswell crossover to the Lakers new training facility in the university of California’s campus as he wants to be the next Earvin. And show his big-man Point Guard pedigree and magic to the Lakers.

We don’t know where that will leave D’Angelo or 6 man to be Jordan in the Lakers brodie backcourt but LaVar is adamant that he wants to join the Lakers and continue his L.A. legacy. And what better way for the Lake Show to get to the basket than with Ball? But there’s another P.G. from Cali’ that wants to end up in Lakerland perhaps even more. And by George do the Lakers want him. He may have just been swept by LeBron James and his Land of Cavaliers in the first round of the Playoffs last week but Paul George’s game is still as hot as his best in the league right now Nike sneakers…and his Indiana Pacers almost crept up on the King for a few games.

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George has overcome some Tracy McGrady like career crippling injuries to become still one of the best players in the L and certainly the most versatile in this association. But it’s clear his basketball Jones wants out of Indiana. Almost as transparent as his desire to don the purple and gold like Magic’s wink on Jimmy Kimmell in return, tampering or nudge, nudge not. The injury-prone number 13 may seem unlucky for some. But last seasons number 24 change rebirth might just be another sign that he’s about to follow in Kobe Bryant’s sneaker steps as the next Laker icon.

Now trying to accomodate everyone, Magic Johnson-a man so nice he probably holds automatic doors open for people-will go to war with friend and former Celtic foe Larry Bird again. As the Pacers owner driving around New York in an Indy inspired motor car looks to out race his former Laker rival in New York and back home this Summer. Keeping Paul like the Clippers did a nixed CP3 and in turn Earv’s Lakers at bay. George will be a free agent in 2018 but why wait to make an offer and lose out? The Lakers tried to snag him before the trade deadline and in a summer blockbuster could offer their top 3 or a member of their core and their late first round pick acquired from a trade for what could have been their Sixth Man of the Year Lou Williams for PG-13. The guranteed superstar who is still only 26 years young. Judging from their last few late first round picks (Clarkson, Nance and Zubac) let alone their top ten picks the Lakers might not want to part company with this type of potential personnel however. And do the Lakers give up Ball like Smush Parker with the rock? Even if there’s no gurantee he won’t go one or two.

Looks like these young Lakers should play the waiting game, but by George we think they’ve got Paul. Either way soon L.A.’s lay-up line is going to have more finger rolls than a buffet at George Gervin’s house.

Now which P.G. do you think the new Lakers should go for? The Drake lookalike before we thanked him later that could give them more life or the T-Mac one that can replace number 24 like jerseys to be retired?

Or should we just let LaVar decide?


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