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NBA Serves Chicago Bulls’ Jimmy Butler With The ‘Most Improved Player Award’

NBA Serves Chicago Bulls’ Jimmy Butler With The ‘Most Improved Player Award’
NBA Serves Chicago Bulls’ Jimmy Butler With The ‘Most Improved Player Award’

Homelessness. Uncertainty. Doubt. The draft. Chicago Bull swingman Jimmy Butler has overcome so much, you’d almost think there’s nothing left he could do.

But in this game there’s always room for improvement…and no one knows that more than Jimmy right now.

Buckets of praise are now pouring for this scoring machine like his prolific production. Jimmy ‘Buckets’ Butler has been a gold standard in Chicago this season with his silver service for the Bulls. Especially during the seasons wind of change that has seen top flight players like Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose miss significant amounts of time. Now the guy standing next to the former MVP and last years ‘Defensive Player Of The Year’, this season is a first time All-Star, now superstar and arguably new leader of this Bulls stampede in this playoff charge.

That’s just a couple of reasons why number 21, Jimmy Butler is the NBA’s ‘Most Improved Player’ for 2015.

Beating out the likes of Miami Heat’s brightside to their gloomy season Hassan Whiteside and bumping Golden State’s Draymond Green like Dahantay Jones to second place, Butler is serving up the opposition and right now in a playoff series against the Cavs its up for the defensive specialist to guard the greatest in the game. If Jim can wrap his mind around LeBron James like the return of that headband then it may really just be a wrap, with Chicago re-confirming itself as a contender.

On dry erase Coach Thibs team looks like the best in the L. Its a wonder that even amongst the struggles this former ‘Coach Of The Years’ job is on the courtside line. The Bulls have the frontcourt horns of Noah and former ‘Rookie Of The Year’, franchise face, champion, All-Star Pau Gasol. One of the greatest international players this game has ever seen, who also forms another double act with fellow Spaniard Nikola Mirotic. The runner up in this years ‘Rookie Of The Year’ stakes who after all his overseas experience is veteran ready. Add the pine time of the brilliant bench warming up Aaron Brooks, Taj Gibson and Mike Dunleavy Jr…some of the best role players of business. Then of course there’s Rose, whose risen from so much.

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And then of course there’s Jimmy.

He’s Chicago’s new hope…their fire! Burning the bucket as it snaps around like it was caught in the Windy City air.

Can you feel it?


The latest baby Bull who one day could put more than his name next to Michael upstairs in the United Centre. With averages across the board, reading 20 points, 5.8 rebounds and 3.3 assists a game looking mighty complete now, the next award this superstar could be looking at may well be a most valuable commodity.

Still I’m sure this young man would settle for Larry.

That’s because great team players like this one-who has done so much in his four years in the association already-knows its all about winning as a team, not individual.

That’s what makes true champions. That’s real improvement…and this kid deserves the most.

You just got served.


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