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Lakers Showing Zubac California Love



NBA: Detroit Pistons At Los Angeles Lakers

Julius Randle. Jordan Clarkson. D’Angelo Russell. Larry Nance Jr. Brandon Ingram.

How do you want it?

Zubacalypse Now?

“Wait! What?” We hear you say! You’ve seen the Zubac Shakur t-shirts. The Zudacris album cover memes. Even the official Lakers Instagram post mere minutes ago stating that they’ve just landed in “Zuston”, Texas. Yeah they’ve got a problem in downtown Los Angeles…for everyone else that is.

Because 7-footer Ivica Zubac is the next big thing for the young Lakers and their central 21 or younger core.

And all eyes are on he. Even if the skinny on Zubac is a long way and career from the rafter heights of giants like Mikan, Wilt, Kareem and Shaq. The Goliath Gods of storied Laker legend history.

Yet still the Lakers rise, searching for better days…we’re surprised they even know who 2Pac is.

But soon the whole league is going to know who Zubac is…even if L.A. have to rename themselves the ‘Los Angeles Lakerz’.

Those ‘Thug Life’ youtube videos are about to take on a whole new meaning.

Ivica has been inspiring for a live and die in L.A. minute now. Ever since graduating from the D-League D-Fender affiliate assignments to a starting position in the middle of these new young guns of Hollywood that even sees reigning NBA champion with Cleveland, former Cavalier Timofey Mozgov shut down for the remainder of the season. Sitting with that contract almost as big as he is for what may be his last purple and gold campaign. And we thought a talent like All-Star Luol Deng sitting on the bench was crazy. But have you seen fellow Dukie, rookie Brandon Ingram really play to his Durant potential? Never mind that have you seen the Lakers “other” rookie play lately? From holding his own against former Laker future big man of a legendary lineage Dwight Howard, whose script was rejected in La La Land, to the records he broke just last night. And you thought the purple Lakers struck second round gold in the last two drafts with Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance’s boy. Man is it third time just as lucky. And with three top ten picks that are anything but busts the Lakers are a six shooting team with the California golden future and State Warriors in their sights and scope. Rounding out as a complete team right now, from the backcourt brodies to the versatile swingmen and bigs there are no holes in this chamber…not even the middle.

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And this came before all the tricks from Magic Johnson’s trade as the elected President of the Los Angeles Lakers next to first lady Jeanie Buss and G.M. and former Hollywood agent of Kobe, Rob (Lowe) Pelinka. Now this youth in revolution led by barely out of his player days and still in his playing years head coach Luke Walton is so young and strong, the brass led by Buss doesn’t mind trading old for young. From letting go of talent like probable Sixth Man of the Year Lou Williams and foreign points Marcelo Huertas and Jose Calderon for the impressing likes of Corey Brewer, Tyler Ennis and another D-League L.A. D-Fender call up, dunking David Nwaba.

But last night it was another former development league stud that was putting the D on Denver last night. Swatting shots off the glass as per his new trademark style and getting the crowd out their seats with his two handers on the other end he usually starts or ends with a rebound. Even if Ivica Zubac called out that the Lakers should have been “ashamed” of themselves following their tank like 129-101 loss in the mile-high city. Despite Denver’s new international star Nikola Jokic, AKA ‘The Joker’ holding all the cards and Nuggets stating that this Croatian is going to be “really great” in the NBA. The Lakers may have lost a lot lately but they have really won with Zubac, who has followed all his breakout games for L.A lately with a big, record 25 point and 10 rebound outing off a field goal percentage of 80 last night.

Becoming at just 19 (remember this kid is still a kid…imagine how Gasol good he will be by the age of his jersey number. Let’s hope Pau’s former team has learnt from their Marc mistakes), the first teenager in Lakers history to record a double, double off 25 points or more. Before all these kids (and Andrew Bynum (sic)) do you know who the last Lakers teenager was?


Remember him?

Are you still down?


Is Isaiah Thomas IT For The Lakers?



Usa Today 10601289.0
IT Came On A Hollywood Night

It’s All-Star break this weekend in Los Angeles, but the Lakers already have a new one since the trade deadline to lead their young core in the heart of the city. Even if Team LeBron didn’t pick him for Sundays pick up.

But how long will IT last?

Right now in the NBA the amount of movers is really putting the shakers on teams. So much so that in regards to loyalty in this league it’s even colder than the Olympics in Pyeonchang, South Korea right now. But then again it is the Winter after all. Recently Cleveland cleaned house and LeBron’s land for some Cavalier moves. Jettisoning several All-Star points for their changing of the guard. Including former MVP Derrick Rose, ‘Bron brodie Dwyane Wade back to the Heat of Miami, South Beach and even the guy they traded Kyrie for.

Yep that’s right after summer swapping Irving for Isaiah, the Cavs sent Thomas along with versatile big-man vet Channing Frye to Lakerland. In return they got the buckets of ‘Sixth Man’ sure thing Jordan Clarkson and another Akron hometown hero in the form of Larry Nance Jr.

And although the Lakers picked-up a certified All-Star with Iverson kill at will, little man syndrome scoring a lot of fans where left tweeting negative emojis and gifs following the deadline deal. And not because their new number seven seal was a former Boston Celtic great only a season ago. Or that the former tooth chipper is now a befallen superstar by way of injury. More that the Lake Show loved the young Ball, Ingram, Kuzma, Randle and Zubac core that has lost it’s first big time players of the future since the de-loading trade of D’Angelo Russell last summer.

