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Minneapolis’ Ball Knocks Down Washington’s Wall



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“No Mercy”!

Everyone is coming for Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball’s head because of all the mess his dad has talked as he “big balled” (but have you noticed that Lonzo has said nothing and just kept quiet, proving he belongs here like one of his triple doubles will do soon on the box score?). And Washington Wizards lead guard John Wall out of the nations capital D.C. was no exception and the latest as he vowed to be merciless with the ball against Ball, as his Griffindors headed to L.A.’s STAPLES.


But despite John’s 18 and Lonzo’s struggles scoring like Wall in the clutch, Ball handed out 10 P.G. prototype worthy assists to go with his Kidd like shot, as after failing to capitalize on their 20 point comeback in their last game these young Lakes mounted a 12-2 run with the Ball (holding Wash to just an unlucky 13 in the fourth), that saw them outlast the Wiz 102-99 after one overtime.

Digging deep this raw team took it back in time and took downtown Los Angeles, California to the twin cities of Minneapolis like they where playing Andrew Wiggins and the Timberwolves on the road. Playing in the beautiful sky blue hue of the MPLS Lakers jerseys that they will wear for four more quarters, four times this season the Lakers paid tribute to their original star before the purple and gold and the City of Angels, gentle giant, George Mikan. Just like Kobe Bryant at the three-peat parade after West (44). You could almost hear the tills ringing over the crowds cheers as these instant vintage, Hardwood Classics, Wish come true Nike jerseys were in more demand than those Kyle Kumza zeroes.

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And 2K yet again showed that Ball wasn’t the only rook to watch with the peach as his 15 off the bench helped the Lake Show blue overcome 28 from Bradley Beal downtown on L.A’.s street. Still sophomore sensation Brandon Ingram really is the one for the Lakers this season and right now as his 11 fourth quarter points kept the Lakers elastic in this tight game down the stretch. B.I. had a team high 19 to go along with a double deuce of 10 rebounds off the glass.

But in this social media hyped Ball v Wall it was another Kentucky Wildcat alumnus and the junior who started this youth in revolt off, young Julius Randle who was key like Kobe having the pick to every lock in the city of Los Angeles. Randle had an all ball big block on Wall that turned the “no mercy” and bricks round on him. Before he was found all alone on the other side of the court for a wild, breakaway dunk that capped off the night and is how this young Showtime team puts the dagger in you. The big man even hit a big three like his name was Brook Lopez.

And as the seconds turned to red around the glass Lonzo Ball stood and did nothing. No harm, no foul as he let an off-balance Wall behind him tumble a chance to tie or take the game into another overtime as the next generation got over the Wall from D.C. that fell like a house of cards.

I think that’s what mercy looks like.

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Green & Gold. I.T. Was A Special Moment With Isaiah Thomas Back In Boston



Green & Gold. I.T. Was A Special Moment With Isaiah Thomas Back In Boston
A Nugget Mined From Celtic Pride...

The Cigar.

Cousy. Havlicek.


Bill Russell, Larry Bird.

Antoine Walker, Paul Pierce.

Rajon Rondo. Kevin Garnett. Say what you will but Ray Allen too from three.

Isaiah Thomas.

Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward, Al Horford, Jaylen Brown and Jason Tatum. IF they can get it together and turn what looks good on paper into what’s engraved wrote read in history books for the most storied franchise in NBA history.

Boston Celtic legends. The pride of New England.

From the last cigar to the golden era, Isaiah Thomas belongs there like his spelt differently namesake Detroit Piston being a Bad Boy to all that Magic and Bird in the Showtime of the 80’s.

And last night in the Garden perfect parquet court was held for the return of the fourth quarter king. Since Beantown, the microwave juggernaut, spark plug off the bench has bounced around the league like drinking too much coffee. From LeBron’s Cavalier land to the Los Angeles Lakers. Always providing that brief spark off the pine of what could be and what he had here, despite being Nygma green riddled by injury and franchise business disloyalty. But last night decked out in green and gold like Lianne La Havas, special edition Kobe’s for the night that even a Laker would love (forget that never wear green meme), as he took to the floor none of that mattered.

Sat back on the scorers table as cool as Celtic green cucumber in his warm-ups, I.T. took in a fitting tribute on the jumbotron for a team that knows too that they shouldn’t have traded him (he postgame not so quipped that if they never dealt him they could be dealing with another championship in those league leading rafters right now where surely his number 4 jersey held up by fans behind him will one day reside in pride of place). Beaming with that same Celtic pride through all the pain, you’ve never seen the slow grind smile like his since he was putting in work here in Massachusetts. The big screen video took us through his fourth quarter heroics, big shots and the moment he’s overcame it all to play in the wake of his sister’s tragic death and lead his team to epic, emotional glory.