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Clarkson was a class act and there from the luck of the late round steal start. Whereas when Nance Jr. ran the floor like his pops all the bleachers snapped shut, tilted up. Lakerland finally thought they would see their own slamming son represent them in the Slam Dunk Contest he should surely win now like father, like dunk today. But now he’ll be doing it all for one and one for all.

But with the fast tracked pace of the Lakers new speedy dynamite dynamo it could still be Showtime again for Magic’s men like when Earvin Johnson was kissing another Isiah Thomas hello in the golden era 80’s. But this Isaiah Thomas-so long as he can ball in the same backcourt as Ball once injury time gives way to the Lavar…excuse me the Lonzo Angeles Lakers-could attract even more free agents like the expected homecoming of Paul George from the Thunder to the purple reign this offseason. Even if rumour has a Black Panther/Killmonger like relationship between this point prince and the King of the Ohio land.

But if it’s between LeBron as a Laker or another one of James’ sidekicks than who do you think will hold the headlines for tomorrows Los Angeles Times? Especially as Isaiah could aim higher than coming off the bench this summer as a free agent without restriction himself. His big contract coming off the books with Channing’s (Frye not Hollywood’s Tatum), another big three big in Brook Lopez and another former All-Star in Luol Deng (yep…he’s still here).

All these multiples of millions would surely make for a kings ransom.

This could be it, so lets enjoy I.T. whilst he lasts.

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Nuggets Jamal Murray breaks Steven Adams Ankles with Filthy Handles



Nuggets Jamal Murray Breaks Steven Adams Ankles Filthy Handles

Denver Nuggets Guard Jamal Murray breaks OKC Thunder center Steven Adams ankles with his filthy and deadly combination of handles and three-point shooting. Murray was sensational finishing with 33 points, 5 assists and 3 rebounds in a thrilling 127-124 victory. The Canadian guard (Kitchener, ON) is having the best year of his NBA career and has arguably become best Canadian basketball player in the NBA. The 6’4″, 207 lbs guard is flourishing under Head  Coach Mike Malone’s system and is averaging a respectable 16 points per game, 3.6 rebounds and 3 assists per game through 50 regular season games including a career-high 38-point outburst against the Portland Trail Blazers.

BTW. I can watch this all day!

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Like Father, Like Glove…Gary Payton II Makes Family Franchise History



Like Father, Like Glove…Gary Payton II Makes Family Franchise History
The Gloves Are On For The Lakers.

From L.A. to South Bay the storied Lakers franchise has growing family ties rooted in their ever evolving modern history.

There’s the Walton. Son of Bill, former player and now coach Luuuuke. The Slam Dunk king he runs lay-up line plays for Larry Nance Jr. like his 80’s dunk champ dad. And even former player and D-League, South Bay coach Coby Karl, son of the legendary George Karl.

And then there’s the Glove story.

All trash talking, stop you from scoring, Seattle Supersonics NBA legend Gary Payton joined the Lakers with fellow golden era 90’s great post mailman, Karl Malone to try to get one more ring at the end of the Shaq and Kobe era. Payton ended up getting one with Shaq in the talented South Beach pool of Miami before the G retired. But now the gloves son and fellow Beaver, Gary Payton II (there’s a Tim Hardaway Jr. trend for NBA legend fathers to name their sons after themselves) is putting on the gold for the future of this franchises youth revolution.

After starting his unbelievably undrafted career with the young Milwaukee Bucks led by the alphabet Giannis Antetokounmpo, it wasn’t all A-B-C. But now he’s looking to put up numbers with the purple Lake Show off alphabet street like 1-2-3. Now number 23 (three more than his dad…but that isn’t the reason that number should p### the retire No. 20 off) is looking at a fresh start with Luke and Lonzo’s (not to mention Lavar’s) Lakers like no other.

The two-way guard has signed a two-way contract with both the Los Angeles Lakers and their NBDL team the South Bay Lakers (now more official than their former Los Angeles D-Fenders affiliate name, even if not in city). So now G.P. II will play for both Coach Walton and Coach Karl. How’s that for some family ties!?

Young Gary Payton the second had some impressive debuts off the bench for L.A. But now Payton mark II is assigned to South Bay like fellow two-way dunking Alex Caruso (he really does have a detective grade surname and a game that does not go with his frame) he’s ready to ball. Messing around in his debut and getting a triple double of 14, 11 and 12.

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Payton II could be a big part of the Lakers youth movement too like many of his current teammates going from South Bay to L.A. like Hollywood fans and script-writers can only hope LeBron will decide to this free agent offseason like he did South Beach all those last summers ago. Just like another rookie with a familiar surname in Thomas Bryant (no…Kobe isn’t THAT old) and of course Zupac.

Lead by the Ball family, the even better rookie and in no way number two Kyle Kuzma (who even goes one better in the Twitter troll back and forth with Ball brother LiMelo. “Fire your stylist”?! Oh yeah? “Fire your dentist”! Damn…can we smell a Shaq and Kobe beef cooking?!), three times a great rookie selection in the defensive Hart, big Brandon Ingram, of course Nance junior and the original future Julius Randle and his late round draft genius Jordan Clarkson (who’s not only balling like he’s the Sixth Man of the Year but like he should start too) this young Showtime, purp Laker legacy are making their own, unique legend in Mamba moment black.

This season it looked like the chance for an outside eight seed was thinner than the backlight on a retro Casio, but now the future is brighter than the South Bay sun from downtown L.A.

And with the Payton patent making Lakers history by becoming the first father and son duo to suit up for the franchise, it might just take a glove to hold this young core together.

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