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And once the ovation stood up for a call game, more than a minute of time and moment of Paul Pierce like truth tribute, there wasn’t a butt on a bleacher or dry eye in the house.

Especially Isaiah, who couldn’t contain his pride and joy. Wiping away tears and wordlessly mouthing thank yous to everyone in attendance who clapped until their hands were red and cheered until hoarse. Celtic fans are real NBA fans who recognize that green collar hard work and know a Boston boy when they see one, no matter the uniform.

Thomas on limited minutes as the golden Nuggets make that postseason push to conference contention behind the state of those dynasty reigning Warriors, only sealed seven minutes in the actual game and he didn’t make a basket for more Boston bravado cheers. But that didn’t matter in this instance. Neither did the W his new team took away on the road with a 114-105 pruning in the Garden, as the Joker and all the Mile-High basketball cards clinched a playoff berth outside Colorado.

What mattered was this beautiful reunion between team and one of its favourite players. Sure this current Celtics outfitted for the banners and Hall looks so much better on dry erase like their storied LeBron Laker rivals with the King in throne tow. But look at the Magic of Hollywood right now. With a guy like Isaiah, Boston basketball was that little bit more inspired with the iconic little man. There was a little more hoop dream hope there too. And for both city and son it hasn’t been as sweet the same since.

Like I.T. says with the last word from last night.

“This feels like home”.

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The King’s Garden Bites Forbidden Fruit In The Big Apple



The King's Garden Bites Forbidden Fruit In The Big Apple
LeBlocked James...

Super Mario smashed ‘Bron.

On a Sunday afternoon in New York’s Madison Square Garden this St Patrick’s Day (side note: Nike need to bring back those great green Paddy’s Day NBA uniforms), the Lakers where in their East Coast equivalent big city to pay a visit to the Knickerbockers Mecca.


M.S.G. usually plays host to the greatest games from the G.O.A.T.’s over the generations out the service elevator. M.J. Kobe. And now L.A.L. legend to be L.B.J. against the N.Y.K. And LeBron James didn’t disappoint with a Kareem 33 points off devastating dunks off rampaging runs down the floor of the World’s Most Famous Arena like a raging bull. Shouting “AND ONE” on foul calls that even people with bleeding noses sitting up in the Gods could hear (and how about a couple plays before an equally as loud Caruso yelping for the lay-up as hilariously as his “what’s up man, I’m Alex” Ringer soundbite spoof? But 5 steals and 3 blocks to go with that many rebounds plus add that up “AND ONE” for 12 points in the game? Never send him down to the G again). That was until he took the final shot at the horn that blared in his face.

It’s been that kind of season for the King by royal appointment. Anthony Davis and potentially missing the playoffs and all that.

Heavy is the head in this Game of Thrones.

Like Jordan vs Kobe, the Knicks came away with the 124-123 win. And in the clutch, the King going for the game’s crown slipped as he ended up looking as good as one of his free throws. Driving the lane and taking it to the rack before being denied by the Knicks Mario Hezonja. Whose interlocking defence left the dip of ‘Bron in a honeycomb like the new amazing Vessel art sculpture structure in NY’s Hudson Yards. Mario plumbing the big block became the Knicks new right-hand man.

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Off Broadway the King tried to Kong his way up the Empire State. But this time the Bi-Planes normally swatted away shot him down.

‘Bron isn’t the only one who makes clutch blocks as big as a buzzer-beating basket. Sometimes others hold it against him.

The Lakers 31-39 record is staring down elimination on the wrong side of .500. And with the game down the barrel L.B.J. went for the fadeaway like M.J. but couldn’t come up with ‘Space Jam’ too. As a matter of fact after a big game against the rotten 14-56 Knicks (on the free-falling off the Chrysler wrong side of .500) where he also collected 8 rebounds almost on his way to a double/double, LeBron went fourth and colder in the final quarter than a text back from your significant other that just says “fine” when you ask if they’re ok and how their day was. With just four made baskets in the fourth period and the Lake Show missing their last six attempts it was all fat lady in Manhattan come the early evening afternoons end.

Right about now with most teams claiming their playoff berth, last year’s finalist and all the King’s men are just getting worse.

Even with a Garden state of mind in New York, New York, the King couldn’t keep his Empire going like Jussie Smollett.

Now there are only a few more notes before she sings again, but this time for the last time.

And that will be all she writes.

Time for Hollywood to hit the road and flip the script.

Every good movie ends with a twist.

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